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Googleshng - November 21 '00- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I just spent the day watching Those Who Hunt Elves. Funny funny show. Too bad it seems to have run out of money after 12 episodes. Come to think of it, Eva runs out about that far in too, but in true Gainax spirit, Eva writes through it.

Anyway, before I begin, I have a question for you for a change. If any of you happen to have Skies of Arcadia and have been playing it, could you PLEASE tell me how the heck you get through The Dark Rift? Sticking a question in too would really sweeten the deal too.

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Skies of Arcadia
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Heya Googleshng,

I've been a long time reader of the Q & A, mostly while at work, but Ive got a comp at home now and thought I would send in a few questions.

1) I've encountered a lot of negativity towards any kind of online Final Fantasy game... no one has fore-knowledge of how the game will play, or if they will find it fun, and yet Rinoa insists its "yuck". I was wondering what you thought of the future of Final Fantasy and other online games.

2) When FF IX was still in development, Square began talking about FF X and FF XI. I remember some of the first official announcements being that X would not be online capable, and that XI would, but in RPGamers news, that info was promoted as "look what we just found out". Sorry that ones not really a question, but feel free to comment.

3) Please give me more impressions on Skies of Arcadia, it seems as though I've been waiting forever for a decent Dreamcast Rpg.

4) Have you seen the anime series Saber Marionette J? SMJ and Nausicaa of the Valley of the wind are my favorites... oh yeah and Bubble Gum Crisis (original)

That about wraps it up for now, and by the way, I think CC is gonna make a great weekend host, almost as great as your sliminess. (Flattery gets you everywhere in this world kiddies.)


(ps could i get your personal webpages url?)
(pss i remember you mentioning html, im sorry i have no knowledge of how to send my letter to you in this format, but feel free to enlighten me.)

The reason people aren't looking forward to FF11 is that, for a great deal of people, Massively Multiplayer Online RPGs simply aren't fun. It's impossible to have a plot, and there's a bunch of losers from AOL wandering about speaking L1K3 TH15, trading hentai links, and killing eachother. The best case scenerio you can get is finding some friends and character building with no real purpose. To make a game like this in the FF series, the whole point of which is great stories and customizing your party, is just an incredibly stupid premise. As for FF10's online support, you're a tad off. Originally it was officially stated that it was going to have some online report, then rumors cropped up about that not being true. Now those rumors have been officially confirmed, so we have a story. I think... I haven't actually read that story.

SoA talk time! First of all, the style of this game is just plain cool. Being a pirate with your own airship in a world where people live on floating hunks of rock with nothing but air below and around them is such a cool concept and I can't stress that enough. Next, there's the gameplay. Dungeons are Zelda-esque with some really interesting puzzles. Normal fights use a rather interesting system where everyone shares a pool of special points needed for casting spells and using special moves, adding a lot of strategy, and the learning of new spells and special moves is very customizable. On top of all that, once you have your own airship, you can customize it quite a bit, gather your own crew, build your own base island, and engage in highly strategic ship to ship combat. On top of all that, it's full of other amusing little things.

Now, as for these other things, I haven't seen Saber Marionette J, have seen R though, if I didn't think CC'd do a good job, I wouldn't have hired him, my page is at but the server is currently down, wah, and, the nicest thing you can do for me when sending a letter is stick <br> before every return.

FF9... big surprise.
Dear unisex thingy-

First of all, I must inform you, and our proud audience out there, that Final Fantasy IX is definitely good enough to buy. I know that from the gallant changes made in Final Fantasy VIII, people are now weary about the next oddysey of the series.

Don't be weary my fellow comrades in arms. It practically makes up for the unfortunate (but still tolerable) mistakes made in the previous installment.

Now to the questions.

1) I have a friend that has all of the Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing, and Sailor Moon videos. Are they all good enough to actually sit through and watch all of the series? If so, which anime series should I start with? (I love anime, though I am new to it)

2) Is it just me, or did the first disc of FFIX just fly by? I beat the first disk in about 7 hours without help.

