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Googleshng - November 8 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Fingers are being pointed in some odd directions lately. The little troll who lives under my bridge thought up a very... imaginative theory on why I'm eternally strapped for cash. Someone I know accused me of bashing something they're working on. And of course, various people bashed people I know for working on something. Much of that will be appearing in this column, along with some real questions!

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Let's just get THIS out of the way first...


Why hasn't RPGamer provided full disclosure regarding its involvement in the localization of Dragon Warrior VII? (For the sake of the site's readers, RPGamer should acknowledge this connection. Media bias, anyone?)


Two and a half people who work at RPGamer were on the localization staff for Dragon Warrior 7. That's no secret at all. Heck, I lost count of the number of times over the last several months I've mentioned that Sean "Rico" Peters has been working on the game. Heck, He HOSTED the column July 1st to take questions on the fact. The only way disclosure gets any fuller than that would be if we ran a news story along the lines of "Hey! Guess what! A couple of us are translating Dragon Warrior 7! Neener neener neener!" Even if that wasn't a totally unproffessional concept, they started before Enix was officially acknowledging that the game was being brought over. Now then, to address your concern of "media bias". First off, Dragon Warrior 7 would have had the exact same number of news stories written about it, and screens posted, regardless of whether anyone on staff had any connection with the game. We post whatever publishers send us across the board, and Enix has always sent everything they release to the press straight to us, as do a wide variety of other publishers. Was our review biased? Well, I have yet to see another site give it a lower score, so that's a clear no. In fact, the only way our coverage of the game was affected by some staff members having a connection to it is that the review copy of the game was sent to Jake Alley instead of Mikel Tidwell like most review copies are, and, since it was the only thing on his stack, the review went up release day. Now THAT you really can't complain about. 8)

Oh, and if you're wondering if I'M biased in any way, let me say this. Off the top of my head, I can name four upcoming games where I know the translators or script writer quite well. The only one of those I hype up, I've been hyping for a LONG time before he started working on it.


I was wondering if it would be a good idea to buy a Dreamcast solely for the purpose of playing the Grandia games. I know that Grandia II is coming out for PS2 soon or whatever, but I want to play the first one as well. What do you think?


You're a bit confused there. The original Grandia was only released in the US for the Playstation. Grandia 2 is the one on the Dreamcast. That being said, the Dreamcast is still very much worth purchase, since it only costs what? $50 lately? Plus it has a lot of VERY good games, and, believe it or not, overall it has better graphics and quicker load times than the Playstation 2.

Saiyuki and 7

Hey googleshng....

First of all I must announce that you are one of the best question and answer hosts ever. Pertaining to every subject, let it be RPG's....... or world History. You are always to the point, and forthright.... never the less on with the question.........

I am, well I assume because I subside in a relentlessly minuscule town, one of the greatest lovers of RPG's that I know, but am I the only one who finds S:TJW really, really repetitive? I mean don't get me wrong, I love the game, it's got good ideas, and the interface is quite nice, but the gameplay is mundane........ any thoughts?

Secondly Dragon Warrior VII. Was it nine years since we have seen a new Dragon Warrior ported here? Anyway, I must say that it was well worth the wait. Despite the "dated" graphics and "horrible" menus (Which by the way I don't mind, actually like).... The game play is phenomenal.... My question is do you think that this game would hit a wider variety audience in North America if the graphics were "comparable to the Final Fantasy's"?? or do you think it would bring the game down??? and also if so, in which respect or aspect??..

Thanks for your time googleshng....


Personally, I haven't gotten bored with Saiyuki at all. Of course, on the other hand, I DID shelf the game so I could build up the maximum desire for a TRPG before getting my hands on Hoshigami.

Now then. Dragon Warrior 7. Yes, it has indeed been 9 years since we got one, but much to my surprise, that doesn't seem to be stopping people from buying it. The graphics aren't as fetching as those from, say, Final Fantasy 8 as people love to point out, but in their defense, when you get to the sky maze, you'll see what a polygonal engine can really do for an RPG. Really, my only complaint with the game is those upside down controls. Play DW7 for a hundred hours and then just TRY playing another RPG and not hit the wrong button for everything.

Oh, and thanks for the random compliments by the way.

Releases and demos.

Ok yesterday I bought the FF:TSW DVD there is something that has me puzzled on it( and no it is not the Thriller remake)
if you take a look at the trailers section of the first DVD, there is a trailer for FFX, at the end of the trailer it says that the game is coming out in Spring of 2002, and that is were the confusion takes place. I mean, isn't everyone saying that it, FFX that is, is coming out on or around the time of January 1st.

According to everything else I can find, the game is still slated for a 1/1 release. Demos and trailers are notorious for being broad and off-base on such matters though. I'm reminded of the hilarious Lunar 2 demo that came with Vanguard Bandits...

and on a different subject after seeing the Xenosaga movie it makes me want to go out and buy Xenogears, but I don't know if I want to completely I mean I played the Xenogears demo that came with...was it Parasite Eve... yea that's it and I...was not to fond of it. (yea I know, now I will half to be drug out in to the street and killed because I didn't like the Xenogears demo), but anyways should I sort of force myself to play Xenogears, so that I know what the hell everyone is going to be talking about storyline wise or just screw Xenogears and just play Xenosaga when it comes out?

