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Googleshng - November 9 '01- 2:30 Eastern Standard Time

It's 2:30 AM, and I'm just starting in on my intro. This ladies and gentlemen is what's called getting SERIOUSLY DISTRACTED. On the plus side though, somewhere in all that distraction someone finally got around to replacing the little piece of electronic duct tape that fixes nearly every single link in RPGamer's Q&A section. Woo. Anyway, here's Drac.

Draconius: Weeeeee! I'm back! Thankfully, we actually have some Asheron's Call related questions this time, plus questions about stuff I don't know. Let's get to it!

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OK, I think this is the third time I've asked this question without getting an answer, but what with an Asheron's Call person guest hosting tomorrow, I thought, "What the hey? Why not ask again."

Why is it that so many people (including the illustrious Google, it seems) have violently negative reactions to Massively Multiplayer Online RPGs? From what I've heard, a major problem is that online worlds tend to be populated with losers and l337 H4X0Rs (did I get that right?) with names like PLAYURKILLR and A**HOLE69 or whatever, whose sole purpose in life is to annoy other players. Well, fair enough... I won't deny they exist, for they most certainly do. But there are so many other players who put time and creativity into their characters, who roleplay and behave in character. In my humble opinion, this is one of the cool things about MMORPGs; you can behave the way you want to, not the way the script wants you. Best of all, the other characters aren't static NPCs who reply to everything you say with a scripted speech ("Where's the nearest bar?" "Please save us!" "No, I want alcohol, where can I get it?" "Please save us!" "Tell me, or I ram this battleaxe right up your left nostril!!!" "Please save us!"), but rather player-controlled, DYNAMIC people who really respond. Sure, you might have to wade through some player killers, but don't forget the good players out there; find them, and you'll be rewarded with awesome character interaction and freedom of plot.

By the way, I suppose other problems you might have with the genre are technical (e.g. lag) and financial (paying through the nose for membership). I'll give you those, although they're sort of technicalities (for example, aren't there RPGs that don't have monthly costs? Vampire: Redemption springs to mind...).

Oh right, the question... so what's the problem? Are there any deep reasons for your hatred of the genre?

Please inform me, I love to find out what the Googster's thoughts are.

Usagi Vindaloo
"I can't wait until Final Fantasy XI! ... or, at least, I wouldn't be able to if I wasn't getting a GameCube."

The issue of 1337 h@x0rz is a big problem, so big in fact that turbine made the Darktide server just for them. (just kidding, no flames plz kthx) Seriously though, it's not a big of a problem as most people seem to think, especially in games in which you can filter out other users.

As I've said on numerous occassions, if I want to talk to people, I can do so for free. If I want to play an RPG, I can do so without a monthly fee. If I want to do both at once, that's what paper RPGs are for. My real problem with MMORPGs (which I don't HATE for the record, I just have no interesting in them) is that the world doesn't revolve around the characters I control. Towns don't need ME to save them, the person born once every thousand years who sprouts horns and wings upon turning 25 isn't ME, etc. etc.

Suiko Warrior

Hey Goog!

This message is concerning the first one I sent a while ago concerning other Suikoden games. I realized I was asking the wrong question. What I meant to say was if you had any info regarding Suiko Gaiden Vol 1 & 2 (as opposed to Genso Suikoden Vol 1, which I accidently wrote in. I know what Genso Suikoden is since I've played both games and loved them a lot) Would you know when it could possibly come out around here?

Also, I've been reading Q&A for a while and noticed a lot of feedback from DW7 so I went to the store and found a copy and caved. So now I have it and am quite glad I got it! It kinda reminds me of older RPGs that I havent played in a long time. Are there any other games from the DW series that you recommend?



*looks at the magic rpgamer releases page*
It's not on there, so I have no idea. As for the DW series, I dunno, go play DW 1-6 ;-)

The Suiko Gaiden games were never released in the US, and aren't slated to be. As for the Dragon Warrior series, Dragon Warrior 1 is more of a zen character building experience than an RPG per se, and when I say that, I mean when you start the game, the first think you're going to be doing is killing 75 slimes to get the 75 GP needed for a sword that makes killing them easier. The whole game procedes along those lines. Dragon Warrior 2 is our standard generic RPG. Dragon Warrior 3 introduces the class change system, but it's VERY harsh. When you change classes, all your stats are cut in half (although, to be fair, your experience drops to 0, so, in theory, you could REALLY boost up your stats if you put in the time...). Dragon Warrior 4 is the first one that really has a strong plot, and is considered one of the best RPGs on the NES. 5 and 6 we never got, but I'm told they're like 7 without the polygons.

Insert bad Air Conditioning joke here.

