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Googleshng - November 15 '00- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Hi everybody! Well... everyone who isn't out buying or playing FF9 and Skies of Arcadia instead of reading this column... uh.. hmm... yeah, I can't compete with that. Go play. First though, sometime around this weekend, the new weekend guy will be doing his first column, Paws is coming along with a reader she wants to honor, and I'm bringing in an enthusiastic little freak who imported FF9 and has played it through 2 or 3 times.

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Skies of Arcadia of my Youth
Skies of Arcadia is a title that I've been watching for some time, because, if nothing else, the word 'Arcadia' holds a special meaning for me... The simple, uncomplicated happiness found only in the childhood. There's more to this, but I don't want to bore you. What I'm getting at is that Skies of Arcadia/ Eternal Arcadia bears a striking similarity to an old anime of a very similar name... Matsumoto Leiji's Waga Seishun no Arcadia, or, as it is known by its subtitled name, Arcadia of my Youth. Do some checking on this and you can see how deeply the similarities run... I have only glanced at these and seen the similaries on the surface... they may remain there, or run far deeper. But until then, I offer you this juxtoposition. If you're in need of information on Arcadia of my Youth/Waga Seishun no Arcadia, check out its review at the Anime Cafe, where I also borrowed part of the attatched picture from.

Evan Pollino

First I must say that that is one really really funny picture.. and that oddly enough, this letter was sent to someone else. Anyway though, I don't see much of a connection. Aside from the main characters looking the same, both being Arcadia, both being about pirates... OK, fine, you have a point. 8)

The Flood
Dear Google,

Long time reader. Love your column, on to the question.

I have seen the RPG market EXPLODE in the last few years. This of course means that I have WAY too many RPGÍs. I still havenÍt even played and beating Final Fantasy VIII and IX comes out tomarrow! As a working professional, I donÍt have the time that I want to sit up and play all my RPGÍs. This bothers me as I watch my stack of unplayed games grow! What is it that you do in this situation? I really do not like trading away old games, because as soon as they are goneƒ I miss them, un-played or not.


Odd time to be asking this seeing as the Great Flood of 2000 is just about over. There's basically two ways you can handle this sort of situation. First, you can do a lot of research and only buy the best game of each month, or you can buy everything, stick them in a big stack, and wait until you have more time. After Lunar 2 comes out, we'll be back to a nice one game per month kind of pattern. It might even drop off even more than that soon, since all the developers are going to be jumping ship on the PSX and having to learn their way around new dev kits.

I was wondering, what's the condition for Terra's Morph skill? The more you use it, the longer she'll stay morphed? Or is it the more you use it the less time she stays morphed?

That's about the last question I expected to see today. I seem to recall though that either the more you use Morph, the more you can, or that it's purely level based.

Hey Goog!

I've been wondering:

1) With PSO not being free, am I going to be able to play on line if I live in Mexico and have no access to a credit card? How?

First of all, I believe PSO not being free may be a mistake made somewhere on the great news grapevine. After tracing it back as far as I could, I wasn't sure if there was a monthly fee for the game itself, in all its' 4 player private server glory, or just a monthly fee for bringing characters into a massively multiplayer environment to goof off. I'm leaning towards the latter based on how every other online DC game I've seen stacks up.

2) Is there any on-line store where I can get Valkyirie Profile that sends it down here? (gigantic shortage of copies in my city... and VP bootlegs do not work on my modded PSX for some eerie reason) I have access to 80 dollars for that purpose (the local stores charge like 65 dollars for it so I suppose eighty's enough).

I believe will send things anywhere in North America.

3) Have you played Grandia 2 yet?

Considering it isn't out for another month and I don't import, no.

4) Who, If I may ask, did you vote for, Bush or Gore?

Gore, for many many reasons. For example if Gore wins, Lieberman is VP and loses his eery senator powers to ruin the gaming world. If Bush wins, not only does he keep them, but 3 conservative supreme court justices get appointed making those powers stronger.

5) Too bad Gin's gone... He's quite witty, from the few columns we got to read. So, who's gonna replace him? Paws, maybe? or Radrisol?

Uh, I already told you. C.C. is taking over for him.

6) I don't know if you have information about an old Genesis game called "Rings of Power". A friend of mine said it was quite cool, but I'm unable to find any info anywhere. Do you know anything about it?

Never heard of it.

I hope these are not too many questions.
See ya.

Xerdo "no quote to insert" PwÎrko

(ps: on a more personal note, do you have an ICQ account? Could I add you to my contact list? No problem if that's not possible, but it'd be cool to talk some day. Well, see ya.)

I HAVE ICQ, but I never use it, except on the extremely rare occassion I need to talk to someone who lives on it, in which case I just ask them to sign on to a real chat client, like IRC. So, if you see a Googleshng on ICQ, that's my impersonator.

Yo your greatness.

I have a question.I know the game isn't the greatest after you beat the game 10 times and still can't find those darn masks.Exactly how many are there.I got most all of them execpt for like 3 of them.Can you name them all and tell how to get them?


There are 20 cheesy little masks, 3 transformative masks, and then one very special mask you won't see unless you get all the others and do some more special stuff. As for how to get them, we have a walkthrough or two on the site I believe.

VP and stuff
Your Royal All-Mighty Highness, Google,
A question the court jester, in VP how do you keep your Seal value down, I though that it was going down, at like fifty or something. And I go and do everything right or as Freya might say MAG-NIFICENT. Then its back up at 100, grrrr..
Yea another question too this one's more bout the site. I read Paws editorial "Dear Mother..." from later October I think, really well written, anyway it mention talking to game companies. Ok so do you have connections to game companies and get to talk to them and stuff? If so, do you know certain news items before they're publicly released, and are just bound so as not to let out the word?
Tapion- "Yes sir, you've been diagnosed with a mild case of insanity"

First of all, your Seal value goes up BECAUSE you're doing everything right. Sending people up especially really increases your Seal value. Getting the best ending is a tightrope act.
Now, as for the second half of your letter, yes. RPGamer recieves the same treatment as the big magazines from a good deal of companies. Take this first quickie for example.


Hey Goog!
Thanks for being here the last year and brightening our days... ...or something.

I heard a rumor that you've played Mythri. What's it like?

Happy anny from Team XK

Oh right, this is that one year mark column. Anyway, this is of course from the lead developer of Mythri, who sent me a demo some time ago. Let me just say right now that it looks very very nice. Good plot too.

If Starscream was in charge, Galvatron would come, fry him, and call it bad comedy....oh wait, that already happened....
Bush dressed up like Galvatron and Gore as.....uh, Kup? Yeah, that'd be funny.

That's an odd concept.

In case someone hasn't gotten it yet, the quote is from Xenogears, when Id drops the Yggdrasil smack-dab onto Bart's Gear. And, I believe, the exact quote is "Throwing a warship at me is cheating. Here, take it back!"


A ton of people caught this quote, but only you corrected my error. Have a golden tilde! ~ Now, for the rest of you, ~30

Blasted Enix. Thanks to them and that "Valkyrie Profile" game of theirs, I'm starving to death! There's nobody coming down here these days! Now any schmoe can lop off his own head and go have a party for it! Argh!


Yeah, that particular Valkyrie is way too laid back. Arngrim I can see since he wouldn't die otherwise, but some of those people...

*gasp* Radrisol spoke ill of Bush! Oh wait, Bush sucks... Never mind, carry on!

BL (all kneel down to King Gore) Alien


The Last Laugh:

Well, here's your column. I hope SOME people read it. Now go. Go and play your marvelous new games... I need to go pick those up!

Googleshng "BYE!"
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