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Googleshng - November 15 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

The title of this column isn't entirely accurate. The webs being spun in my glasses are quite clearly being made by little baby spiders. It still lets me make great jokes about how long I'll work at a stretch though.

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Hey Google.

A news story just anounced that Kingdom Hearts will have moogles in them, but that a difference is they will have huge red noses. Didn't they have huge red noses in FFVI? I thought they did in V too. I'm sure on VI though.

I went to smack the person who wrote the story, and he insisted that while they're normally fairly big, now they look like, and I quote, cancerous tomatoes.

This is old news but I'm still curious. How do you like DQVII after playing it for a while? I like it a lot so far. I just got back Dharma so I'm not that far into the game. The feel of the game is a lot similar to VI, which is a really good game even today.

DW7 has oddly slow pacing, but a really addictive class system, so I like it.

I'm thinking Enix will make DQ remakes for 5 and 6. But what system will they be on? It can be PSX2 or Gamecube. I'm leaving out X-Box because no one really knows how well it will do here or in Japan. Watching the morning news this morning they showed a store where there were barely anyone waiting to get it, even though the store is about to open up in just a short hour.

Well, I could ask, but then I'd be sworn to secrecy. They might remake'em for the PSX just to get as much milage as possible from the DW7 engine.

Aside from Golden Sun, what else is coming out for GBA in the future? Hopefully Fire Emblem will make it over this time. The whole series is great and many people seem to really like Advance Wars, which is made by the same development company. The games aren't exactly alike but the whole grid tactics thing is there, plus all FE games so far have good stories to go with them that are well developed throughout the game.

Tristan Adnade

Like twenty games. I don't wanna list'em. Just click that big golden Games in the bar to the left.

A little Mogness

Hello (Merle screams and glomps) GOOG-SAMA
I have to congratulate you on your 2nd anniversary (goes SD while dressed in a schoolboy outfit waving a flag and giant foam hand). Also when are the pics going to be done? If you're a slime, couldn't you make yourself more powerful by wearing aluminum foil? Also could you give a list of characters who grant "the power" but don't result in a death 5 minutes later since I need more power. Also I noticed that Civ3 proudly displays the creator's name on it, why don't other games do that?
Imperial Mog

Well, Ashley from Wild ARMs 2 seems to get a pretty darn good deal in the demonic overpowering department. He looks rather silly though, so may I suggest T.G. Cid's agent? As for developers getting their names on games, I've only ever seen it happen to Sid Meier, Peter Molyneux, and David Crane.

Questions on importing Shenmue 2

Good morning, Google-hime (japanese suffixes seem to be the trend)
I need a few information regarding all this talk about importing Shenmue II from Europe. I too loved Shenmue to death, but I too am not willing to pluck down over 300$ only for one game (there's still Halo and Dead or Alive 3, but that's still not enough!). So my questions are:
1-How much will it cost importing from Europe?

So I'm a princess now? What of? Anyway, as I always do with this sort of question, I turned to RPGamer's token Brit for the answers.. of course it doesn't happen often enough for that the be the same token staffer twice. Oh well, here we go.

That'll depend mostly on the importer. English DC games cost approx. $50 - 60. Adding on import duties and the like could easily bump up the price. Mostly it'll be the importer's decision on how much it costs, so check around.

2-When is it gonna be available?

Current release date is the 30th November. Imported copies tend to be available a couple days after release date. Pre-ordering with an importer will be preferable, though.

3-Aside from Ebay, where can I buy it?

Try checking UK-based game sites, or checking your local area phone directory - importers tend to be single shops rather than nation-wide stores.

4-With their TVs using PAL connections and ours using NTSC/UC (or something), won't there be compatibility problems?

Potentially. PAL uses both a different colour system and runs at 50 frames a second, whereas NTSC runs at 60 frames a second. This means the screen flicks and the colour will be black and white. While practically any DC games do allow you to choose to play in 60 Hz, there could still be colour problems. Personally, I solved this by getting a VGA box - an adaptor that lets the DC use my monitor. This makes a game look really crisp and does tend to mean you can run imports in a viewable manner, but they're hard to find.

5-If so, what do I need to fix these problems? (i.e.: adaptor, mod chip?)

There's many forms of boot discs for the Dreamcast and they all work just fine, a modchip really isn't necessary.

6-Since it's coming to Europe, will it still be in Japanese with subtitles? English voice acting is baaad!(90% of the time)
That's about it. As always, thank you for your time.

And now back to me. It would be rather insane to translate a game into english twice, so I'm assuming it'll be subtitled still yes.

Is it official Multiparter day or something?


Is RPGamer going to put up a review of Mega Man Battle Network? All the reviews for it on are good, but I'm just not sure. I'll probably pick up golden sun before it, but then i'll probably pick up both.

I'm looming over the shoulder of the staffer who's reviewing it. It should be done soon enough.

How long did it take you to beat Dragon Warrior 7? I don't wanna spend 70 hours to beat a game..usually my max is 40. I loved every minute of Suikoden but that's b/c I beat it in 15... (though I've clocked 50 hours in PSO now)

I had 100 hours on the clock, but the last 20-30 of those I was just messing around character building and stuff. You could probably shave off a lot more than that if you were in a hurry.

Speaking of PSO, I know you don't like -Massive- Multiplayer Online RPGs, but what about "team" games like PSO? Personally I think it's an excellent game, if only they could integrate more plot, and a good one. Then the game would be THE game.

If PSO had a plot, I would LOVE it... and if it had been developed by Overwerks instead of Sonic Team it would have too. I'd probably be really upset if they hadn't been busy making Arcadia.

Also I think the dreamcast is dying far too prematurely. It's not like no one has one, so people will still buy games for it, at least for a while longer, I think. It has some truly great games (Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia - my favorite RPG of all time, PSO, Soul Calibur...) and it sucks to shell $300 for something dying so soon. :( oh well.

The DC already died prematurely. I believe Shenmue 2 going poof makes that official. I have to wonder where you get that $300 from though.

Do you think the PS2 will last? I think it will with all of the great games coming out for it and only it - FFX, Suikoden 3, Star Ocean 3, Grandia Xtreme, MGS2, WA3, plus the port of Skies of PSO supposed to come out for it as well? Well that's all thanks.


I think the PS2 will have the standard 5 year lifespan every console in existence has always had. Although for the record it is the only system which doesn't have PSO coming out for it.

Well, since I have space to fill...

You've only been handling RPGamer for 2 years?! Feels like ive been checking the page for like 5, guess its just me...
Well, its the best page on the entire web by my oppinion.
I check it several times every day...
You deffinately deserve a cookie =P
Keep up the awesome work!!
/Lizzard (with 2 "Z")

Thanks. Turned out we didn't have any cookies though. Oh well.

Hmm... little too big for quickies.

On Team XKalibur's website [] the latest update (unfortunately back in April) says that they are "retooling" the game engine. To help, visit their support page!


That's true. However I've heard straight from the horse's mouth between now and then that it's all done.


ac is an initialism not an acronym
an acronym forms a word

AC is a word! Oh, and initialism isn't in my dictionary, and signing letters as "me" makes people really confused when you get quoted somewhere.

The Last Laugh:

Everyone who cares read that Shadow Hearts interview yet? Turning my favorite character from the original into the main villain in the sequel makes me a SAAAAAAD Google. Anyway though, thanks to the slowness of the US postal service, Draconius will be guest hosting one last time, so, if you have any questions on MMORPGs, you'd better ask'em quick.

Googleshng "But, the Drac came back, the very next day..."
Seriously. Why is it that Dracula's "true form" is different in every Castlevania game? His FAKE form is always constant...

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