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Googleshng - November 14 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Today is a good day. My favorite current RPG is evidently being made into a trilogy, I finally finished taping every episode of my favorite show, got a lot of cleaning done. won an old game, and evidently there's a chance that, much like my birthday, a random reader will throw something my way around Christmas worth more than the combined gifts of everyone in my family. Anyway, as you all should know by now, Happy Google=Good column... and possible rant posting the next weekend.

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Furry little critters.

"Gotta catch'em al- no wait. There's no reason to catch any of'em. "

I seem to recall hearing that you are given a prize if you get every monster. Not sure what it is, or if its worth all that work, but i'm the type of guy who likes to find out.

Also,.. that shepherd's stampede thing does decent damage, aroup 85 per enemy,...but it works less than half the time. Id rather have all my party members doing quad hits that hit for about 50 hp damage each hit (total 200 damage, and thats 100 hp each hit with the twin-hits spell up for a grand total of 400 damage). Garunteed hits (unless its something like a metlbabble), and it will spread the damage out so it doesn't over kill opponents, AND its effective against bosses as, rather than just a single 85 damage to all, all those hits will stack on the boss. Also, the quad hit will bestow a weapon's special abilities to the hit, such as the deja sword making enemies dance. I'm not sure, but it might also be possible that if you are a paladin each of those 4 hits might carry a chance of "instant kill", that paladins normally get. I'll have to test that.

Pretty much it seems shepard is only useful for getting antidote and access to tamer. Let me know if there is a "super secret" way to make stampede hit every time.

-Doug "wait till the Demon Lord gets a load of me" Burns

I heard you get something for SEEING every monster in the game, but as far as I know catching them yields nothing but a whole bunch of funny quotes, a freaky high time on your clock, and the respect/fear of those around you.

Now here's the deal with Stampede: It works considerably more often than "less than half the time." Taking a survey of people who used it constantly through the whole game, myself included, the general concensus is that it works about 75% of the time. Of course it seemed to work much more often later in the game, so the actual percentage might be based on your level. The damage from Stampede is based solely on your level, and even at the end of the game, each of the 4 hits from Stampede, when used by ANY character, did about twice the damage as my main fighter's attack. So, comparing it to Quad Hits, it does twice as much damage (even more for your weaker characters) with a roughly 25% chance of failure, and your weapon doesn't factor in, so you can cut back on buying them and have more money for armor. All the other virtues of Quad Hits you mentioned apply to Stampede too. It's 4 attacks, not an attack against everything. It's a heck of a lot easier to get too. The only real drawback to Stampede: A handful of bosses are totally immune to it, so you need at least one other way of doing decent damage.

Oh, and in addition to Stampede, Shepherds get Whistle, the spell that makes character building SO much easier, WoolGuard, which declaws a lot of really nasty bosses later on, and of course if you hop from Shepherd to Cleric, you get the highly useful Increase spell.

Rabid opinions

Hey Goog,

Remember me, yeah, sure you do, I wrote those weird comicy things (and no i'm probably not gonna make one, slim chance, because i suck) I just wanted to say that Golden Sun kicks some serious ass. In the beginning I thought they were gonna pull the oldest cliché in the book (one of them anyway) but they actually didn't (secret identity revealed pretty quickly, was going to be really smurfed if they though I didn't figure out who it was already.) I haven't really bit into the story line yet but what's been setup is pretty classic save the world journey stuff. The best thing so far is load times. They're are none. I miss this so much. No loading up for 10 seconds to kill one generic mean bunny creature, just *pow*thwack* and you're done. It's very sweet, now go by it based solely on my initial impressions of it. Go I say!


I've seen quite a few people praising Golden Sun in such an incoherent manner. All I know about it is that the people who make it have a pretty good track record, like pictoral choices, and have a habit of designing some REALLY... interesting... characters. Like, say, Domingo, the magic using flying jellyfish.

Here we go...

Hey Goog,

Didn't know if you were aware of it yet, but according to GC-Inside, Sega is planning not only to port Skies of Arcadia 1, but also to bring over Skies of Arcadia 2 and 3! I don't if this is big news to you or not, but it is to me. Not only has Gamecube gotten a sudden survival horror boost with exclusive Resident Evil games, but it's also apparently getting a huge RPG boost with the Skies of Arcadia series. What next? Fighting game confirmations, perhaps? *coughcapcomfighterscough*

News was found at yes, that's right.

'tis exciting, I tell you!

~Random Person

While a garbled translation off a Japanese page I don't quite recognize isn't quite enough to have me dancing in the streets, SoA DOES have the smell of a game with sequels on the way. Any talk of such sequels being GameCube exclusive though (and I've heard a LOT of that lately), are just rumors.


I was wondering if you've played Golden Sun yet? If so, is it as good as I've been hearing it to be? Should I spend my well earned pay check on it, especially with the release of two new game systems only days away? Thanks in advance!


I don't have the cash for it myself, but I've been hearing nothing but praise from quite a few people.

Hey I heard Capcom is gonna release every megaman game for the game cube in a huge anthology :) It might as well going without food for a month just to buy the GC :)

One quicky lover... (nothing implied)

Heh. Can you believe only one person sent this letter? Anyway, that's just a rumor. Started by me yesterday no less.

I was wondering, if you could buy any five gba games which would you buy? I'm getting it for when I travel, you know to kill time. And there are some only came out on gb. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thankx.
striding cloud

Seeing as I already have Castlevania and Advance Wars, I'd have to say... hmm... Golden Sun, MMBN, Mario Kart, Mario Advance, Dodgeball. Just don't ask me to name anymore, because that's all I can think of.

Hey goog. Whatever happened to that GBC RPG known as Mythri?? It seemed to be making good progress when it was covered last summer. Any word?

As far as I know, (and trust me, I'll be corrected if I'm wrong), Mythri is 100% complete, but still trolling around for a publisher.

The Last Laugh:

Well, today has been a good day so far, but someone just turned off the sun. I wonder who forgot to pay their bills...

Oh, and I've been at this 2 years now. I think I'll treat myself to a cookie or something.

Googleshng "Woosh!"
Off I go.

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