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Googleshng - November 24 '00- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

That was an excellent dinner. Unfortunately I forgot that turkey enduces sleep... oops. Regardless, I shalt press on and write this here column.

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Well, I see that (as of 11:10) the column is up, but there's no link to it on the front page. Since this usually means you get few questions, I figured I should send one.

For someone on limited funds, would you advise buying a Dreamcast or using the money on current Playstation games? My list of to-buy PSX games includes Koudelka, FF9, Lunar 2, Tactics Ogre, and a few others that escape me; if I bought a Dreamcast, I could get Skies of Arcadia, Grandia 2, and some other nifty games. Thoughts?


Heh. My FTP connection kinda died while I was updating index for yesterday's column, and I was eating dinner so I didn't notice for quite some time. Oops. Anyway, with that new dozen classic Genesis games deal, I'd go with the DC... and maybe grab Lunar 2 if you can afford it. The rest you can grab just as easily later on... and FF9 might be cheaper then.

Greetings legendary slime...
You underestimate the number of people in America that don't celebrate Thanksgiving do you?
Anyway, RPG question...Well, first I wanna ask this...
1. What do you predict as the next season of RPGamer Q&A? I mean, a few weeks everything was FF7, another few weeks is CC, another is FF8, etc etc.

2. How is YOUR particular Ogre Battle 64 game going?

3. What characters can we trick you into quoting :) ?

4. Are these tags helping?

5. Saw some Escaflowne last night, it doth kicketh much arse. Giant mecha kicketh arse. So what is the list of RPGs that pretty much involve mecha a lot? Robotrek, Xenogears, etc.

- Beedrill51

Let's see... using your own br tags is nice. I don't remember what I'm doing in OB64. If I have to be tricked, I don't know what the characters would be. I'm surprised I haven't been getting flooded with FF9 questions... just mini-reviews. Just as well, I haven't touched it really. Will this weekend though, I promise... unless I somehow don't finish SoA by then. Anyway, I would list all the RPGs with mecha in them, but it's becoming a MAJOR trend. Aside from the obvious Vanguard Bandits and Front Mission series, there's Wild ARMs, Skies of Arcadia, and guh, everything lately ... not that I'm complaining.


I haven't bought FF9 yet (i know shame shame) but i was wondering something I think you can help me out with. It's just a little part of the game but can you name the characters or are you stuck with the default names like in LoD.

P_Boy 33

Yes, you can rename FF9 characters.

DC with stuff
Hey goog,

About that smash pack for Dreamcast, is it really going to be released in the US? I can see it being released in Japan but I find it hard to believe it would have a stateside release. But I certainly would want it if it came out here.


Phantasy Star, Shining Force *drool*

We're getting it from my understanding, so yeah, drool away.

Cheesy, but must be done.
Dear Googleshng
I heard a rumor that Xellos from Slayers will be president. Is that true and are you him. Because he evaded it on all the talk shows.
Imperial Mog (sleepy from eating too much food)

When questioned on the issue, Xellos replied (all together now) "It's a secret!"

I just recently got my Dreamcast (mainly for Skies of Arcadia and Grandia II) and when I played it, the Dreamcast made really loud noises when accessing the disc (it was late and therefore quiet in my house, and I was a bit startled). I don't want to say that it sounded like a scratching noise, but I'll have to do to the lack of a better word. Now, I heard the DC was loud but, is it supposed to be really loud. My PS One isn't anywhere near that loud. Is it because the DC has a faster access speed? Or is something wrong with my system?

Yes, the DC spins it's discs quite loudly. You get used to it though.


The Last Laugh:

No time for quickies! This column is about to explode! Or something.

Googleshng "Remember, BOOM!"
Now I sleep off turkey.

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