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Veronica, the Retired Gaming Gamera - December 1 '00- 1:00am Central Standard Time

Hey, everyone! It's been a while, hasn't it? There isn't too much for me to say about where I've been. It's junior year, so that means its time for colleges to hound me and stick flyers and pamphlets in my mailbox screaming "COME TO OUR OVERLY-PRICED SCHOOL!" I also snagged a job at the public library, so I've been reading Terry Brooks's newest book The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara and just finished A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. Don't read it. Please.


Well, read it, but don't see the movie. You will be grounded for life if you do, I assure you.

At any rate, for the few of you who are actually happy to see me again, I'm still hanging around on as Ronnie_Bell. Feel free to query me when I'm on. However, all flames shall be firmly dealt with by sending you a holiday fruitcake that you will never, ever be able to get rid of. >:)

Well, on to Q & A mayhem!

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In the PlayStation:
Final Fantasy IX
Brahne looks like Jeffrey's mom from that Slayers offshoot.
Por que tú tienes Pokémon en español?
Two questions. Is it possible to run...say a Spanish Gameboy game on my US Gameboy?
If yes, then since Nintendo of Mexico has released a Spanish Version of Poké Red and Blue, how could I possibly import this game from España or México? As you ma or ma not have seen on my Adventures of Chronodin (Adventuras de Chronodin) I have a limited Spanish ability and figured that since reading about games in Spanish (for Poké go to ) has helped a lot, playing a game in Spanish would help even more (I'm also sick of talking aobut the enviroment [el medio ambiente] in Spanish...)
"Pumpkin heads are cool"
(referring to OB64)

I believe you can play imported games on a Game Boy, and the chances of being able to do so are probably higher because Mex’co is our southern neighbor. I've been taking Spanish for three years and I checked out the page you suggested. Sure enough, all it discusses is how the Blue and Red versions are the same games and even goes into detail explaining differences in words between the two versions so a player doesn't get confused.

If you're looking for it, start making inquiries to southern cities who run gaming shops. Ones closer to the border are more likely to carry the game in stock. Try logging onto a search engine to look for stores like this.

However, if you're really trying to play the game to build your vocabulary, make sure you have access to a good Spanish/English or Español/Inglés dictionary. The truth is that experience is what builds vocabulary, so don't get frustrated if you find playing the game is a bit over your head.

Beak in all the wrong places...
What do you think of the FF9 method of getting good chocobos as opposed to the FF7 method? I thought it was very clever, and while I enjoyed the novelty of breeding chocobos, I never spent 5 hours digging around the worldmap for treasure...

And I'm glad they made the green chocobo red. I loved the red chocobos from FF Tactics and was drooling when I saw that I could finally ride on one (yes, I know you can ride in FFT, but it's just not the same...)

Do you like Chocobo Hot-and-Cold more or less than Chocobo Breeding/Racing?


Well, I was a big fan of the Chocobo breeding game from Final Fantasy VII, but after I got my first Gold Chocobo and obtained the Knights of the Round materia, I never felt any more motivation to go on. However, I've probably dwindled away more hours at Chocobo Hot and Cold than the actual quest. Let me tell you, nothing brings more satisfaction than beating the ground for a Chocograph with only two seconds left on the clock and narrowly finishing in time. Then again, narrowly missing makes me feel just the opposite...

Don't-chu go hunting for rabbits, chu hear?
I have gotten only 6 or 7 hours into Final Fantasy IX, and I LOVE it. I am incredibly pleased with this installment in every way. But somehting is bothering me. During the master of the hunt festival that goes on in Lindbulm, is there any way to get Zidane the title of master hunter? I tried 4 times, and each time, even though I killed ALL available monsters (boar chasing Vivi, fox that hides in teh pub in the industrial district - everything) Freya ALWAYS gets more points, at almost the same rate that I do. The first time she had 156 points, 9 ahead of me, and on my last try, I had some 189 and she had 198. I gave up and decided to move on. But I remember the deal Zidane made with Garnet. Is there any way to come out ahead in this event?

Also, how many chocomaps (forgot the word) did you find from the hot-cold chocobo dig game? Or rather, do you know how many you can find in there? Thanks!

Yes, it is possible to win with Zidane during the Festival of the Hunt, though its extremely hard to do so. I actually reccomend against doing this, anyway. Every character wins some extra prize if they win. Vivi's extra prize is a Theatre Ship card, Freya's is a Coral Ring, and Zidane wins 5000 gil. However, you won't be able to synthesize a Coral Ring until the second disc, and it can teach the Man Eater and Insomniac abilities slightly in advance. Now, I've never won with Zidane so I don't know if any special cinema ensues that shows the two of them on a date, and I don't think one shows up. (If I'm wrong, mail Cheshire and humiliate me :) But, if you really want to win with Zidane and claim the 5,000 gil the best thing I can reccomend you do is to stick to fighting Trick Sparrows and Fangs for about half of the time, then proceed across the Districts until you reach the Business District and head down to fight the Zaghnol in the sundial square. Freya will be able to assist you in this fight, but keep in mind the Zaghnol is almost like a miniature boss; he can take up to 2 or 3 minutes to kill. The upside is he's worth 80 points...

