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Googleshng - November 17 '00- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Hello class, we have a new weekend guy today. Everyone say hello!
Everyone: HI NEWBIE!
There. Now for a real intro.

Newbie: Yes, it's me again. I, Cheshire Catalyst, will be answering your questions. I am also taking over for Gin'Irochi on weekends. You ask, I answer. Fairly simple process. I know a good bit about RPG's for the PC, so if any of you have questions burning about Septerra Core or Baldur's Gate or somesuch, give me a call. Imagine! YOUR letter could wind up being posted here. It'd be like you were a star for a day.
And if you like my smart-aleck comments here, check out the other site I write for, "". We actually watch anime, and then (this is so wild) write about it on the internet!
I don't think anyone else is doing this, I could be wrong though.
Ok, question time. My fifteen minutes of fame start....

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Skies of Arcadia
Who needs FF9?
Pow Pow Pow!
Hey, Goog. I got a story for ya;

It was a misrable, rainy day in Canada when I went to pick up FF9 from EB. The people at the store, who know me onyl as "the guy who buys only RPGs", were kind enough to not only give me my game, but something else I was owed.

The Ghaleon punching puppet.

Yeah, that cute little toy that you get for reserving Lunar: Eternal Blue. The fine folks at EB were kind enough to give me mine before they quickly ran out (And YES, I reserved the game, so I'm not screwing the system). After I was finished with my blinding rage that my copy of FF9 only came with a FRENCH instrucion booklet, I decided to play with the cute little Magic Emperor. And you know what?

This thing is the coolest toy I've ever seen.

Let's consider the facts;
1) It's non-painful. I spent 5 minutes punching myself in the cheek. As stupid as that sounds, the fact that there was no pain involved made it kinda fun.
2) Even the box is amusing. You gotta like anything that refers to Nash as "monkey-boy".
3) There's a picture of a Alex punching puppet. Is this a sign of free stuff of the future? Perhaps with Lunar 3?
4)It's free. Free is good. Or perhaps Lunar 2 itself is free and all the extra stuff costs money?
5) It's a limited edition, which means I can brag that "I have one, you don't, nyah-nyah-nyah".

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to make a miniature punching bag for the thing.

Esquire J

Puppets are fun. When I was on a trip to Baltimore with my high school band a few years ago, we all bought alien boxing puppets. But my puppet's arm sorta malfunctioned, and instead of punching he did something that looked somewhat obscene. Maybe this is a new, positive trend in RPG marketing: toys. I can see it now. "Dress-up Rinoa", "Baron Castle playset", and the limited edition, "Vivi blow-up love doll."

When I preordered Lunar 2, I recieved two options. Put down $10 to get it, or put down $15 to get it and the puppet. I put down $10.

This little piggy went to Gamecube
Ok, I got two questions today:

1: Does Ganondorf make an appearance in Majora's Mask? I know he does in all the others (I'm assuming the guy in the Game Over scene in AoL is Ganon). Ganondorf is easily the kewlest villian ever (next to Sarevok and Sephiroth, of course).

2: Are slimes animals or just really large protists?

BL Alien

Ganon does not play any active role in "Majora's Mask" This is not to say that he's not in the game at all. He could have snuck into the ending. But I do know that the main villain of Majora's mask is "The Skull Kid", not Ganondorf.
As a villain, Ganon's improved since his fat, porcine days on the NES and SNES. Sarevok(from Baldur's Gate) is an awesome villain, and Sephiroth set the standard for all long haired moody villains to come. I've always liked Ghaleon and Kefka, as well.

Concerning Googleshng's "biological data", I asked my personal science advisor, Professor Cranium, to explain.

Prof: "Indeed. Slimes, including Googleshng, belong to the mucus viscious phylum of creatures. This group includes slimes, oozes, mustards, deadly puddings, and Secretary of State Madeline Albright. Proceed such creatures with caution. They are generally weak against lightning, ice, and Phantasy Star games.

Actually, that sounds about right.

Great Googly-Moogly,

Just a couple FF9 questions. First, do you know about how long it will take to beat it? Also, how different is the card game different from the one in FF8?
....wait! Don't leave yet! One more question! Do you know if FF9 will come out on PC anytime soon (or ever, for that matter?) Since I don't have a PSX (but will eventually buy a PS2), I've bought the past 2 for the computer. Thanks,


Little buddy:
I imagine that a PC version of Final Fantasy 9 will be released eventually. It all depends on when you plan on recieving that PS2. Eidos released Final Fantasy 7 & 8 for PC, but has yet to comment on wether or not they will do Final Fantasy 9. However, due to their excellent sales for Final Fantasy 7 PC (I have my copy), I imagine that producing FFIX would be a safe venture for them and thus, have a good chance at being made. Just not for a good, long while.

