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Googleshng - November 29 '00- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Oddly enough, I have no introductory witticisms for you today. So, on with the column!

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Paper RPGs
Ok, here I go again...
1) Do you know what's the deal with Leon from Star Ocean Second Story? He's from Expel, his parents are Expellians, and nobody EVER notices anything funny about him. BUT he's called a Fellpool on the status screen and he's got Kitty Ears! What's up with that?

2) Does anyone over at RPGamer play paper RPGs like D&D or Shadowrun? If so, what games?

3) What are your expectations of the D&D and Final Fantasy movies?

-Urzas Waffles, Gnomish Cleric
"Ack! I keep hitting him, but he just gets bigger!"

Well, obviously having cat ears is a recessive trait and his parents both had the gene... or something. Anyway, I'm pretty darn sure everyone on staff has played their share of paper RPGs, and I know for a fact not a one of us has the time lately. As for the movie, well, I probably would go see a movie where a bunch of people run around in a 10'x10' hallway filled dungeon for two hours with no real motivation, fighting Gelatinous Cubes, Beholders, and kobolds, swinging weapons only once every minute. However from what I've see, this movie seems to be a generic fantasy movie full of wacky hijinks and slapstick humor. Therefore, I am going to avoid it like the plague. The FF movie on the other hand looks interesting, but when you're rendering 20,000 poly count tear ducts, it's time to put your life in perspective.

Bloody vikings!
howdy, goog! i've got a few questions for you...

1. lately, i've been looking at stuff about valkyrie profile (my #1 most desired xmas present) and i remembered a series i read a while back called 'the hammer and the cross' and it was a really well written and interesting series about vikings and what would have happened if they actually succeeded in their conquest of europe. it had some interesting mythological stuff going on... anyway, my question here is, have you read this series?

2. what's the deal with harvest moon: back to nature? is it like a remake of the snes harvest moon? is it a sequel?

3. what are the top 3 rpg's you want from good ol santy-claws?

cool. thanks for any answers you can give, and feel free to butcher this bad boy...

shramoon... the master lumberjack since 1985

I haven't read that series, but I have heard of it, and similar things. All four Harvest Moons are more or less just tweaks on one basic game. As for Christmas games, well, I already have FF9, SoA, and Shenmue, so that really just leaves Lunar 2 and Grandia 2... which are coming out at like the same time, despite being from the same developer. There's an odd statistic for you.

More of these memories
Xenogears Spoiler

K pasa google,
sorry to drag CC's little "experiment" into your column but i just had to give my 2 cents on some truly moving gaming scenes.

In Final Fantasy II (IV) after seeing Tellah sacrifice himself for his daughter,which was good too btw,seeing Cecil and Rosa kiss for the first time after she had been kidnapped and almost killed was definetly good stuff.

In Xenogears i can't belive no one thought that when Fei killed his mother that wasn't moving!After what had happened and then she changes back for the last few seconds of her life to save her son and then the look in her eyes......that is my most cherished gaming scene ever.

Well even if this doesn't get printed thanks for at least reading.


Evidently all your HP can be exchanged for 1 MP... so shouldn't healing spells be cheaper? Oh, and yes, isn't blood-soaked little Fei just so CUTE? No wait, that's not what you were getting at...

Even more?
FF9 and Xenogears Spoilers

Hi Google!
Sorry this is kinda late, but I missed what yesterday's column was about cuz I was getting ready for school and practicing an oboe solo and stuff (confound it! No more time for RPGs anymore?!) So, once again, sorry if this is late but..... here's the countdown! Don't get TOO dramatic, it's only two scenes... lol!
My second favorite RPG moment is this:
In FFIX, disk 3, when Zidane meets Garlant. It's actually right after that, after he falls unconscious and Vivi and Eiko come to rescue him. He starts arguing with everyone and limping, and it made me so sad to see him not himself! ::wipes a tear from her eye::
My absolute favorite is:
All of Solaris in Xenogears! I must say I've replayed Solaris about twenty times, and I never get tired of it (I nearly cried the day my memory card crashed, and I lost all my data at the start of it). Krelian is just..... awesome! I love it when he goes crazy about nanotechnology and the Urubolis when Elly's tied down to the table. That scene.... actually helped me on a biology test too! Looooong story. But that's my absolute favorite RPG moment. The only problem is that whenever I see the Soylent System in it, it's always lunch time for me so my stomache's growling when the wels and people are thrown into that machine and cut up. How.... bizarre....

