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Googleshng - November 1 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Did everyone have a happy Halloween? After someone asked if there were any horror themed RPGs out there I sat down and played through the first disc of Koudelka. Not only does it have the whole horror theme going, but it takes place on Halloween... until midnight hits about halfway through at least. I was tempted to try and play fast enough to have it actually hit midnight at that point but, well, too much work.

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Speaking of which, why don't I print that letter?

Good evening, Googleshng *nods*,

1. Since it is halloween, and the demons are out, and the vapires are roaming, and the werewolfs are killing, and the zombies are maming... We need an evil RPG. Are there any out that i shoudl get to play, or that are coming out soon soon?

2. I ask a question to all peeps out there, if they are going out somewhere tonight, be it a party or getting CANDY, if thou art dressing up as RPG characters, and if so, i propose a small contest for the best-looking-to-reality-RPG-character-dress-up. :) Anyone else with me???

Off to write i go, go i write, yes i do...


There's Koudelka, which I mentioned above, and which is getting a sequel before the end of the year (Shadow Hearts). Then there's Parasite Eve, which doesn't quite have that horror kick to it so much as it just has a lot of people and animals melting. THEN of course there's Parasite Eve 2, which IS horrific, but not in the right way. It's the "I have to run back and forth across 15 empty screens 5 times if I want to keep all my items!?!?!" kind of horrific.

Some names to go with yesterday's explanation

A bit of trivia:

The Xenogears team (which consists of Tetsuya Takahashi, Yasuyuki Honne, Soraya Saga etc) left Square because apparently Square was reluctant to provide funding for their ambitious project - they thought it wouldn't be a big money-maker.

*Good Lord*.

- Akira Akutagawa

While I'm all for people making radical broad-sweeping ambitious projects, I'd probably be a bit wary about funding one that wasn't mine too.

Chrono Crud

Greetings, King of Slimes and Lord of Sheep!

You commented the other day that a sequel is almost always better left to the developer(s) of the original. While I agree that this is the case 99% of the time, sometimes even the same team can mishandle sequels. Case in point- Chrono Cross. The CT team worked on the game, but Yuji Horii and Akira Toriyama were at work on Dragon Quest 7 at the time. Thus, I believe, instead of a full-fledged sequel, we got a game that was more like "The Matrix: Chrono Trigger Edition." So perhaps the fact that Hironobu Sakaguchi is thinking about entertaining the thought of playing with the idea of maybe possibly green-lighting a Square-made Chrono Sequel might not be TOO bad. Or, maybe they'll just make another pseudo-philosophical side-quest with 256 characters; 3 of whom have an effect on the plot, while the rest all say the exact same thing in each situation, in a different accent. Wonder if we'll see an Aborigine this time?

"Nunu myokah *tongue click* Lavos *click click click*!"

Hehehe. They could even go with "LAVOS SUXXORZ D00DZ!" but somehow I doubt anyone would use THAT character. Anyway though, yes, the same team can mishandle sequels. I wouldn't use Chrono Cross as an example though, because trying to figure out how much of the original Chrono team was on it gives me a headache.


Blindsiding major Xenogears spoilers


It was really strange, as i was reading the column last night, i was eating a Necco Wafer as i read about the saturn battle.

On with a question...What is your opinion on dating sims? I realy enjoy watching Tokimeki Memorial, and i was wondering how others felt about this kind of game. I guess another question is, What was the biggest suprise that you've had in a game/gaming experience? I'd have to say mine was in Xenogears, when Elly turns into Miang.


I don't really have any experience with dating sims. Closest I've ever played is Sakura Wars, which I say doesn't count due to the lack of, you know, dates. Concept doesn't really appeal to me though.

Most surprising moment in a game... hmm... I think I'll have to go with when it dawned on me what ship I'd have at the end of Skies of Arcadia, followed by the Chuchu scene in Xenogears.


Heya, Google-sama, I have a quick question:
Is Imperial Mog a friend/relative of an RPGamer staff member, or is he just some guy who writes too many letters? I'm not jealous or anything, I just find it unusual for one reader to get so much attention.

BL Alien

I wouldn't say "too many" letters. Too many letters would be if someone sent me more than one letter a day. Mog's just daily. Therefore, any given day when I have less than 6 better letters than his, he gets printed. If you sent me a question every day, you'd be in the same boat too.

Please don't sacrifice a goat.

OK, since you said please...

It is not over yet Googleshng! Those sheep were merely the instruments of your murder, not the cause. Seek to their summoners, seek to the heroes and gain way to the fortress of the mind.

Happy Halloween :)

Ah yes. Free advice for anyone getting DW7. As soon as possible, have everyone master Shepherd.

The Last Laugh:

Dragon Warrior 7 has been released. I've never really liked the series before this one, so my endorsement of it counts extra. Go get it if you like games with class change systems.

In other news, tomorrow Draconius will be guest hosting. He knows an awful lot about Asheron's Call, and just finished Grandia, so you'll probably want to focus your questions that way. If you want his seat, it'll cost you a new copy of Ultima Online... or something more realistic that I forgot. Doh!

Googleshng "Zoom"

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