As far as Chocographs go, there are 24 in the entire game. However, you have to dig and level up in the Chocobo forest for a while before you can find some of the treasures because they're located in places a normal chocobo can't go to.

Mmmm...Xenogears soundrack...
last time i wrote, google answered so

hey google... i just wanted to know if you knew who wrote all the gorgeous music for Xenogears, whoever he is he's right up there almost equal to Nobuo Uematsu, especially for "The wind is calling : Shevat" that's a beautiful song and i just wanted to find out more info on this guy and see if he's got any cd's like nobuo does.. thanks


The composer of Xenogears's fabulous soundtrack was Yasunori Mitsuda. His discography includes soundtracks to very memorable games such as Chrono Trigger, Tobal No. 1, Biohazard 2, the Playstation release of Chrono Trigger and the recent Chrono Cross. He even has his own webpage with information about him, so be sure to check it out.

Ru-Paul a la Final Fantasy IX
Hey (monks flourish)GOOG-LE-SH-NG
I'm not him, but that's okay. Keep those monks chanting. :)

Since your playing FFIX it's safe to say this to you. Is Kuja the most feminine looking man I have ever seen. Maybe he's you because if you were him I could see how you were confused.

Kuja is a prime example of a bishonen guy... and they are not bad at all. Not bad at all...

And on androgony/hermaphoditism Quina is a major one since I like seeing the use of "s/he" and for a bad pun if the Qu tribe had a Qu supremisist group it'd be the Qu Qulux Qulan.
...I'm sorry, but I have to use it. *THWAP!*

Not only do the mess up the chocobo sound but many of the refrences are misspelled. It's like Kefka says ho ho ho or having the knights who say "boo". It's seems FFIX has more gender confused people this sign of a Calvin Kline commercial.
How else are they going to sell those FFIX unisex or one size fits all t-shirts?

I also want to know, if bishonen means a feminine man, what is the term for a mannish woman since there are those like sorceress Adel and Janet Reno (possibly the same person).
I think the politically correct term is "She who is without a waxing treatment."

Imperial Mog

More on the fantasy...
whatsup slime & *THWAP*er

Hows life treatin ya Googman... or woman...

neways, on to the fantasy! So ive been playin FFIX (and let me say it ROCKS!) and

1) I cannot figure out what the "What's this!?" command that zidane has does, help says something like, "Allows back attack" but what the hell does that mean?

2) Whos your favorite character (so far)? Personally i love a main character who randomly hits on every girl he sees 8) but all the same ive always been partial to the kick your @$$ with a Jump attack Dragoon and always will :)

3) And on a non-FF topic, whats your favorite soundtrack (other than any FF, seeing as how i have all of those 8) of an RPG, i heard CC, was pretty good, and i liked CT.

4) And finaly, Veronica < blushes > if your not doin anything this weekend... ;)

~ Danthar "Hey baby, Can I get yo number?" Darkblade

1) Zidane's "What's This?!" ability should turn your enemies backs on your party in battle. Of course, whenever the enemy isn't facing you in combat and you attack, you do more damage. It's a good thing, as Martha Stuart says...
2) My favourite character right now would have to be Vivi. ^^ He's very cute and small and you can't help but feel sorry for the little guy. Besides, black magic is my favourite ability in any RPG.
3) Hey, if I wasn't busy paying off a $400.00 phone bill to Canada I'd buy myself the Xenogears: Creid soundtrack immediately. Hell, I'd settle for an Ever Anime pirated copy of it., wait. I wouldn't. Bah.

4) Heheh. That sounds really nice, actually. But... I don't know what that guy that hangs around me called my boyfriend would think. ;)


What's your least favorite game? I personally loathe Alundra.

After sustaining massive bruises from being hit with the Zapper by my next-door neighbor, I would have to say Duck Hunt. Just kidding, kids. Though... there was that time I played Spice World...

Don't you find it funny that FF IX went back to the fantasy setting, yet kept the confusing Fire/Fira/Firaga over Fire 1/2/3? That sucks!

The Great Cornholio

Hey, I'm still wishing they'd kept "Lit" from Final Fantasy IV. :/

The Last Laugh:

Who said anything about me laughing? Or you laughing for that matter? Hey, quit it! I don't do this very often! Blargh, fine! I'm going to get myself a glass of moloko and make up my rassoodock what to do after you quit that. Ah well, thanks for the time. I'll be slinking off to my corner of the world now.

At school they taught me how to be so pure in thought and word and deed. They didn't quite succeed.

Veronica "The Still Obsessed With Evangelion Gamera" Henry
Hey, this was a lot of fun! ^^ I just hope that I didn't make everyone angry again. Oh, and remember: Life is a journey. Make sure you bring a towel.

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