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Googleshng - November 28 '00- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Cats! Cats! Cats! IfIshove'emoffmylaptheirstillonmybed! IfIshove'emoffmybedthey'restillinmychair! Sowheredoesthatleaveus? Nowhere! That'swhere!

Ahem. Must have channeled Blurr there for a second. Anyway, lately all my cats have been hanging around in my room, which is a tad unsettling. Plus, if you happened to read the latest Reviews update, you'd know that since Paws could use a break from reviews, and I'm always up for a little chaos, we'll be swapping jobs for a week. That means after Friday's column, you'll have to put up with cats for hosts for 10 straight days.

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In the PSX:
Ran out of SoA comments
Spillover from Yesterday
I know yesterday was favorite RPG moment day, but I just beat Final Fantasy 9 about ten minutes ago, so I have a new one. Without spoiling anything, the ending was the most touching, emotional ending to an RPG I've ever seen in my life. It actually moved me to tears it was so great. I guess a close second would be the trip to the Forgotten City in Quest For Glory 3. From the music, to the waterfall crossing, to sneaking into the temple right under your enemy's nose, to the cliffhanger ending, it was one of the greatest moments in RPG history that, unfortunately, a great many RPG players have never experienced.

Robust Stu

For some reason I didn't see CC mentioning the whole reminescing bit. I'd probably have mentioned some stuff from Arcadia. Many many memorable scenes in that game.

Only one? Wow
Hi Goog!
I think Chesire Catalyst was very arrogant when he said that only RPGs have great moments. He asked for great RPG moments, and no other genres, and then says that it was an experiment. The RPG genre is my favorite one, and its games have plenty of great moments, but not all of them. For example, The Last Blade games. These are SNK fighters, and most of the endings for both games are great moments, at least for me. I know I shouldn't talk about fighting games here, but CC asked for it.

Oh yeah, I believe the Eva movies can be downloaded here . Now if I could just find a site to download every episode...

Please forgive the english.

The Spoony Hou

For being the only person to actually know where to get Eva movies, you get to have your irrelevant letter printed. Also this cookie. 8)

Actual question

Heyas Googleshng,

Seeing as you're playing Skies of Arcadia and I need help...and this is a Q&A column, I figured I'd write and ask a question.
First off, where in the world do you find the second sailor for your crew? All I have is Marco right now...I already have the rest of the entire crew, and I can't seem to find this guy! It's driving me nuts!
Second, do you happen to know where this so-called "Phantom Ring" is? It would help oh-so-much on searching for discoveries (of which I currently have 46 found).
Ah yes, and the last thing...I'm helping the tavern keeper out in Esperanza. Would you happen to know where Spice Island is so I can get some Khala? Gordo just says it's in the east...I've searched everywhere I could think of in Yafutoma and didn't have any luck. How about you?
Well, that's all I need help on...thanks in advance!
Etharion "I suck at quotes..." Dekar

OK, the other Sailor is in the dark rift. As soon as you get to the area with the black stone, turn a very very hard left and check out all the shipwrecks. Make sure you have Polly though. These other two I can't help much I because I had to rush through the game a bit, but don't forget to check High Sky and Deep Sky. They have pretty much as many secrets as the middle.

first i just wanted to mention my favourite moment in an rpg that no one else seemed to mention. in final fantasy 2 (4) when rydia returns in the under world a whoops up on golbez with the mist dragon summon. everytime i see the part i get chills and teary eyed and then i go into seizures and pass out because its so cool.

as for a question, (i guess this might be a FF9 SPOILER), is everyone having trouble stealing some of the items from bosses? i tried for like three hours to get the stupid fairy flute from that giant gigan-whatever his name was until i was close to shooting myself in the face. why?!


Yes, I've noticed that bosses in FF9 tend to have very tight grips. Against that one at the end of disc 1 I was pretty much screaming Mine! Mine! Let go! like Yoda... what's funny is that I actually stole all the good stuff the first two rounds and missed the messages because I looked away for a second. So much time spent grabbing the Phoenix Down... still, multiple things to steal and the Detect ability are quite snazzy.

Do you think sega will continue to make games for the Dreamcast for a longer time or drop it like they did saturn and move on to another system? i want to get it but i wanna know if its as worthwhile as my playstation was.


Someone else asked me if Shenmue and Skies of Arcadia would be ported to the PSX2. For the record no, not only are they first party Sega games, but the PSX2 couldn't handle them. Anyway, here are some facts that many of you don't seem to be absorbing. The Dreamcast has a very very large market share. It has a lot of talented people making games for it. It is going to continue to have great games for quite some time, including sequels to the great games it has now. Sega does not have another console in the works. It will be around for a very long time. In other words, it is very much worth buying. Meanwhile, the Playstation 2 is not very available. It's developers are pulling out and going to other consoles. Its forecast of games isn't very impressive. The only thing it really has going for it is massive hype. There is a very real chance that it will flat out die in the not too distant future. For the record, I'm not a huge Sega fan by the way. As a company I really don't like them, especially during that period when they had all those flash in the pan systems. I'm also not anti-Sony. They made the very best VCR I've ever owned. Cold hard facts though leave the DC in MUCH better standings than the PSX2, so if you can only afford one, go for the DC. Come to think of it, if you can just barely afford a PSX2 and one game, if you get a DC instead you'll get 3 or 4 more games than you would otherwise for your money. If you're rich though, then you can feel free to buy everything. 8)

Hey, Goog
So CC asked us to submit our favorite RPG moments. I hope this doesn't mean that the columns will have a topic now. I would be too much like that "other" letters column. Don't get me wrong, like that column but I would be nice to just write in and ask anything and not adhere to a certain topic.
Second of all, what's up with all these damn pop-ups?


Don't worry, the favorite momments deal was just a one shot sort of thing, I thought it was fairly interesting though. Now, as for the pop-up ads, yes, they're hideously annoying, especially now that they work in Netscape, believe me, I probably look at RPGamer a lot more than you do. As for why they're here, no, we didn't suddenly become greedy and decide to add them. The ad code we have is the same as it's always been. Just the two unabtrusive little banners. However, the people running those banners decided to be sneaky and slip these pop-ups in using some clever coding. We're all pretty ticked off at that ourselves, and are talking to them about it. In the meantime, you'll just have to deal with it though. Keeping a site this big on the net is quite expensive.


Flea is the, woman....errrrrr, o hell....Kefka is the man. There, it worked that time.


Uh... yeah.

When does Shenmue start to get good?


Shenmue has odd pacing. Bear with it though, the goodness snowballs. I admit disc 1 is kinda nap time though.

Doesn't Freya wreak of awesomness. There has been more than one boss battle when all the other guys are dead besides Freya and I kill the enemy with one jump. There was even one when Freya did with with one...single...lone.. hp.

First time I saw Freya go into Trance, used jump. Boing! ... ... ... Are you planning on coming down any time soon? Anyway yeah, you have to love Dragoons.

Pop-up ads suck...


Yes, but on the bright side, unlike banner ads, you can close them and then they're gone.

The Last Laugh:

I'm surprised nobody got last week's index quote. For the record it's from Skies of Arcadia, and in context it's priceless. Oh, and in case you couldn't tell, I finally got around to playing FF9. Just got to disc 2. My chocobo went to the Dreamtime and spoke to its god. That's just plain weird.

Googleshng "Wark not Kweh!"
How dare they change the sacred Chocobo sound?!?

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