-Xeno(The Goddess of Xenogears is back from the Wave Existance!)chick

ACK! FF9! I must avert my eyes! Ooh, Xenogears stuff. That reminds me of this little comic my cousin drew way back when. This particular one is pretty much spoiler free, most aren't though. The Gazel Ministry one is my personal favorite.

Poor little flying snake.
Hey Goog,

Sorry, no question today. I was just wondering, is anyone as pissed off as I am that Ramuh's back? I mean, FFVII and VIII were nothing compared to IV and VI, and I really love not having any control over who's in my party (so far, at least. In the middle of disc 2) and having noone but Vivi able to use black magic, but ol' Quetzacoatl was one change they shoulda kept.

Ramuh really annoys me.

Yay, and I finally finished Chrono Cross. Of course, now everyones plaing FFIX and there are no more spoilers for CC in your column and I have to watch out for FFIX spoilers, but, yay. Man, that game was fun.


Well, the big Q is much more fitting for a lightning summon, but FF8 really didn't do him justice. Just a big slimy green bird, not the appropriate snake with bird wings. Better than what they did to Shiva though, or Odin's horse, the double amputee. Anyway, bringing Ramuh back is one more example of going back to the roots of the series.


you've obviously overdosed on the peace pipe. All indications suggest that Dreamcast will be vaporware by the end of 2001. In fact, Sega itself has admitted that it may start developing software for the competition. The sad thing is, that companies are leaving the dreamcast as we speak. . . You shouldn't suggest buying a dreamcast to your average reader, since most people just don't have the money to blow on a system with only a few good games. Most of which, will be ported in enhanced form to the PS2. Oh, and for the record, PS2 is actually several times more powerful than the dreamcast. You shouldn't complain about the current crop of games. The PSX's first and second generation titles were absolute crap, but after Final Fantasy came out, things changed. Anyways, just wanted to tell you that although Skies of Arcadia and Grandia 2 are surely masterpieces, Grandia 2 will likely be ported, and buying a dreamcast just for Skies and Phantasy Star is stupidity. Oh, and it does seem that you are biased towards Sega, , , If I recall, it seems that you always brag about having played Phantasy Star, which you falsely claim to be the first console RPG. So yes, maybe you aren't an outright Sega supremesist, but subtly, you must admit that you are.

Check your facts before sending stuff like this. First off, the DC has a large number of fantastic first party games which are never being ported to anything. The few interesting looking PSX2 titles out there (MGS2, FF11) are already planned to be ported to other platforms. Next, I didn't say the PSX2 didn't have the proccessor power to handle Shenmue and SoA. The issue is that the two systems deal with graphics in very different ways. The Dreamcast is designed to make games with smooth nurbs based models and a variety of other features. The PSX2 is all about raw poly pushing power with no built-in capacity for DC like features. Therefore, while the graphics for SoA were extremely easy to do on the DC, replicating them on the PSX2 would an extremely taxing process and honestly not worth the effort. Now then, as far as great games that won't be ported are concerned, the Dreamcast has Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, and PSO out. They've also announced that sequels to Shenmue and Arcadia are in development. That's 5 wonderful first party RPGs that you will never see on another console. How many can we think of for the PSX2? 0. The only guarenteed hits they have lined up are FF10 and 11. 11 will be multi-platform, and Square seems to be forming a habit of porting all FFs to PC, so you won't even nessessarily need a PSX2 for 10. Not only does that defeat your point, but I can't think of any point in history when a given console had that many new/upcoming guarrenteed hit RPGs. Finally, as a side note, Phantasy Star WAS the first console RPG released in this country, but that's not really relevant to the point. Oh, and let me just once again state that I am by no means a raving Sega fan. I've never bought any of there consoles until serveral years after their death, paying only like $20, with the exception of the DC because, well, it's worth it.

