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Googleshng - November 7 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Ever type up half a document then lose it completely? This column had a much better intro the first time I wrote it. Oh well.

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Any word on them final fantasy 7/8/9 remakes? Is Square actually working on them? Will they ever be released? Is Thor ever going to shave his chest hair?


Square had plans to remake them at one point, and has since scrapped them.

Everyone's favorite weird sounding name!

Dear Google,

It's been a little over a week and a half since SNK announced they were closing its doors forever, and I think we're going to be feeling it for a long time in the gaming industry. The reason I mention this to the letters columnist of an RPG-themed site is that SNK's Sacnoth team created two RPGs, Koudelka & Shadow Hearts. The question I have is twofold. First off, what effect will SNK's closing have on the planned US release of Shadow Hearts by Midway, if any? And second, what happens to Sacnoth? Do they go back to Square? Does someone else pick up the team? Or do they just scatter off to the winds, the way the rest of SNK is likely to do. Thanks for reading this!


Sacnoth is an independant developer. Their own company. So, the only affect that SNK going poof has on them is that they have to find a new company to publish their games in Japan. The production of games where the main characters have really %@#$ed up names should continue without any problem.

Now THIS makes much more sense.

Hey (you sing) Googleshng
What I really mean is what artifact or item from an RPG or anime would you want and why? I don't have cash since I spent it on Civ3 to get any more games right now since I got no income.
Imperial Mog

Hmm... now this is a tough one. I think I'll have to go with Gunbuster though. Don't know what I'd DO with it, but hey, makes a good conversation piece!


Was Final Fantasy X slated for PC release or is my mind being taken over? I'd like to know 'cause having my mind taken over is it would be kewl to not have to by a PS2

(And yet, there are other reasons to do so...Grandia II, etc.)

--Sir Sanjiyan

FF10, no. FF11 is what's slated for PC release. Oh, and Grandia 2 isn't a reason to buy a PS2. It's already been out for a year on the Dreamcast, and at that, it's nothing spectacular.

GameCube fun

Hey Goog,

I think it seems as if you might quite possibly want a Gamecube at launch, so i was wondering what games you might be interested in getting.


I am indeed planning to get a GameCube at launch, but unfortunately, it turns out the games I really want won't be out until two weeks after. D'OH! In any case, I'm looking forward to the same games everyone else wants, plus Pikmin and Eternal Darkness.


Hey I was wondering if you would be nice enough to donate money to URL DELETED. They host a cool fighting game that you can download any character for, and even surprisingly you can play as RPG characters!!! But the problem is that they are trying to buy something to make it playable on windows, but it costs well over 600 dollars. I would donate but i'm not old enough to work and I have no money in my account so I'm turning to someone who does...

OK. First of all, I would NEVER donate money to get a game ported to something I don't have. I doubt anyone else would either. Second, I don't back things that infringe on copyrights as a general rule. Finally, I VERY RECENTLY mentioned publicly that I never get paid a dime for a single thing I do. Any money that I might obtain through luck or the charity of others goes straight into paying for my internet connection, and if anything is left after that, buying the games I need to play to do this job. So, I am not the best person to sent a letter with the subject "Donate!" to no matter what it's for. Oh, and if anyone suspects this getting printed is indicitive of me being a bit short on letters, well, you're right. 8)

The Last Laugh:

There's the column for you. Much more sane as I indicated it would be. Now off I go to make do something weird while waiting for tomorrow's.

Googleshng "Poof!"
Dagnabbit, it STILL smells like curry in here... at least I'm not switching bodies with freaks.

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