How-dee-do, Mr. Slimeman and Mr. Draconius,

Okay, since we're going to be talking about an MMORPG (I think that's enough Ms) today, I figure I'll ask the question at least a few of us gamers out here are wondering... what does Asheron's Call have to offer us?

In my humble opinion, most online RPGs are nothing more then interactive chat rooms with characters that you can control and occasionally gain levels, all in an attempt to outdo your friends while evil companies suck away at your petty lives, as well as your income. So tell me, what kind of story (if any) is behind Asheron's Call?

That's about all I have to ask about Asheron's Call. I figure I'd just voice out the opinions of many gamers like myself.
Now, for one final question..

Slimeman, I'm buying DW7! I hope your happy! You've corrupted me!

Until next time!
Majin Paul, of Roleplay "It shall be engraved upon your soul! DIVINE ASSAULT! NIBELUNG VALESTI!"

Good question. Asherons's call differs from most MMORPG's in that it has an ongoing storyline, updated every month, that involves players of all levels of experience. I can't really speak from experience on any other MMORPG, but I have a great deal of 2nd hand evidence that others tend to be "flat" worlds with little story developement. As far as it being a chat room, well, the social aspect of MMORPGs is one of the most important things, for me anyway, especially so on AC.

That's not a question... while I have space to kill here though, I often find myself wishing I could take the sound files for the BIG spells in Valkyrie Profile and replace them with Slayers quotes. Don't you?


Konnichiwa Google-san.

Princess Abarenbow is being developed by Kadokawa Shoten, which is the company that made Lunar SSSC. Well, I know that Game Arts made Lunar but Kadokawa Shoten was also involved; I'm not sure to what extent.

Do you know anything about Kadokawa Shoten and the likelyness of games made by them being brought to North America? The only time I ever heard of them was with Lunar. Wouldn't it be cool if Working Designs translated Princess Abarenbow?


Although I've never even HEARD of this game, let me make the following observations:

Working Designs = good
Game translated by Working Designs = good

So, yes, it would be cool.

Kadokawa Shoten is one of those companies that makes me say "Just what exactly do you DO anyway?" Their name gets plastered on a LOT of stuff, mostly anime, but usually it's in a group of at least 2 other names which between them cover just about everything. In any case though, Princess Abarenbow isn't slated for release in the US, which is about the only thing I can say about it honestly.

The name game

Hello glob.

We are all faced with character-naming screens every now and then. Most people I know go with the default names, while I prefer to rename the entire cast as I see fit. Profane names provide hours of juvenile giggling. What do YOU do? My guess is that you go with the default names, so tell me then what name(s) you use when no default is given, such as the hero in DW games?

-Calculus FunBot

My apologies if this has been asked and answered in the past.

The first time I play through games I usually stick with the default names, though I change them out of the annoying ALL CAPS. After that, I like to give them more descriptive names. This was especially fun in Chrono Trigger, wheret least half the characters had another name/identity they were known by.

If I can only rename the main character, and it fits, I generally use my own name, since it makes it easier to tell whose game it is. Otherwise, I'll raid names from whatever book/movie/show/game that's on my mind at the moment, which often fits disturbingly well. For example. I used Trigun names with DW7, and just look who showed up waiting for me to call him Wolfwood. 8)

Creepy Critters

Good day lord of the Slimes

I have often wondered that you and your slime legions have ever seen the animated series of Dragon Warrior? It was on TV for a short time back in '88 and from the few episodes i saw it looked like the majority was based off either the second or third game with hints of the future in the fact that the main characters had a Blue and Red slime traveling with them.

By the way is it natural to have nightmares of charging sheep after watching Stampede for the 100th time.

Heh, cartoons based on video games are always cool, though I havne't seen this particular one.
It's ALWAYS natural to have nightmares about sheep. They're just.. creepy. and bunnys, with their hoppy legs and twitchy noses..

The DW anime was shown in America at some horrific pre-dawn hour on a channel I didn't normally watch on Saturday mornings, but I did see it once or twice. Oddly enough, my cousin just gave me a tape of it for my birthday which I haven't watched, because if I want to watch untranslated anime, well, he also gave me every episode of Inu-Yasha. As far as the sheep go though, everyone snaps in their own way. I for example drew fan art.

What and where?

Hello O Google who so desperately needs my help. I got a few questions for you.

1.)After reading how you said that you needed a copy of PS3 &4, I thought for a moment, "Where have I seen those two games before?" Then I remembered I have a copy in mint condition at the store I work at. The only problem is there's only two or three stores and we're all the way in Louisiana. Worth the trip I'd say.

