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Googleshng - November 10 '00- 1:00 Eastern Standard Time

OK, here's the big column! Just a few quick statistics for you first. The anniversery of my first column ever was 3 days ago, which, looking back here, was in the weekend after my 200th column. That's when I guest hosted it with Brad though, so that doesn't really count. The anniversery of when I was actually HIRED is... right this minute as I write this interestingly enough. Still, Brad clung on for a week before retiring there, so that's meaningless to you. What you care about is the 15th, the aniversary of my first column as official Q&A host, which is... Wednesday I believe. So, stuff for that you'd send Tuesday afternoon. People who called me lazy today: 1. Just no pleasing some people. People who picked on me typoing senator: lots. I was rushing and have a small keyboard, and I make tons of typoes daily. Odd that was singled out. What's funny is that this is the week I planned to start spell-checking. Finally, those frightening stats have been completed.

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'Evening, Googleslime,

So you're sick, eh? In addition to drinking lots of water, try eating spicy food. The extra Vitamin C will help you out a lot, plus there's a bonus: if you have the chills, then the "burning up" effect will cancel it out.

Well, what my real question was, is this- Why do you keep up doing Q&A? I mean, it's a very demanding hobby that gives very few, if any, perks, no pay, very few compliments, and it cuts into your schedule so badly that you're only off if you a) quit, b) are very sick, or c) it's a weekend. What's your motivation?

Ah well, hope you get better, and hope you don't suddenly quit because of my letter. :)

-Red Baron, the Pizza Man.

This was on my mind right before my 200th column oddly enough. In objective terms, I get nothing for doing this. Money? Nope. Fame? I don't use my real name. Glory of working for RPGamer? The novelty wore off long ago, plus even if I didn't do Q&A, I'd still be working here. Kickbacks? Nonexistant. When it comes right down to it, it's simply that I like answering questions about RPGs. I like answering RPG questions so much that I've turned down good jobs, gone nights without sleeping, and done it while sick (like now). Oh, and I already knew the whole Salsa Is A Cure-All thing, I live by that. 8)

Hello Goog! I have some questions that have troubled me for a some time now... (since yesterday actually *g*)

1) In Legend of Dragoon, how the Dragoon-level raises.. Does it raise because Dragoon transformation is being used.. or does the (main) level of characters define it?
2) Am I first one who asks something about LoD?
3) Do like the song "Lady in Black"? (Every true RPGamer-lord must ansver at least one of these kind of questions during their "career")
4) Is Persona 2 gonna be worth buying?
4b) if NOT .. ... .. what is gonna be the Christmas-game of the year? 5) Why isn't Ice Wind Dale characters supported in Baldur's Gate 2 (this almost made me kill someone!)
6) Are you a Dilbert fan?

Webziz "Wow... I am the #41freak... "

Whenever you get SP, whether the meter is full or not, it counts as Dragoon EXP basically. That's the first LoD question I've seen in a LONG time. I haven't gone near a radio since about 1990. Persona is on my list of the 10 worst games I've ever touched, so I'm staying away from the sequel. Your little 4b there indicates that either you're on drugs or have a really rigid definition of when Christmas starts. FF9 is the big game of the next couple months. If you have a Dreamcast, you should also seriously get Skies of Arcadia. That looks wonderful. Pokémon 2's out for GBC, and the new Zelda's out for the N64. You're covered on all fronts. Except PSX2 of course, unless you count Transformers the Movie being rereleased on DVD, uneditted too. Hearing Spike swear is funky. Oh, and I haven't played BG2, and don't read the comics since Calvin and Hobbes went away (don't get Foxtrot here).

The Last Laugh:

Doh. 4 AM. I need sleep to keep from getting sicker. This isn't a cop-out column though, I'll come back when I wake up to beef it up to what I promised. I just want you all mailing Gin in the meantime.

By the way, I'm 5 hours into ShenMue and have yet to hit gameplay. Hence the title. I'm getting worried.

Googleshng "Sick"

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