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Googleshng - November 13 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Today is the great day of countdowns. In just 5 days, the GameCube launches, and in just 2 days is the anniversary of my first (non-guest host) column. oh and the xbox comes out too but who cares about that. The only one of those I'm personally anticipating is the Cube launch though... of course I SHOULD be able to pick one up right now, but can't because of an annoying store policy.

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GBA stuff

Salutations Google-san,
(Bet you never get that one.) Anyway, I'd like to let everyone know that I'm happy that two new systems are coming out in the next week. Why? Because Christmas is drawing near, and with the X-Box and Game Cube coming out, demand has been drawn away from my new fave, the Game Boy Advance. I'm looking forward to Wario Land 4 (not a true RPG, but hey), Street Figther 3 Alpha (not due out till later, and not an RPG, but hey), and Golden Sun, which looks VERY sweet.
Four questions on the RPG side of things:
1) Do you have a GBA? Do you plan on getting one?

Yes I do, thanks to a very very generous reader who had a spare way back when.

2) Of the RPG's coming out for the system that aren't just remakes, which do you like best?

Well let's see. I own 2 GBA games. Neither of which are RPGs, but Castlevania is enough of an Action/RPG to fall under our coverage, so I guess it wins by default. Golden Sun looks pretty darn spiffy though.

3) Are there any games that you'd like to see re-released on the GBA?
(Tactics Ogre comes to mind).

Tactics Ogre didn't exactly thrill me. The mechanics have some ISSUES. What I WOULD like to see brought to the GBA though is a big pile of Saturn ports. Many spiffy RPGs that nobody ever played, which the GBA could support no problem.

4) Do you foresee any potential in the GBA in the RPG market?

And, between GC/X-Box, I'd go Game Cube. If you asked me why, I'd tell you it was a rhetorical question; Microsoft's history speaks for itself, as does NIntendo's.

-illegal allen

Well let's see. We have 22 games on the upcoming GBA list, so I would have to say YES. 8)

Vaporware strikes!

Dear Googleshng,

All I want to know is if there are any games that have pocketstation games besides Final Fantasy 8. Or if there are any that are going to be coming out any time in the future. And if there are how do I access them.

P.S. Please respond, I've tried everyone and no one else will respond. But I'm sure you guys will I've been a loyal reader for many years now and LOVE your site. Thank you so much!


A fair number of games, including quite a few from Square, have Pocketstation minigames, but unless you import one, the knowledge doesn't help you much.


What's your favorite rpg weapon, you know, like such things as the Mastermune, Excaliber, or Valkerie? Im talking about out of any and all the role playing games you have ever played.
Mine is the Masamune! The almighty magical sword that the great Glenn wielded in Chrono Trigger.


While CT's Masamune is probably in second place, I'd have to go with the Harpoon Cannon from Skies of Arcadia. It's a lot like the hookshot from the Zelda series, except it's big enough to smash just about whatever you hit to tiny little bits... and when I say "just about whatever you hit", keep in mind I'm talking huge airships here.


Hey Google,

Are you going to the second "2 Good Singers" concert? It's at 1:30pm on Tuesday this week at Mike's house. Do not miss a chance to see this up-and-coming group while they are still giving free concerts.

-The other Mike in 2GS

OK, this is the second letter like this I've gotten in the last year or so. The only Mike I know is Mikel Tidwell, who runs this site and lives on the other side of the country, so the only logical reason I can think of for me to get a letter such as this is that someone somewhere claims to be me to their friends. Simple way to tell if you've ever actually talked to me: Do you now, or have you ever worked at RPGamer? If the answer is no, then you haven't talked to me... at least since May. Obvious exceptions if I replied to an e-mail or something like that. Oh, and isn't there a law that says you have to get rabid screaming fans before you can have impersonators? Not that I'd want rabid screaming fans... unless maybe they actually WERE rabid and willing to terrorize the countryside, that'd be kind of amusing I suppose...

Saves go poof.

Dear Googleshng,

Are you aware of the proper magical incantation that, when recited, will enable the Super Gameboy -- or rather, the carts within it -- to retain saved games BEYOND the point at which I turn the power off? I just bought one at a local bookstore, only to find that when I power-off the system, my saved games (both those that were on the cart previously and those that I created while playing on the SGB) go bye-bye. I was very much looking forward to again saving the world frm the Pureland Water Entity (or maybe, with enough patience, I could even stand to take on Creator again), but I don't think I want to be ofreced to do it in one sitting. Otherwise, I'm kinda stuck with a fancy, big(ger) screen Tetris. Not exactly worth the twenty bucks...

Andrew Sullivan

Well, considering that Gameboy games won't lose their saved games if you suddenly yank out the batteries, there obviously isn't any last minute hardware interaction like there is with the NES, so I can't think of any possible way that the SGB would be your problem. Sounds like the battery in your copy of FFL3 is just dead.

Gotta catch'em al- no wait. There's no reason to catch any of'em.

Hey, Doug here. I had a question about the monster park in DW7. I'v fought TONS of enemies and only tamed 2 total (thank GOD one of them was a mimic). Do I have to do something to improve my chances? Does using the beef jerky in battle raise the odds? Does using a rib on a monster(they seem to be consumable items so i dont want to waste them) help?. Also, are there any classes, such as sheperd or tamer, that help with taming monsters for the park?

-The eternally grateful Doug.

Every thing you just listed is reported to improve your odds of catching monsters, except having a shepherd. Tamers help catch stuff, shepherds are simply degenerately good.


Is my obsession with M.O.M.O. from Xenosaga.. a bad thing?

Probably not.


Uh... hi.

Do you have reverse-prophetic powers or something?


It certainly is starting to seem that way. Let's try a test. Someone find a really silly rumor like, say, Capcom to release every game Megaman has ever been in in a big anthology for the Gamecube, I'll say it's just a rumor, and we'll see if it gets officially announced the next day!

The Last Laugh:

Before I hop off, there's a couple things I need to say regarding Sunday's column.

"Shadowrun on the Genesis is the exact same game as the SNES version." This statement is very very false. They're made by different people, they have totally unconnected plots, and while the SNES one has puzzles and that interesting talking system, and I think captures the style of the source a little better, the Genesis one lacks all that, but actually sticks to the rules more strictly (read: it has essence and does the matrix correctly).

"why is it that the review Average Score for Dragon Warrior VII is "8" yet none of the above scores are above 7?" RPGamer doesn't have "Average Scores". Our reviews rate a number of elements that some people look for in games, and a totally unrelated overall score for the game. We also write reviews, which are much more important and accurate than those boxes of numbers. Averaging would be a really stupid thing to do, since those categories are by no means all equally important to anyone, and don't cover everything there is to a game.

There. Now that that's off my chest, off I go until tomorrow!

Googleshng "..."
Nintendo says any stores with GameCubes can start selling, yet the only store around here that has'em refuses to do so. Rar.

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