1. Thats not a question! :-p

I'll have to pass that information along to the person who plans to exchange every old game I want for a big wad of magic cards.

2.)Now I need your help. I recently acquired $60 from a bet with a friend. Now I have enough for a copy of Dragon Warrior VII and a guide(I know I know). The question is, should I get DWVII now, or wait til the weekend to get Dance Dance Revolution? I would appreciate it if you helped.

Well, that's all for now. Thanks O Slimey One!

The Masked Mystere
"Don't ever cross a shephard..."

2. I'd get DW7, just because a dancing game just doesn't sound like fun to me. That's just me, of course.

I've always felt DDR was best played in an arcade. With 3 dozen strangers laughing at you. And with you wearing a goofy costume. So get DW7. Skip the guide though.


First off. How many acronyms can you come up w/for AC? 2ndly. Why is Asherons Call not covered by RPGamer while other MMORPGs are? 3rd for Drac. Are the new quests for AC:DM going to be more rewarding or have a wider variety of items compared to the original? Also for Drac. Are the houses preety? and customizable and to what extent? (Sorry for ignoring you Goog) Another for Drac. Have they finally made throwing weapons useful? Also dude. If you wanted Star Ocean 2 back then why didn't you say so. Just as soon as you find my FF8 players guide. Oh yeah. I never played any DW (Again how many acronyms?) so don't expect any questions from me. Oh and on a final note. I once was the vassal of Brad on Asheron's Call. Yer jealous. I can feel it.

~Untitled "SEP shield on" Document

1. Only other one I could think of was Aidyn Chronicles.

2. That's what *I* want to know. *poke Googleshng*

3. The quest system was expanded in the expansion pack for Asheron's call. There is a complex quest involved just to own a house, for example. Also, on the new islands, you can interact with the 2 tribes of tumeroks, accomplishing tasks that will raise your favor with one, and lower it with the other, to the point where they will kick you out of town(or so I've heard).

4. Yes, the houses are quite pretty looking, especially the mansions. Yes, they are customizable. Special vendors are in place that provide you with furniture, paintings, etc to decorate your house with, and you may also be able to place certain quest items in your house on display. The actual designs of the houses, however, are already in place, and cannot be changed.

5. Useful? Kind of. They are the most powerful weapon in the game, in terms of sheer damage. Also, I kinda like running around throwing plates, cups, and (my favorite) jack-o-lanterns at things.

6.I did. And I don't have it.. I swear.. *cough*

7.Oh yeah, I'm jealous. Of course, you're overlooking the fact that you were playing on MY account at the time ;-)

To clarify, I go to school with this guy, we got into Asheron's Call at the same time, and had the same Patron for a long while.

Dagnabit. I wish I got to this question 3 hours ago when I was still lucid. I could have rattle off a ton then. Right now I'm blanking on everything but Asheron's Call, Aidyn Chronicles, Alpha Centauri (AND its expansion, Alien Crossfire), and Armored Core. Of course it also stands for Armor Class, a common term in RPGs, and Air Conditioning. DW always means Dragon Warrior though... well... MAYBE Darkwing Duck. Although that one's cheating to begin with.


Uhm... uh...... uh......... where do I find the.... Acid Simi.... + 4 ?

Draconius: From your patron, of course, silly.
Google: A better question would be, what the deuce is a Simi?

Pleeeeease tell me! I just love Lunar series and I want to play Lunar 3 SOOOOO BAD!!!

Draconius: Lunar 3? Dunno, never played any of the others, but I've heard they were pretty good. Game companies like to make games that are good because people spend money on them, so I wouldn't be surprised. Google: The subject of this letter was "Are they going to make Lunar 3?" The answer is yes, but for future reference it took me quite a while before I saw the question hidden up there.

The Last Laugh:

Draconius: And so it ends, once again. If anyone out there is interested in taking this spot, all it takes is a new copy of Ultima Online! I'll also accept a copy of Xenogears if someone wants to send that to me. I'd like to plug Asheron's Call Stratics again, and I will, however, the whole stratics server is down for maintenance this weekend, so it is unavailable. Also, I'd like to make a shout out to David, my patron, Tony, my former co-vassal, and everybody at Stratics. Dracon "Look, I split my name differently this time" ius

Google: Little does Draconius know it, but a couple of people just offered up games. They've both been here before too. Anyway though, the weekend rears it's ugly head... wait... it's not ugly. Weekend is friend to all children. Do not be afraid to enter its gaping maw.

Googleshng "Early to rise, late to bed, gives you more free time but leaves you half dead."
Odd fact: Today someone asked if I knew where to find an MP3 of a song by my cousin's uncle, the not-very-famous-children's-song-writer.

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