OK, now that I've replied to this person, there's some nice calm things I'd like to say on the subject of console wars. First of all, none of us here can predict the future. Maybe Sega will suddenly get a ton of support and grab all the third parties, while newer systems never catch on. Maybe Sony will maintain their mommentum just by the sheer number of people blindly buying the thing since the PSX did so well. Maybe Nintendo will sweep in and take all the developers back. Maybe Microsoft will come out of nowhere and somehow snag everyone when nobody is looking like Sony did. None of us can say. If you're low on cash and want to maximise the number of great games you can get, the only way you can really do it is to wait five years and see where most of them all.

Now, I for one don't plan to wait that long to buy all my games, and don't have that much cash. The Dreamcast is out, it's pretty cheap, it has a decent number of fairly good games, and it's not dying by any stretch of the imagination at this point. If it winds up dominating, good for me, I save some money. If not, I still have a nice little machine with enough games to keep me happy, and if there's another console I need to get and can't afford, I could always sell it to someone who missed out on all those great games. So, whether it "wins" or not, it's worth what I paid for it. I'm also going to buy Nintendo's next system, since it also has a low price and a wonderful first party library planned. I'm not buying Sony or Microsoft's systems at this point, because I have no guarrentees. If I bought a PSX2 and it ended up with all the 3rd parties, great. If not, I'll have bought an extremely expensive brick. I can't afford to take that kind of gamble, so I'm going to wait and see, playing Skies of Arcadia while I wait. 8)

Two final thoughts: I'm sure most of us have bought consoles just for 1 good game. A Gameboy for Zelda or Pokémon, a PSX for FF7, and so on. The DC has quite a few. Also, don't expect the PSX2 to suceed just because the PSX did. Nintendo was in the same exact situation not too long ago, plus they had some attractive first party games and a relatively nicer development environment.


hey goog,
I was just reading mistress nightshadows bio which she linked to, and I realized that there is no way to access most of them, unless I'm mistaken.


Well, most staffers haven't gotten around to writing them yet. Once they have, there will be a big index of all of them.

In Japan its always been kweh.

Ah, but it's always been translated as Wark. Dragon Knight Gil and Lutz all bug me too. Consistant translation is a Good Thing. THAT'S the blue Chocobo nightmare acid trip.
(is it just me, or is the point alotment slightly scewed for Chocographs compared to ANY OTHER ITEM YOU CAN FIND?!?)

Ever dig forever and get a 2 point Soft? That sucks.

But I LIKE my DVD player!!! Its got a groovy blue light (definately the selling point for me), and it can play games!


It sure can! If I didn't have a PSX, had some DVDs, and had a good enough TV for a quality difference, I'd get a PSX2 once the price drops and they start, you know, selling them to people.

The Last Laugh:

OK, I think that letter up there is the most I've ever spent talking about console wars. I really don't like doing so for the record. It's not about who wins, it's about playing all the best stuff one way or another is what I always think. Here's another good idea. Get a bunch of friends together. Each person buys a different console and all the good games that come out for it. Then you get to play everything worth playing and only need to buy one console!

Silkenray just made that. Pretty funny I'd say. Oh, and I seem to have misplaced that quickie that guessed the quote right... got it just after posting yesterday's. Anyway, person that knew it was from BoF2, you know who you are. Have a couple. ~~

Oh, and can we please drop all the DC/PSX2 talk now? 8)

Googleshng "Debated out"

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