FF9's card game is similar to FF8's, but without the confusing optional rules and with much more confusing regular rules. As for length... don't know... probably around 40 hours.

FF7 Ribbon
I realize that someone already has the job it's just that I figured maybe I could get another one or maybe be a guest or something. I'm begging you. PLEASE!!!!! Anywho. The other ribbon for FF7 is found in the ice place (Gaia something) There is like a wall that you can walk right into over on the right side. Just trying to help.

Yes, a ribbon can be found in Gaea's cliff. You visit there shorty after (if you havem't beaten this by now, tough) Aeris dies.

What brought THIS up? Anyway, if I gave a job to everyone who wanted one, RPGamer would have a staff of a couple thousand people. Who would all probably get bored and quit in 3 months...

Parle-vous Francais?
hey hey,

Just have a little question/observation here. Today (well yesterday I suppose) I got Final Fantasy 9 from my local EB. When I got home and opened the jewel case, to my surprise and shock, there was only a manual written in French within. Now for some time, companies have been including French manuals along with the English because of some stupid law we have here in Canada, but never have I seen one without a set of English instructions. I phoned EB and they told me that nobody in our area has the game with English instructions, and I was just wondering if others in Canada had noticed this. In my opinion it is ultra lame and I hate Quebec officials now.

Secondly, from your description of Skies of Arcadia, it sounds like it is set in a place that is a LOT like the Realm of Air from the Death Gate Cycle series of books. Are there elves and stuff on the top layer of islands with dwarves on the bottom one perhaps? Just struck me as being sorta odd.


Fresh Fish:
That would suck.
Cheshire Catalyst's complete knowledge of French:

Bonjour! = Hello!
Croisannt = Bread snack!

Skies of Arcadia does sound cool too. So sad, I have no Dreamcast.

You forgot deneumount: When we finish off the supervillian. Not to mention inconvienient, and non-essentiale. Gotta love The Tick. Ahem, what were we talking about? Oh right. If it's any consolation, page one of the instructions says you can just toss them out the window and hit select if you ever want to know something. As for your second question, no. Only humanoid creatures I've run across are humans, and that's all I expect to see. Aside from the whole elemental plane of air bit, it's a steampunk setting. There's humans, there's big steampowered and wind-driven machines, and there's the vast unexplored sky... populated with huge fish/bird type monsters. It's just plain cool.

CC Spoiler

Hi Slimey!

I havent't played FF9 yet, and I'm sure it will be great... Well, I hope. My question is: Does it feels like CC? I mean, does the story is stange and not very involving? Does the caracters are strange / illogical / impossible creatures to wich it is impossible to identify?

It seems I am the only one to think that but I was disapointed a lot by CC. But it's a fact: CC put me to sleep! And to make things worst, I got no ending when i beat the game. That bring my second question: I certainly did something wrong... way wrong! How can I get an ending?? I mean, after I kill (spoiler), the screen turn black and I go straight to the credits. What have I done? Why is this game so complicated??



Killing the final boss in Chrono Cross isn't the way to win. You get the "good ending" by
1. Casting 6 elements in the correct order. (Yellow, red, green, blue, black, and white.) Wait for the Devourer to use a yellow element before you start the chain.
2. Then have Serge use the Chrono Cross (remember, it can be used as an element)
3. A winner is you.

But methinks that before you play more video games, you should finish up your Grammar homework. Ok? If English isn't your first language, I can understand. But please, please double check your grammar, spelling, before you click send. It's for your own good.

Use spells that hit your own guys to avoid counterattack spells. They mess it all up. As for FF9, the world is populated by more freaks than CC. It's amazing but true. It's almost up there with LoM even.

CC on CC
Hey there, Google and CC.

Speaking of CC, I've got a question for Chrono Cross (not the same one, I know, I know)... what multi techs in CC do you know of? Or even better, is there a list of them somewhere? Thanks


Kid from the sticks:
Complete List of techs.

Double Techs
Serge + Glenn = X-strike
Kid + Mel = DoubleTake
Guile + Sneff = SwordStorm
Norris + Grobyc = PitchBlack
Radius + Viper = VitalForce
Karsh + Zoah = DragonSpike
Nikki + Miki = Flamenco
Draggy + Leah = DraggyRider
NeoFio + Turnip = TossedSalad

Triple Techs
Serge + Leena + Razzly = DeltaAttack
Serge + Kid + Sprigg(in the form of Slash) = Z-slash

Thank you, come again.

You forgot the one between Chrono Fei and Serge! Er, no wait, there's no secret characters in Chrono Cross from other games. Nope. Not a one. Honest. Don't bother looking. Tralala...