3) Vagrant Story... HELP ME IN THE SNOWFLY FOREST!!! Those damned sword birds keep killing me. Should I level up? The stupid dragon keeps killing me with his acid breath. (when I can find him, that is)

4) I dropped Xenogears to play Final Fantasy IX. Should I blow off FFIX until I finish Xenogears, or should I wait. ( I am relatively far into both games)

That's it. TADA!!!

P.S. FFIX rules!!!


OK, let me clear up two misconceptions people seem to have about me right now. I do own FF9. I played it for like two hours to see what it's like. I am not however playing FF9 at this point in time. SoA is that fun. None of those anime series you mentioned are particularly good, especially after being filtered through US TV censors. I never had a problem with the monsters in that forest, or the dragon. Just get yourself a nice spear. Finally, FF9 is shorter, so you might as well finish it first.

Dear Goog,

Christmas is coming up and i want to get some PSX games. Right now i want Legend of Dragoon and FFIX. But, is there others games which are better, besides Chrono Cross?

and, The three Biker Mice from Mars were Vinny, Throtle, and Motto. They Rock!!

Sam "the Man"

Don't even bother with LoD. It's a halfway decent game, but compared to anything like FF9 it's not even worth looking at. Anyway, the big one you forgot is Lunar 2. Past that, it's time to get a new console really.

Hi Goog,
I was just wondering what you, and other RPGamer's like to listen to as far as music goes. Not RPG music..but real life music. Personally, I like Filter, Radiohead, Camp Kill Yourself, MDFMK, Cirrus....anyhow. On to a few RPG-related topics. What do you think of FF9 and Shenmue? Personally, I think FF9's story is EXTREMELY slow (Im 12 hours in)...and I can say even worse for Shenmue. Do either of these games eventually pick up the pace? more little complaint...I hate the Shenmue commercial. Sega needs a serious, RPG game..but they play the commercial off like its some sort of action game, finishing with a yelling fat kid, and the Sega Scream. Ah..well...


Well you just disqualified a good chunk by disallowing game soundtracks. Let's see, that leaves Weird Al, They Might Be Giants, random 80s techno, and J-Pop. I've never even heard of any of those you mentioned. 8) Shenmue DOES pick up the pace eventually yes, just stick with it. As for FF9, I'm only two hours in. Oh, and it's been scientifically proven that Sega has the worst marketting department in existance. Heck, they released Skies of Arcadia, their best RPG in years, ON THE SAME DAY as FF9.

Greetings legendary slime...
Just wondering, which ending of Koudelka did you get? If possible, describe it please (while putting up the required huge, glowing, bold, spiffy Spoiler Warning).

- Beedrill51

All 3. My favorite is still the No Pendant Ending. Also known as the REALLY bad ending.

Too much Tenchi
I went on a site selling animes recently when I came across the Tenchi Muyo! series.There are like over 100 episodes including 7 or 8 movies about Tenchi Muyo!.What the hell is the deal about this anime,and why is there an exclamation mark at the end of the title?

~Xeros89-Insert anime here

The title can e translated as No need for Tenchi!, or This End Up! I GUESS that explains the exclaimation point. Anyway, as for why there's so much of it... there just is. Several long series, a bunch of spin-offs, and too darn many movies. Generally everyone seems to think only the original OAV series and the movies are worth watching, and at that I'm still not impressed.

"Why vote for a lesser evil?"

We've all seen Cthulu For President shirts, but that page actually has his policies! Hey, was Cthulu born in the US?

I ordered a Googlecino (TM) at Starbucks the other day and they looked at me like I was crazy.

I'm sure.

Is there going to be an addition to the shining series on the Dreamcast?

I hope so

The Last Laugh:

Holy smurfing cheeseballs! It's 6 PM! Better post this now.

Googleshng "Stuck"
Hey, /I/ like wasabi!

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