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Googleshng - October 31 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Yeeha! I got my picture posted in RPGamer's Fan Art section! Since most people seem to really dig that picture, it seems I can now claim to draw something BESIDES slimes. Good to know. In other news, it's Halloween today, my favorite holiday. With a full moon no less! While normally I'd be finishing up a costume and getting in a car this morning, this year, due to a series of irksome and time consuming events outside my control, my only plans this year are moping about my lack of plans. I'll have to go party or play Resident Evil games or sacrifice a goat or something... but first, the column!

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Hey (I sing) Googleshng
I wonder since it's Halloween. What's the scariest thing you've seen in an RPG? I also would die laughing if the similarity of a Dragon Warrior character to Jay Leno was noted on the Tonight Show since they sometimes show pictures of things that look like him. Also I can only imagine what the Jaywalking segments would be like in an RPG. I can't believe how dumb the people are on there, imagine dealing with townsfolk who can only say no more than a few lines. The mental image is just silly. Also on characters who look like people, what other examples are there? Also have you met people who acted just like a character or even scarier one who looked and acted like one?
Imperial Mog

The scariest thing I have ever seen in an RPG would be Phantasy Star 2's Headrots. Start with a big purple bug-quadroped thing. Then put some giant mushrooms on its head. So far so good. Then you see it attack. It walks up, then the mushrooms rip open it's skull to reveal their roots wrapped around it's brain. These roots then contract which causes brain juice to squirt out at your characters. Not only is this JUST PLAIN SICK, it does a ton of damage too. Second place would probably have to go to something in Koudelka, but I'm not sure what. Later on in that game bosses get NASTY.

Oh, and you want people who look like RPG characters? Check out Thor's page. He needs to update this again... it's Halloween after all.

Xenosaga explanations

Ok I have a few questions about xenosaga since i haven't really been keeping up with RPG world for quite some time due to my complete lack of money, so, is xenosaga a sequel to Xenogears, if so why does the cover say Episode 1 and why is a different company making it, is it sorta like the deal with Breath of Fire and Breath of Fire II, because I've noticed smilar artwork and my friends tell me it is but I need a straight answer.

A few people asked me some things about Xenosaga that I thought were common knowledge by now, so let me just give you all a little recap.

An overly ambitious fellow whose name eludes me at the moment and who happens to work at Square at the moment comes up with an idea for a very wide sweeping story.
He takes this story, divides it into six chapters spaced thousands of years apart, and, with the help of his co-workers in one of Square's various internal development teams, proceeds to make the fifth chapter into Xenogears.
Xenogears Perfect Works comes out with a lot of spiffy art, and some general summaries of these six chapters.
Mr. Overly Ambitious and his team, for one reason or another, decide to leave Square and form their own company, Monolithsoft.
After working in silence for a year or two, they choose Namco as a new publisher.
After a little stock sharing to straighten out any possible legalities, Monolithsoft reveals that what they've been working on is in fact a game adaptation of the first of those 6 chapters. To be followed down the line by the other five, including a remake of Xenogears.
Some people dance in the streets, while others scream in horror, depending on how they felt about Xenogears.
Two very large trailers that don't show off the gameplay come out.

So, as I said yesterday, Xenosaga is a sequel (well, prequel technically) to Xenogears, made by the exact same people (give or take a couple since groups of 100 or so people are prone to change a little all the time). It's just getting published by Namco instead of Square. All THAT means for those who don't know by the way is that there will be a Namco logo on the box, and the press gets all sorts of information on the game since it doesn't have a bigger RPG looming over its head stealing all the PR.

Tough question

Heya Goog. Just one question. What game that, before it came out, you were the most hyped up about? I'm going to have to say mine used to be Chrono Cross, but has now been topped by Dragon Warrior 7. I can't wait for that game.