And no singing!
Hey Google,
As per the letter about recurring music themes in the FF Series, I think it's come to be expected of Uematsu. It's traditional, like Cid and the Masamune. I was disappointed in FF7 when I didn't have that classic battle music and the classical fanfare, but what the hey, for new styles of FFs they bring up new music. Although those two are certainly not the only recurring themes. The prologue from the original FF, of course. And Aeris' theme is based directly off of Celes' Opera solo in FFVI. Where would we be without noticing these little joys of FF music that connects the series in such a fun way?

Fresh-faced youth:
Yup. The main theme, "Final Fantasy: Love" is one of the most recognized pieces video game music. I grew up with that series ;)

Many great series do that sort of thing. FF, DW probably, I haven't played many, Zelda, Phantasy Star... of course PS4 also includes a track ripped from Fantasy Zone, which is THE hardest game in which you drop anvils on dewwy eyed turtles in existance... except maybe Fantasy Zone 2.

Slayers? Did you say SLAYERS? Hehe...which seasons of Slayers have you seen? Which do you like best? Personally Next is my favorite...Lastly, have you seen Slayers Perfect aka Slayers the Motion Picture? If not you HAVE to! NOW! And since this isn't really RPG related can you at least reply and tell me? =)


Young Upstart:
I have the Slayers motion picture. I think Slayers is ok. The movie had it's funny moments.

I have the entire first season, I've seen all of next, and the OAVs that have been translated, and the lot of it is in the mail. Christmas is good. Anyway, while I won't compare seasons I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that the funniest momment in the series is Noonsa.

Dear Goog

As FF9 will not be here in the UK until February probably, (can i just say AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH..thankyou) I'm playing Front mission 3 please, please, please help me!

1. Can you get the drake in alisa's storyline and the meledyne in emma's?
2. Can you get the Quibing 0 in Alisa's
3. How do i get the Paple web address in alisas storyline, the shopkeeper in Davo won't tell it to me, he just moans about Pham.

Love you lots you bundle of androgynous slime you,
Sophie xxx

Some new punk:
I'm going to have to use Google as my lifeline on this one.

The drake and meledyne are exclusive to the two storylines yes, but I'm pretty sure you can get Quibings in both. Hope so at least, the bodies of those things just look so EVIL. As for Paple... I'm not sure. If anyone feels extremely helpful, tell me these things. Don't tell the squirt here though, he needs all the real questions he can get.


For graphic style, which game do you prefer: FFVIII or FFIX?

Insanerest of AOL

FFIX. FFVIII is pretty though. I like pretty things.

i have a question about a game

The undereducated eye might percieve this as a mistake. But using my psychic powers, I can deduce what your question is.
The answer is that if you don't want Muki to teach you what love is all about, stay out of the Honey Bee inn.

Escaflowne the Movie, have you seen it yet?
Great stuff....

I have not seen it as of yet. Rumors abound that 2001 will see the release of a lot of good anime into theatres including a Vampire Hunter D movie, Escaflowne, Pokemon 3: Emperor of the crystal tower, Spriggan, and an Evangelion movie.

Waiting for FF9...Does it have limit breaks? And where's Kalia gone!?

I am sans FF9. I could go buy it, but finals are coming up. Getting a frontal lobotomy would be better for my academic standing than buying a video game right now. That said, I'm not sure about the limit breaks or "Kalia", but I imagine Google's answered it already.
Google: FF9 kinda has limit breaks for certain characters, but they work more like Terra's Morph. Kalia meanwhile is down in the mines fixing every broken fanfic link. Hasn't come up for air in a bit though...

So, did you just forget your template, or were you mocking our use of templates? Huh? tell me now!

-- FireMyst

But, Mr. Spacely sir, It's my first day!
Google: Either my cleverness has gone over your head, or I made a mistake and I'm bluffing my way out of it. You decide!

i love you!

-- hall of fame announcer, harry carey.

You're just saying that to get my body.

The Last Laugh:

Freshly damned: Such a shortage of letters today. So sad. Once again, it's been fun! Tomorrow is my first day. Write in. I'll love you for it. I bought a Vash the Stampede toy today. It's very, very cool. See you tomorrow with more fan service. ;)

Chesh@ "Love and Peace!"

Google: In case you're wondering why I used a different derogitory term for our new little friend each time it came up, it's because I hadn't had a chance to ask if he was going to sign columns under his real name or not... plus that's just a really fun thing to do. For the record though he is, so you can just adress all letters to Chris Martin... or you can do what I did here, which, I repeat, is fun. Where would we be without hazing?

Googleshng "Harpoon Cannon!"
SoA is so much fun. ARR!

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