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Googleshng - November 6 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Have you ever cooked anything with curry? It's usually all you can smell for the next several days. At the moment though, I can also smell the house that just burned down a little bit down the street from me.

Oh, and in other news, over the last 24 hours I have heard about half a dozen things that go against my preconcieved notions of the universe including but not limited to Thor giving something a happy ending, my little cousin heading off for college, and a poll on Atlus' page saying more people want a sequel to Robopon than Kartia, so after I finish this column I think I'll go find a large brick and bash it into my head until the world starts making more sense or I kill enough brain cells not to care.

So let's get to it then, shall we? 8)

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The first of a few letters about DW7

Hey Goog:

I got Dragon Warrior VII on Saturday morning and went to sleep on Sunday night with 24 hours of gameplay in. The game is wonderful, and for the first time in a long time I am sucked into an RPG playing trance. The only complaints I have are the ugly interface, repetitive midi tunes, and familiar but dated sound effects. Even for coming out in Japan some five years ago (is thar right?) the game is dated and looks like it may have originally been designed for release on the SNES.

1. Was Dragon Quest 7 released on the SNES or Super Famicon in Japan?

Well, considering that it has polygonal graphics, elaborate attack animations, and a couple FMV sequences, I would have to say no. Besides, it doesn't really look THAT old. The graphics are on par with Xenogears, just without the snazzy giant robots, and the characters don't have Xeno's pixellated look either. Oh, and it came out last year in Japan. It was just in development for quite some time. Oh, and by the way, the SNES is called the Super Famicom in Japan.

2. I don't like to turn off the sound in games while playing them as music gives the game feel, and sound effects create realism for me. Know any way to make repetitive music less annoying?

Yes. Have everyone master shepherd so fights don't last so long.

The second of a few letters about DW7

Great Googley-Moogley! I seek your wisdom once more!

Ok, I picked up my copy of DW7 on Friday, and I am loving it so far, despite the fact that I wish I didn't have to stretch my playtime between days working. Anyhoo, I'm in the first "dungeon" (The Temple-thingie in Estard Island) and I'm having a tough time with that "Look through the eyeholes in the pillars" puzzle. Maybe I'm just dumb, but I can't figure out how to proceed so I can get the next "Saint" item. I know Enix put up a mini-walkthru on their Dragon Warrior 7 page, but my computer cannot load the page past the flash intro (it's a long story). I already checked, but the one walktrhu they did have simply said to look at the pillars "in the right order" without saying what that order was }:-\ Maybe it's just my lack of common sense? Anyway, as a seasoned DWVII player, I was wondering if you could help me with this predicament. Thanks a bunch, and keep up the good work!


Heh. I was stuck in that room for like an hour before I realized that it wasn't a puzzle. It was a hint for the incredibly easy puzzle in the room next to it. DOH! If you're really like me, you probably walked right past the room with the bowl of fire and the 4 statues near the beginning which is the first puzzle. Oh, and if these obtuse puzzles bug you, you should be happy to know that I don't recall any more anywhere in the game.

The third of a few letters about DW7

Hi Google.

I have a question about Dragon Warrior VII. Do you know of any websites that have all of the classes and all of the abilities that they learn and stuff like that? I've looked around, and I saw the place where it talks a little about them at the temple, but I wanted to know all of the stuff they learned. thanks if you answer it.


Well, there's an FAQ out there on the Japanese version that contains such a list, but most of the names are translated wrong and it's not too well organized. I'm sure someone will make one up for the US version shortly, but in the meantime, let me just give you a list of some of the better ones.
Shepherd gets Antidote, the summon-monsters-to-character-build-on spell, the regenerate-HP-and-MP-with-every-step spell, and Stampede, the best ability in the game. Thieves get the how-many-items-left-on-this-screen spell. Sages get nice healing spells, like Revive, and they get Summon which is just totally awesome. TeenIdols get a 0 MP heal-everyone-by-a-lot skill. Fighters get Wind Beast, the best non-Stampede attack I can think of. When you get right down to it, those classes give you everything you really need spell and skill wise, but the harder to get classes have nice stat bonuses and other perks.

The fourth of a few letters about DW7.. which isn't really.

Just looking for your input here, I went to Best Buy to buy Dragon Warrior 7, and they didn't have them in,(maybe I went before it was released?) so I bought Tales of Destiny 2. I had heard this was good, so I got it. Do you think that was a mistake? Or would you have done the same thing? Do you know about how long ToD2 is?

Whether ToD2 is a worthy purchase depends on your answer to one question. Did you like Star Ocean 2? So, no, I wouldn't have done the same thing. 8)

The fifth of a few letters about DW7.. which also isn't really.

Hello He-Who-Owns-Dragon-Warrior-VII-And-Admires-The-Slimes,

I have just a few questions here, for yours truly. Hopefully you can influence my descisions..

