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Googleshng - November 16 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Draconius ducked out at more or less the last minute, but in the interest of being consistant, I snagged another guest host. The little stuffed slime on top of my monitor.

Slime: ...

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Let's start with the straight question.

Yo Google and Prince Ralse, er, Draco (where's Maria?)

This Shadow Hearts looks pretty interesting. I've been reading up on it and was very excited when I heard it got a publisher here. I like the idea of an rpg taking place in the early 1900's complete with magic. What's your take on it? I'm actually more anxious for this than other rpg's coming out for PS2 at the moment. Didn't Mitsuda compose the soundtrack? If so, that only makes me more interested. What's up with that Judgment Ring thing? That makes me a tad wary. What's your take on it? Should I be as excited as I am? Or am I just overtired and need sleep? Thats all, thanks for your time

-Ian Czap


Shadow Hearts, for those who don't know, like, say, the person I have to remind every day, is the sequel to Koudelka, a very eclectic mix of an RPG, TRPG, and Resident Evil, set in 1800s Wales. Shadow Hearts takes place a few years later, in other parts of the world, and does indeed have Mitsuda on the music. He's doing the music for EVERYTHING lately. It's scary. In any case, I liked the original, and the main thing they tried to do with this one is make combat more fun. So, going on the assumption that talented people can achieve a single goal they set for themselves, the whole Judgement Ring thing should work out nicely.

Silliness begins.

Dear Lord of the Slimes,

Can I be apart of you anime/comic/sci-fi convention? I can be one of the hangers-on, I can so be helpful. Also, What is the most disturbing moment in Dragon Warrior 7?

To the Slime:

Nyanyanya! Mya mya mya?


Ps: someone send me an FAQ for RPGuides!


That's anime/RPG/etc. not anime/comic/sci-fi. Anyway though, in the event that I actually get enough money to start the sucker up, I will of course force everyone I know to come, and those who aren't buying tickets I will force to staff. Now, disturbing DW7 moment? Hmm... can't think of any, but I guess the bunny-geezer might creep out some...

Silliness continues.

GOOG-LE-SHNG! Erm wait, I'm stealing someone elses line.

With the XBox and GameCube coming out this week, which of the three systems (XBox, GameCube, PS2) do you think will be the best RPG Wise?

Oh, and when are the slimes going to take over the world? Now that Dragon Warrior VII is out, I expect their plans will be revealed any day now...

Ross Bemrose
RPGamer Music Editor


I have found this pattern to be true of the life of every console ever (roughly):
Year 1: Very little comes out.
Year 2: All kinds of cool stuff comes out.
Years 3 and 4: A decent amount comes out.
Year 5: Either another great year, or absolutely nothing.

Since the PS2 is entering into its second year, it has a whole bunch of gold right on the horizon, while the cube has squat. This time next year, the PS2 shouldn't have that much coming out, and the cube will have a wonderful year lined up. Wait until I get a chance to look at THAT forecast before you ask what will have the most RPGs.

The matter of slimes conquering the world is all a matter of whether the giant slime balloon sitting around Enix appears elsewhere.


The Last Laugh:

Slime: PLUG!

Google: Wow. That's the first time I've seen the little sucker talk. I'll go find an exorcist to do something about that. Anyway, short column today. No letters related to the purchase of Xboxes, although the token person I knew was getting one briefly mentioned enjoying Halo, and someone sent me a picture of an Xbox hooked up to a TV that was displaying a big huge error message. I suppose those balance each other out. Anyway, enjoy the cat.

Googleshng "Cosmodracula"
Ah, cosmo-. Is there any word you don't make funnier?

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