Well, considering that the two biggest factors to the appeal of Xenogears are the plot and fun of learning new Deathblows, both of which are absent from that demo, it's not the best way to judge the game. Anyway though, since Xenosaga is a prequel to Xenogears, you won't need to play Xenogears first for it to make sense. However, since Xenosaga looks to fit the description "Xenogears, but moreso!" you really should try to give Xenogears and honest to goodness shot to see if you're into that sort of thing.

and Finally, something for you, (but sharing it with everyone would be nice, wink ,wink)
And I say this as Sarcastic as possible,
WOW! I would just love to donate my money to URL DELETED. I mean, URL DELETED just sounds like the best idea ever, as a matter of fact, I think that I will invent my own version of URL DELETED. I think I will call it URL DELETED. I hope that it will be as good as URL DELETED.

well thank's in advance,

Askinno"Thank you URL DELETED for raising the price of video games even higher for everyone"Tesen

Heh. I try to avoid publicly slandering anyone while making a point not related to them, and have a morbid facination with jarring bright red text. I'm glad someone was amused. 8)

Ego stroking?

Heya Google

I have a couple questions for ya. First what are your thoughts on the lofty idea of the Game Project Ego(I believe that's the name correct if I'm wrong) for the Xbox? And where's the site where I can donate for your upcoming, hopefully, anime convention? Thanks

Well, Project Ego is one of those ideas everyone has had at one time or another, and it's being made by Peter Molyneux. Thinking back at everything else he's made, they're all very fresh and cool ideas that were made into games that, while fun and very stylish, honestly don't have very much depth to them at all. So, if you're looking forward to Ego, chances are it won't live up to your expectations, but you'll like it anyway.

Now, as for the anime convention I'm trying to start up, the official page is right here: (Donation link's at the bottom) although I doubt I'll rake in enough donations and hype to make it a reality before Summer 2003 or later.

16-bit fun

With the WonderSwan Colour now a possibility over here in the US... what do you think the chances are that Square will translate FF1-3 from their Japanese versions for us?


When the Wonderswan was a no show at E3, most took it as a sign that Bandai had the good sense to realize that with the GBA out around the same time, they had a snowball's chance of success. Now, the GBA has been out for quite some time, and it's doing extremely well. So, that snowball is now quite a bit slushier. Since Square was really reluctant to bring over remakes for the Playstation, which is about as installed as a platform gets, the odds of them giving us remakes for the Wonderswan are quite negligable if you ask me.

One last big multiparter

How-dee-do, Mr. Slime!

So, I took your (and my friends) advice and started playing Saiyuki again.. I'm at this place where you have to defeat the Minister who stole the Kings body, and he keeps dropping the floor out on me! Isn't that annoying? Did you have any odd trouble at this place? Cause the stupid soldiers won't let Sanzo get through and she keeps falling..

Haven't quite gotten that far as I said above, but I'm reminded of the collapsing bridge and train battles from Vandal Hearts. Things can get tricky when the ground starts going bye-bye...

Speaking of Sanzo.. did you pick yours to be Male or Female? I picked female, obviously, since I said she..

I went female, the boss went male, and comparing notes there aren't any significant differences.

This is more of a fact then a question, but.. is it a weird conicidence that Son Goku from Saiyuki rides a cloud and Goku from Dragon Ball Z rides a cloud? That's got to be more then a coincidence..

That's because they're both based on the same ancient Chinese legend.

This is off subject.. but have you played Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete or the sequel? According to mah Japanese News Site, Lunar: SSS is going to be rereleased for the GBA and called "Lunar: Legend" it will have a whole new battle system, and a different (or at least, fixed) story. This is all true, not a rumor. I found that extremely interesting.

The definition of a rumor is anything you hear that can't be officially confirmed, so a Gameboy Advance port of Lunar is most CERTAINLY a rumor. Now, while there's a possibility this particular rumor is true, it would be RATHER stupid of GameArts to take a game whose primary selling point are the anime cut scenes and, in this country, the first rate WD translation, and rerelease it for a system which doesn't allow for either one.

Have you ever seen a Tactical (meaning.. grid-battle) RPG for the Computer at all? I'm just curious since I just got a new computer and can finally play games..

I've never played a PC RPG that DIDN'T feature tactical combat.

And last, and probably least, have you ever heard of the game Eternal Eyes? I've heard it's coming out for PSX by Crave for only $10.. any way you can verify this?

Bye for now.
Majin-Paul "Behold.. the power of ROLEPLAY!"

I've heard of it, but not much about it.


I think today is Chewbacca's birthday.

Uh... RaRAAArarr?

Why are the character designs in Dragon Warrior 7 terrible? Just curious.

I wouldn't say they're TERRIBLE... but then I'm not too fond of them either...

*makes stuff happen*



Are you going to watch the live version of "The Tick" today (tomorrow)? that is so going to rock. anyways, i was wondering what your opinion was on gaming Emulation. i think its great. i got to play FF5 way before it was released on the psx.

Potato Guy

"Spoon!" -- The Tick

I do indeed plan to watch that most blasphemous of notions that is the Live Action Tick. I do not however expect it to be good. Morbid curiousity sort of thing.

Now, on the subject of emulation, I myself am against it, but many people I know are not, and there is a general consensus that the fan translation of FF5 floating around out there is FAR superior to the official one.

do you sluggy?

If you left out a word like "read" or "enjoy" then yes, I do. Doesn't everyone?

The Last Laugh:

Draconius will be here tomorrow, hoping to answer questions about AC... which is an accronym I wish people wouldn't use as it applies to a dozen games. In this case, it stands for Asheron's Call, so if you wonder anything about it, ask away.

Meanwhile, if you want to guest host this column yourself, and receive a game from YOUR fellow readers, all it will cost you is a new copy of Ultima Online, or the more readily available, and always popular Xenogears.

Googleshng "Zoom!"

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