For starters, I'm in a stump. I just completed Final Fantasy IX (Well, actually, that was back in August) and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue (just a month or two ago) and for the past while I've been sort of hoping between Persona 2 (yet to beat), Tales of Destiny II (yet to beat...), Saiyuki (yet to beat....) and the two N64 Zelda (which I've, surprisingly, yet to beat..) so I'm sitting here staring at this little pile of games are wondering.. 'Which do I play?' now, to some this wouldn't be so hard, but for me, I like to get into a game and stick to it, a game that'll hold me down with it's storyline and won't let me go until I beat the final boss. Descisions, decisions. I'm close to the end on all of them. Maybe I'll just put them all back in the closet and turn on Final Fantasy VII again. What do you recommend, oh Slimiest of Ones?

It always bugs me when people ask this sort of thing. Not that it's hard or anything, I just get creeped out by being used as an alternative to free will. You know? Anyway though, I'd go with Saiyuki, to make sure there aren't any other TRPGs on your plate when Hoshigami comes out.

Now, as for my 2nd (and final) question.. with the way the cash is rolling in this month, I'm limited to only being able to get three games. I've already purchased Majora's Mask (I purchased it a few days ago because I had been playing Ocarina of Time again and I thought I'd enjoy it.. Which I do! Buy it, Gamers!) and I've got mah pre-ordered copy of Arc The Lad Collection on the way. So the question is.. what else should I buy? I guess I'm stuck between any of the three new Gameboy Advance games (Megaman Battle Network, Golden Sun, Breath of Fire), Harvest Moon 3, or Dragon Warrior VII.. so, what do I buy?

If that's your final question, what's this next one? Anyway though, from those choices we have...
Megaman in an RPG- DIFFERENT!
A game from the Shining... people- CUTE!
Generic SNES RPG- OLD!
The 7th game in the longest running console RPG series- ADDICTIVE CHARACTER BUILDING!

Buy the game next to the concept you're most interested in right this second.

... I have one more question. If you recommend that I buy Dragon Warrior VII, can you tell me some good reasons why I should purchase the game? I mean, I'm not a major fan. In fact, you might say I dislike Dragon Warrior. I own the I & II cartridge for Gameboy Color, and those are.. okay (at the most).. but not at all something I'd want to play for more then an hour. So what are Dragon Warrior VII's strong points? I've heard alot about this class thing.. but the battle system always appeared lame to me. You can't see your characters. As a fellow gamer, please help me to understand this game you seem to love so greatly.

Thank you for your time,
Majin-Paul, of Roleplay "I like.. slime."

Whether or not I can see my own characters has never been a factor to me when judging a game. Besides, it leaves more room to show the cool monster attack animations, and I personally don't WANT to see DW7's characters. Anyway though, the main appeal to DW7, aside from it liking slimes almost as much as I do, is that the class system is really really fun. Plus it's actually somewhat challenging. Even the last boss! (Well, one form.) For me, that's enough. Heck, that's enough to make me enjoy the 6th sequel to a game that I CAN'T STAND. Haven't heard anyone else say they don't like it yet either.

No DW7 here!

Hey (minks sing) Googleshng
I wonder where's that rant you have planned? Also I have to say I am thoroughly playing Civ3 right now. What's the anime or RPG relic would you most want?
Imperial Mog

I have a rant here, which is neither my grandiose Halloween one, nor the one I planned to up right before it. I'm not going to bother linking to it, since anyone who doesn't have my page bookmarked by now wouldn't want to read this one anyway. As for anime and old RPGs... well, I still need to own copies of PS 3 and 4, and every episode of Utena on DVD... and Trigun DVDs 3-8... oh, and of course Nabisco, which has the second creepiest eyes ever, beaten out only by Kodocha. Of course unless there's some sort of conspiracy out there along the lines of Official-give-Christmas-presents-to-Q&A-hosts-year, I have to wonder why you ask... and if there IS, I need to track something down for Chesh quick!



Do you have any idea if squaresoft has any intentions of making a sequal to Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, anyting at all?? Yes, no Maybe????


Well, Square announced something to that effect not too long ago, so I'd have to say "Yes."

The Last Laugh:

Earlier conversation:
Me: Gah! The fabric of the universe is collapsing! Nothing can be taken for granted anymore! Is the sky still blue? No! It's white! Wait. Capcom still hasn't announced anything that isn't a rehash of an old game, I can anchor my sanity to that!
Someone: Doesn't MMBN come out today?

The rest was just me gibbering incoherently while purple ocelots swam in and out of the walls while the sea turned to fire and the Great Old Ones arose from their antarctic prison and stuff. Or something like that. Anyway though, the Halloween episode of the Simpsons is on tonight, after which I'll get started on tomorrow's column, when I'm sure I'll be told that the moon really IS made of cheese and that many things taste a good deal WORSE on a Ritz.

Googleshng "Make more sense universe!"
Maybe all constants in the universe AREN'T falling apart. Maybe I just ate some bad curry... or maybe I'm in a terrible science fiction short.

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