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Googleshng - December 13 '00- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Today's title brought to you by, Censorship. Ah, censorship, ruining fun throughout history.™ Now then, looking in my happy little inbox I see about... 1 new letter that isn't spam. Guess most people are still having trouble getting to the site. Oh well, no matter, they can read the archives.

Anyway though, the 1 letter I got is in support of that idea I proposed yesterday, so that's a 100% approval rating! Kinda. Anyway though, let's get the ball rolling. If you have a copy of Wonderboy 3, PDS, or maybe Dragon Force that you're willing to part with for a couple guest spots and a game if you're lucky, a game for yourself. Oh, and obviously don't just go randomly mailing these in, or thinking about using bootlegs for this little concept, since that'd be, you know, publicly supported piracy.

By the way, if you have RPGamer's graphics cached, do a nice hard reload so you can see these Christmas holiday decorations.

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Grandia 2
This is getting shelved.
Chris? Jill! Where's Barry?
Figures. You finally reveal your name and it has to be just gender-ambiguous enough to leave doubt.

Plus that's means there's two Chrises doing major Q&A columns. With affirmative action in place, how do I have a chance now that the Chris quota is filled?

- Chris Reaves

It seems someone was a tad confused by CC's appology. Cheshire Catalyst=Chris Martin. Googleshng=Googleshng. Besides, why do you want to do Q&A, you're Superman!

You dig?
hi!! you never post my letters! but heres a decent question. When your Playing Chocobo Hot & Cold (or the fighitng scene in the play) there is a really cool song. during some part of the song (i think its random) the TV says something. maby i'm juts crazy but what does it say? I've been trying to figure it out but i cant seem to get it. arg!!

The Untalented Bard

Well, the best I can figure is roughly "Huhbuhbuhbuh buh-BO!" which makes me think it might just be gibberish. Still a pretty spiffy little track to play while searching for treasure. My record if you care is about 300 points in one dig.

Square Racing

Whatever happened to that cool sounding game, Racing Lagoon?


Well, that one was cancelled, and instead Square made Chocobo Racing (which sucks), and Driving Emotion Type-S for the PSX2, which I'm told really sucks. It seems there's ONE genre Square can't do go in.

CC Ending
I'm the guy that hasn't beat Xenogears yet. I'm also the guy who hasn't beat FF8. I finnaly got off the list of people you havn't beat Chrono Cross a couple days ago, but I have a guestion. Do I have to go through the game twice to get the good ending? Or did I miss something the first time around. Thanks.

Coy "who's yo" daddy

No, you can get the good ending the first time, it's just something of a puzzle. A puzzle with subtle little hints all over, there's even some in recent columns. Oh the other hand, I didn't really care for the good ending.

Tactics 3
Hey Goog....El

I was wondering whats going on with Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth? Does anyone know the status of this FFT-alike game?


Hmm. That's quite the sleepy little title. I haven't heard one word on it in months. Now that you mention it, I'll have to get in touch with my Import Scene aquaintance and do some research.

Well it was in my inbox!
December 2000

Batteries? Check!
Game Boy Color? Check!
Dragon Warrior III? Check!

Slib The Slime here again and you read that correctly - Dragon Warrior III is coming to the Game Boy Color in 2001! I repeat, Dragon Warrior III is coming to the Game Boy Color in 2001. Please pick up your jaw and wipe the drool off your chin.

With a game that is twice as big as the Dragon Warrior I&II Game Pak (DWIII fills a 32Mb Game Pak!), a whole new translation and bunch of extras that have never been seen before in North America, it could be the greatest game ever released for the GBC. In fact, one of the greatest games of all time.

Check out Enix's web site at for more information and some incredible screenshots. Also visit the Dragon Warrior III message board at

Let the countdown begin.

Your friend,

Slib the Slime

P.S. With over 50 hours of gameplay (and much more if you complete all the subquests), you may want to start stocking up on AA batteries now!

I seriously doubt this was intended for the column, and most likely came to webmaster, not me directly. Seeing as I don't have much in terms of real letters though, I figured I'd just point out the fact that Enix has a slime doing their PR. You've gotta love that. Actually, come to think of it, DW3 is actually pretty fun. Neat class change system.


Best line from FFIX:
"No cloud, no squall shall hinder us!"
-Esquire J

I don't recall that, but it's still pretty funny.

The Last Laugh:

Well, that was an odd column. Let's hope everyne comes back to the land of the livin' soon. Oh, and in case you missed it, until Christmas I can't give tildes for placing index quotes. Instead, you get a shiny new game, go read that top story.

Googleshng "Hungry"
You know what goes great on a philly cheesesteak? BLOOD!

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