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Googleshng - December 14 '00- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Heh, this is surprising. The first person to take me up on the whole games for guest spots concept is Tomm Hulett, the lead developer for Mythri! For those of you who don't keep up on this sort of thing, Mythri is an upcoming GBC RPG, very near completion, which I and a few other RPGamer staffers are privleged enough to have read the script for, and played a demo. I'm not just hyping the thing up when I tell you that based on what I've seen, it's the best RPG ever concieved for a handheld. We'll have some new screens for you between now and tomorrow's column too.

So, to recap, the lead developer/designer of a NICE looking RPG is going to be here to answer any questions you people want to throw at him. Opertunities like that don't come around every day. Better yet, he'll keep kicking around for a bit more, until either he overstays his welcome, or someone buys his seat off with a Phantasy Star game (ideally 2 or 4).

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Well, your starving for here I am. Yay.

I love the new little layout. Looks great. =)

Um, I'm not currently in the middle of any RPG's right now, just finished Shenmue a few days ago, great game.

I guess I could ask you what team you use/used in LoD, and what your high scores were in all the mini-games in Shenmue, but those aren't "real" questions, just opinionated/skill-orientated ones.



What's your favorite song on the soundtrack to Transformers: The Movie?

Mine has to be The Touch, with Dare second, and Instruments of Destruction third, but they are all great.

And go ahead and post that link of TF: The Movie in Penny Arcade. Some may have missed it.

Guess i'll go play...Summoner...what fun. *GAG*

Your favorite bored, snowed-out, black mage,
~Raistlin X

I also like the decorations around here. For the record they were thrown together by Matthew Wanlin, a reasonably new staffer. Does news. He also has a Mac, likes Xenogears, and has read everything by Roger Zelazny. Now that's my kind of guy! Let's not let his good work go by anonymously. Moving along, I kinda rushed through Shenmue, wasn't in a Space Harrier mood. LoD I used Albert and Meru to win, but the only character I really liked in the game was Rose. Stereotypes by element suck... except when the element is darkness. Now, as for Transformers the movie, obviously my favorite song is Dare to be Stupid, although regular ol' Dare is pretty good in that "This song is SO DATED you'd better not let anyone 5 years younger than you catch you listening to it" sort of way.

FF remakes
Hey Googs,
I was just checkin out some screens from this new Final Fantasy 1 re-make here at rpgamer, and I couldn't believe how good they looked. Not only do they stomp all over its crappy looking Nintendo counterpart, but this is comin out for a hand held system?? I havn't heard too much about this Wonder Swan, so I was just wondering what you could tell me about it and these FF re-makes that shall accompany it. I was also pretty surprised to see the amount of effort that Square seems to be puting into this game. Considering what little they did to nice-up the games in Anthology, it's refreshing to see that they're really puting something into these old games to give them a more modern presentation. Kind of Working Designs-esque in a way. Well, thanks!

Well, yes, the remakes of the NES FFs on the wonderswan color DO look nice. However, they seem to me like some kind of sick experiment on the part of Square. Like someone at Square just thought "Hmm... I wonder how many people we can get to buy an obscure handheld system by a virtual nobody [Bandai], just by releasing remakes of our oldest games on it!" It's nice that they're giving them face lifts, but three REALLY old games that honestly don't have much nostalgia value aren't enough to make me buy a system with basically nothing else on it. I'll stick to the GBA.

FF9 stuff
Almost through FF IX, start of disc 4 to be exact, and there's a few things I've been wondering:

-Why does Odin's horse have 6 (maybe even 8) legs?

-Is it normal for the FMV's to, for lack of a better word, lag?? The one at the start of disc 3 took me 3 tries before it actually moved.

-Are all the chocograph pieces (the six pieces in the key item section) supposed to lead to treasure?

-Is Steiner wearing mascara??

-When you first get summons, they don't always show the little fmv, but now they always do and it's starting to annoy me, is there any way I can go back to the "cut version?

-The crystals are back my ass.

-Do you know anyone that actually changed Garnet's name to Dagger?

-Someone actually considers a piece of Chocobo related music good?

-Is it just me or are every single creature/boss exceedingly easy?

Well, no really important questions here, but I've gotten this far without any help from anyone or anything and I plan on keeping it that way. On a side note, I'm ashamed at all the rpgamers that seem to be proud of their unfinished game pile. Don't they all realize that a game loses something if you put it aside to play something else. I only have 2 unfinished games (Saga Frontier and Alundra) and its cause they both suck to the point of behind chores instead of games that I threw them aside. Ppl that have Star Ocean 2 (one of the few RPGs that has replay value), FF VIII and ESPECIALLY Xenogears on their unfinished game pile don't know what their missing.


ps. Chocobo Hot and Cold record : 334 and it ain't getting any higher, damn thing is too fast nowadays.

OK... the Odin thing I can answer. While there is a much longer, messed up story behind it, basically, Odin's horse, Slepnir, is the child of Loki and a horse. About half of Loki's children are fairly messed up, and include a giant wolf and a serpent big enough to wrap around the world. Oh, and it should be 8 legs. My FF9 doesn't lag, you should look into that. The Build-It-Yourself Chocograph leads to something very special. Yes, Steiner wears mascara... you know they say it's always the quiet ones... to my understanding, summon length is random. I left it as Dagger. FF9 gets very easy if you character build like crazy, otherwise it can be a challenge. Finally, I can't speak for everyone, but I'M certainly not proud of this growing stack of unfinished games. If not for the fact that I do this column, I'd play one game until I won, then move on. I'm not even through FF9 yet and here's 2 games from game arts.

