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Googleshng - October 30 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

It's October 30th already. That means tomorrow is Halloween. So why do I still have this list of things to start 2 weeks before Halloween sitting here? Eep. Better get crackin' I suppose. Column first though.

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Fuzzy Math

Why would Enix develop Dragon Quest VIII for the original Psx, Instead of the PS2?

AlexG - 'breakdancing ownz!'

Well, considering that the only word anywhere on Dragon Quest VIII (8) is a few rumors that it'll be on the Gamecube, I'm going to assume you meant to say VII (7). At that, quite frankly, it would have been impossible for them to develop it for the PS2. While we may only be getting it in two days, DQ7 came out in Japan some time ago, and at that, it was in development at the same time as FF7. Well before the PS2 was even conceived.

A very good point

Why do people seem to insist that if someone wants to play Shenmue II they'll have to play it on the X-Box? It's just simply not true. Shenmue II will be released in Europe in english for the Dreamcast late November. That's right, scantly a month away and you could be playing Shenmue II on a Dreamcast. The PAL / NTSC thing that I'm sure you were just about to bring up isn't that much of an issue either. Because 1. most major European releases have a option to switch from PAL to NTSC and vice versa (Most TV's in Erope are both PAL & NTSC), and 2. baring some sort of mental lapse, the game will support the VGA addapter which will totally allieve any viewing problems. And of course imports can be played on the Dreamcast through any number of devices. With a little web shopping and effort people will be able to play Shenmue the way they want too. And a year befor X-Box as well.

So, if you import Shenmue 2 from England, it'll be much sooner, much cheaper AND theoretically your clear file from the first will actually do you some good. Nice deal.

Odd questions


thanks for your help on Philip the II. When my teacher got the essay with all the information you gave me ("he was king of Spain, ta-rah") I managed to get a 4/5. Go me!


1) Whatchu dressing as for Halloween?

A somewhat depressed nerd. See above comment about Halloween sneaking up on me.

2) Your honest opinion: Pumped-up Giant ChuChu or Sephiroth? (And, yes, I know the answer's obvious)

Wacky beats clichéed any day.

3) "Boy Meets World", or "Malibu, CA"? (of course, if you don't live in California, neither of these will likely ring a bell.)

<blank stare>

4) Xenogears: Don't you wish Squaresoft was doing the sequel?

Well, until I run out of subjects to...oh, actually, I did. Being hung up on Xenogears and Shenmue tires itself out eventually.


Uh, no. I generally insist that sequels are made by the people who made the original. That's Monolith, not Square.

Trickling away

Hey there g,

Nice to see (?) you again. I have a couple of questions I'm really hoping you'll take a stab at.

1. I've noticed that the last couple of weeks have heralded the resignation of a staff member or two from RPGamer's other fine sections. This reminds me again of a question I've been wondering about for the past couple of months: Is our generation of gamers losing interest in games?

Well, the two people who recently "retired" are in fact still hanging around in the background of the site, and one of them plans to seriously dive into the actual playing of games rather than the gathering of info on them, so that certainly doesn't support your hypothesis.

In more general terms, it really depends on what you mean by "our generation". Going by RPGamer's main demographic, I'm guessing you mean people who are currently in college (or even high school, junior high, whatever). If so, well, if they didn't lose SOME interest in games, they'd be in some serious trouble. That's not an ominous trend though, that's just getting busy. I can't even count the number of people I've seen say "I'm just not into videogames anymore" in September and October, who then spend the entire month of July catching up on all the games they missed.

2. Yesterday (Monday) Aegis made mention of Microsoft launching "with fewer and fewer systems." Would that be bad for the consumer? If it's an issue of people wanting X-Boxes but not being able to buy them, why would MS do such a thing?

Thanks for tackling these, g, if you did indeed tackle them.

-jaraph "Laurel Moshett is God's gift to mankind."

There are a good number of reasons why a company will cut back on production of hardware, and they don't generally come from the marketing department. At the moment for example, the country is full of demo X-Boxes which don't work, or at least don't work well. This would indicate to me that they haven't quite worked all the kinks out. Therefore it'll be longer because the assembly lines start up, and there won't be as many on launch day. The only way that's good from a marketing prospective is that you can say "We sold out every unit on day one!" like Sony did with the PS2. 8)

Movie question

I know this isn't exactly RPG related, but y'all covered the Final Fantasy movie a lot anyway, so I figured it's close enough. Anyway, I want to know if they're still going to release a PS2 specific version of the DVD. I'd like to know if there's one coming before I blow my money on the regular DVD, or waste time waiting for something that's not coming when I could be watching this awesome movie. Thanx --DiasDiem

... Huh? PS2 specific DVD? I've never heard anything like that at all. Now that I'm checking though, that was a plan back before the movie was first released, but all such planned extras are in the standard version, so that was scrapped way back when.



Are there any RPGs that have been annouced for the GameCube due out anytime in 2002?


When I asked this out loud before I started looking, someone chimed in "all of them". So, Evolution Worlds, Gold Star Mountain, PSOv2, Rune, and Zelda all MIGHT be here next year. PSO and Evolution being quite iron clad, and Zelda being the most doubtful.


Hey Goog. Is it just me, or does one of the lead characters in Dragon Warrior VII look like Jay Leno? Just thought I'd hear your opinion.
-The Masked Mystere

In the cover art, yes, he does. If it bugs you, take solace in the fact that that guy isn't the main character. That'd be the freak with the green hat.

I was wondering something.... Do you think Square will ever rerelease Final Fantasy 1 for playstation? Ive been wanting to play them again but my NES is kinda crappy.


There are many reasons why that will never happen. A big contender is that the PSX is on its last dying breath at the moment.

"I belong to nobody!"

I'd give the appropriate reply, but that'd snowball into the entire script of that movie being in here.

The Last Laugh:

This was an... odd batch of letters today. I kinda liked it. Anyway, I have a lot to do today, including tallying up the scores for my little scary pic contest, so off I go!

Googleshng "Or your money back!"
Rar. Need someone with a car.

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