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   Widespread Problems Part 2  
Googleshng - December 12 '00- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Yay! The column! I missed this place so much! Now to answer some que- doh. As you've probably noticed by now from one thing or another, in general terms, the internet is currently sick. I'm told hotline is completely down, some DNS troubles are making not work for various spinning regions of the country (if it hits you next, try our backup domain name,, and my cable modem has been operating at such horrific speeds as 9 bytes per second. It's all a vast tapestry of annoyance. The only things I know of that aren't suffering at all seems to be Sharkey's page, and my page of rantings. I should update it to celebrate.

Now, since I have about 1 letter and I'm saving that for tonight, let me fill some space here by pitching a concept to you. About a week ago, someone suggested I auction off guest host spots on eBay. Now, granted that'd make me a nice little chunk of cash, and my list of future guest hosts is thin anyway, but, well, I don't have it in me to do something that greedy. So, after some thought, I came up with the following, more charitable variant on this:

To get the ball rolling, one of you donates to me an old obscure game I've been looking for forever and they never touch anymore, like, say, Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon's Curse. In return, I let this person guest host the following Friday, and list off some old obscure games THEY want to get their hands on. If nobody offers one up, I let them guest host for another week or two in a row (so, 3 columns max). Otherwise, they get the game THEY'VE been looking for forever, and the person who gave it to him takes their place. Now, obviously this can't go on forever, and heck, worst case scenerio, someone ends up trading me an obscure game for 3 guest host spots. Still, some people would actually consider that a good deal, and best case scenerio, a whole slew of you get to trade a game you don't touch anymore for one you've always wanted, AND a guest host spot or three.

If any of you dig this concept, I never have been able to find: Wonder Boy 3, Panzer Dragoon Saga (heh, who has?), or Dragon Force... although way back when one of you offered to sell me a copy of Dragon Force and I lost said person's e-mail address... I suppose that offer's still good if you mail me again.

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