I can't pin it down just one game, so here's a few from recent memory. Koudelka, Chuchu Rocket, Hoshigami. At the moment, I'm just drooling over Pikmin and WarCraft 3. Why not Hoshigami you ask? Well, because I had a chance to check Hoshigami out at E3, and I know exactly what to expect. That's how I am with hype. When I have enough info to REALLY wonder about a few details, I drool, but if I find'em out, I stop.

Two big questions

Hello Googmeister,
I have a couple of questions and one comment to contribute to your comlumn today.

Question 1) Does the Sega Saturn need to be left turned on for a while in order to charge up the in-system save memory? I am playing Albert Odyssey (a great game btw) but everytime I turn it off the system resets completely. I even have to reset the date and time each try. Can you impart unto me any knowledge to help with this problem.

I had a similar problem around this time last year when I snagged a Saturn. It isn't a question of charging up the battery so much as the battery just going dead after either X years or X years of disuse, not quite sure which. The problem is easily solved though, just pop open that hatch on the back, yank out that lithium battery the size of a Necco wafer, get a new one at Radio Shack, and you'll be good for quite some time.

Question 2) Dragon Warrior 7 has the job class system like FF5 and FFT, correct? My question is how you learn abilities in the different classes. Is it by Job Points ala FFT, or do you just go up in levels and learn abilities? That game is looking very nice.

Now for the comment. I recently read the coolest fanfic ever written. It is the Matrix/FF7 crossover entitled "What is the Square" written by the God of humorous FF7 fanfics, Geode. I highly recommend this to anyone.


Skull Leader

OK, here's how DW7's class system works. Much like FF5, every time you gain a class-level, you learn a new ability. There's a few important differences though. A- there aren't really "job points" per se. Instead, class-levels are spaced out by fixed numbers of fights. So no given type of monster will net you class levels faster. However, fighting really wimpy monsters doesn't count towards gaining class-levels, so you can't just kill single slimes for quick character building. B- Some classes are only available after you master others, or a couple other conditions. C- While in FF5, you get to equip one ability your character has learned at any time, in DW7, everything you ever learn you can always use. So, if you take the time to master every class, you'll have access to every ability in the game every fight. You'll also have something like 3 or 4 hundred hours on your clock though. Many classes.


Hi there!
Because of school, I havent paid much attention to new psx games lately. I remember a game that looked like Final Fantasy Tactics.. is it out yet? I cant seem to remember the name.

You're probably thinking of Hoshigami, which is by the same people as FFT and isn't out yet, but there's a chance you could mean Saiyuki, which is. Both are quite worthy of purchase.

My gran bought me Ephereal Phantasia for the PS2, and now wants me to play it through and show her the ending! What do I do? Help me! :(

Your grandmother is either scary, cool, or both. Depends on how the game is really. If it's fun, play it, if not, don't.

In the long-run, which system would you recommend getting for the best RPGs? Thanks

I can't answer this sort of question without a list of choices. If we're talking all time,and assuming you have a Playstation, buy an SNES. If you're just talking PS2/GC, well, ask me again in 5 years. Nobody can give you an honest answer to that at this point. If there's one thing I've learned in all my years following this business is that speculations on games over a period of more than a year will be about 90% wrong 95% of the time.

But now, you shall witness... its DISMEMBERMENT!!

I believe dismemberment involves ripping off all of someone's limbs, so really you couldn't do it to a planet...

Halo. I just wanna ask a quick question about FF7,8,and 9. I heard somewhere (i forgot where >=P) that in the future Square will re-release Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 9 for the PS2 console. Is that true?


It was planned, but it was scrapped.

The Last Laugh:

There's the column. Now everyone put on your costumes that nobody will recognize unless they're Pokémon and go have fun.

Oh, and I almost forgot. The following four people need to send me the name of their favorite anime character or two so that I can do blasphemous things to them:
Imperial Mog

Googleshng "I protect peace and CANDY!"
Ah, good ol' Vanguard Bandits

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