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Googleshng - November 7 '00- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Today's the day you're all supposed to get out there and vote... except for those of you who aren't old enough of course. Just don't forget, senetors can get more crazy censorship laws passed than vice presidents can... especially when said senetors have a bunch of conservative supreme court justices around.

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Well, I just finished reading every column from 11/5/99 (one year ago yesterday) to 11/30/99. Right now the winner is Harry Carey with 5 posts, and tied for second is Double0o7, Chronodin, and Xellos-kun with three posts each. Then there's a 13-way tie with two letters and a 153-way tie with just one letter. Just thought you'd like ta know! Don't forget, if anyone wants to help me (PLEASE!!!!!), e-mail me at

BL Alien

I would say you have way too much time, but, well, that's nothing compared to THIS. Someone checked all the columns this YEAR. So really, the only hole that leaves is December 99. Hurry up and fill it in so we have stats for my entire reign as Q&A host. Then both of you get some fresh air. This sort of thing isn't healthy.

Handheld questions
Hello. Everyone has been b*tching about how there are so few letters lately, and there's some questions I've had and sent to various sites (including RPGamer awhile ago) that get left unanswered. PLEASE for god's sake just try.

1. I want to import a Game Boy Advance. Will the Japanese import system play American games? (Logic: Japanese Game Boy color plays American Games + Game Boy Advance is backwards compatible = Japanese Game boy advance play american games? Please help.)
2. What RPGs are slated to be released with the Game Boy Advance?
3. I also want to import a WonderSwan color on December 9th. You can preorder the WSC/Final Fantasy package at National Console Support. The North American Price is yet unknown. Anyway, I am very excited about the WSC, almost more than Game Boy Advance, and was just wondering if anyone else was?
4. Also, is it definately going to be released in the states or not? I've read some places that it has and some places that it hasn't. And if it was, everyone seems to be assuming that Square is going to translate all these great games they're making. Would they really or not?
5. Besides Final Fantasy and other great Japanese square games being ported to WSC, I also like Wild Card. Do you think for a non-Japanese reader Wild Card would be easier or harder to play then a standard RPG? (I don't read Japanese very WELL, but I still worked my way all the way through the Japanese Final Fantasy 3.)(And yes I know the rom is translated but I MUCH prefer to play the original Japanese cartridge.)
Well thanks, I hope you can do your best to answer these questions. I know there's no way to know for sure on some of them, but I'm sure most people just like to hear your wise informed opinions. ;-)

Yes. All incarnations of Game Boys, and to a lesser extent, most Nintendo systems, are import friendly. The GBA launch is still a while away, but so far on the announcement list there is... Fire Emblem -- Dark Shrine Maiden, Golden Sun, and Tactics Ogre Gaiden. Wait a sec, TACTICS OGRE GAIDEN?!? If I weren't already drooling.... Anyway, the WSC is coming to North America, no word on the Square games for it. I personally won't be buying one. Wild Card I haven't read up on much.

The Last Laugh:

Yikes. I have to run out in vote now. The rest of today's column will be crammed into tomorrow's, so it'll be extra big.

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Let's see if the system works.

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