More on FF9
In response to yesterday's letter about the cool song in the fight scene/chocobo H&C game of Final Fantasy IX, it's entitled "Vamo' alla Flamenco". If you really listen, you can hear it. Gotta love crazy slurred Spanish.

Also, I think my record was 490 points in the Chocobo Sky Garden. I got a Chocograph and a couple other good things (phoenix pinion maybe?) and got the bonus for 8 items.

I guess I need a question here for this to get printed. This one was a real mind-bender for me. If Link saved Hyrule and the Sacred Realm and was then transported seven years into the past, then wouldn't Ganon still have come to power and completely ruined the land? No wonder Link left Hyrule looking for Navi at the beginnning of Majora's Mask!,

Xon Baldir, Riskbreaker Extraordinaire

My 300 was in the Lagoon. A few people pointed out what the mumbled spanish was by the way. Anyway though, as for tOoT, yeah, after the game ends, Link has to sit around for the next 7 years watching the world get trashed. That must suck.

Interesting point
Hey Googs,

The idea for the game/guest host trade idea isn't a bad one. On one hand it lets the average RPgamer take a stab at guest hosting. On the other hand, it lets the average RPgamer take a stab at guest hosting. Therein lies the problem. To quote Thor's editorial on why an online FF would suck, "When Final Fantasy VII brought RPGs to the attention of MTV junkies, my IRC channel was flooded with the ignorant masses, asking things like 'Is there a Tifa nude code?' and 'I've been pressing every button but I can't figure out how to punch'. The problem was so severe we had to hide our chat room from the public." I'm not saying that its a bad idea (its a damn good idea), I'm just saying be careful.

Anywho, I'd just like to publicly apoligize for paying absolutely no attention to FF9, CC, and BoF4. WWF No Mercy has seemingly taken over all my spare time. "Hmm... play a fantastic, deep, powerful story with lots of cool characters and inovations or beat the hell out of some big, sweaty guy in tights?" Honestly, its a tough choice.

Now the questions:

1. Played BoF4? Its fun (at least the first 2 hours)
2. What other games are you looking for?
3. Gettin' a DC! Gettin' SoA!
4. Is Thor ever gonna guest host again?
5. Your pick in a fight: Big Boss Man or Steiner?

"Not the X-Factor again!"
Blade Mackenzie

Hmm... you have an interesting point there. I know far too well the horrors of The Average Person. However, the one thing that never ceases to amaze me is that the average person who writes in to this column is a shockingly intellegent and helpful person. So, if people dig this concept, I think it'll work out. Now, as for these questions, BoF4 is the one game I had to let slip this month. SoA is great. Thor has bigger concerns at the momment, like finding a new host for his page, and finally... I'm getting my freebie game. In fairness the chain should be continued by getting a copy of Phantasy Star 2 or 4 (or 3, or 1) to Tomm there.

Parting weirdness
Dear (monks sing) GOOG-LE-SH-NG
I learned that since there is much chaos and confusion in the election and you had a Slayers binge last week I propose that Xellos is behind this because he really won the election. He'd be more legitimate than anyone else and it'd be odd. I've learned a new magicswordskill trick from it all."Chaos and confusion, from those who can't punch holes in paper, answer my call, DIMPLED CHAD!!!" (after the bruises and no punctures, holds subject up to light to see intent.) It's better than the pregnant chad where the subject gives birth to a chibi-Richard Simmons. Also with your Ramna complex do you have other forms when doused with other liquids and saying "that's a secret doesn't count? And in JapaneseSchoolgirl form can you become Sailor Googleshng since that'd be odd? If your maybe a witch and if witches are made of wood can I prove it by building a bridge out of you? Does it seem odd that Lunar 2 is delayed a couple of days by snowstorm. Well better so since one's coming for Wednesday here so I'll need to wait a couple of days since the people here drive like morons even if only a dusting of snow occurs so 6 inches would be hell. But at least I'm moving to South Florida in 3 weeks so I won't deal with stupid people (thinks) never mind that but no cold though.
Imperial Mog

Nothing like some raving to wake you up, am I right? You know, if you just glance through that, you see the word pregnant close to the word Ranma. I don't like that line of thought one bit. 8)


ace!!! half day of school today!!! go snow!! and no school tomorrow either this is awesome!!!! i love snow and !'s!!!!!!!

Ah, but that snow is delaying Lunar 2!

Eh, that Superman joke yesterday was the first time I laughed while reading your column in months. Do more of that.

On another note..

Arguably, RPGamer has a slime doing their PR also.


Hey, I don't do PR... that means Doug must secretly be a slime!

Hell has frozen over!!! What is going on her--- oh wait, it is just ::stares::


The Last Laugh:

Yeeha! Now I get to do the happy Up On Time Dance! Woo!

This little comic is by LightSoul, who by the way I have noticed sends stuff in to EVERY SECTION of RPGamer. That's pretty impressive. Anyway, tomorrow, Tomm Hulett will be here to talk about Mythri, other RPGs, and maybe a little anime if things slow down. I can't stress enough that you have a chance of having questions answered by the designer of an upcoming game. Good game. Looks Square-ish.

Oh, and by the way. Several people told me where that FF9 quote was from. I haven't gotten that far. Waaah, spoilers. Oh well.

Googleshng "Exchanging!"
Let's not let the train stop here people!

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