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Googleshng - October 26 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

You belong to me, now.

It freaks you out when I open columns with random semi-obscure quotes, doesn't it. Anyway, since I don't have any retro-80s generic computer graphics to display here, I guess I'll just have to get on with the column.

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Dragon Warrior 7

Hey Goog,
Just two quick questions.
First, do you know how much Dragon Warrior VII is going to retail for???
Also, how come you seem to be so interested in it?
Justin "Gai..Super..Upper!!!!!!" Harwood

I would assume DW7 is going to cost the same as every other PSX game does lately. Which, last I checked, was about $40.

Now, as for why I seem so interested, there are a number of reasons for that.

  1. It's the next major RPG slated for release.
  2. Since RPGamer's review copy is on the east coast for a change, I've been playing it for the last week or so.
  3. Enix seems to have been thinking on the same wavelength as me on this one. Villages of talking slimes, hideous giant demonic insects being given cute names and made into pets, and then there's the fact that one of the best attacks in the game summons a stampede of sheep.
  4. Character building is A- Not the all-encompassing activity it was in the earlier DWs, and B- fun, because...
  5. It has a class system that puts FF5's to shame. There are 34 classes, including some really interesting ones, and every ability you ever learn you can use from then on. So, if you master every class, you can use every ability in the game. Nice and addictive.
  6. It feels more like a 16-bit RPG than 32-bit. Meaning there's a whole lot of small towns instead of a dozen giant ones, the plot doesn't toss you around like crazy, and the world just keeps getting bigger.
Oh Boy...

I've just got to the first fortress battle (Fort Romulus) and I can't beat it because of the fact that I almost never buy items for my units, staying in strongholds are good enough for me, no matter how long it takes. But here there's a time limit so I can't just send out my units (Magnus, Dio and Leia are the only ones I use which make them pretty strong) and have them go to a stronghold to heal and get ready for the next attack. I can't buy items because there is NO WAY that I know of getting items. I can't leave the area on the map that I'm on so I can't go to a different place to buy items. The only thing I can think of is using training. But now when I train I get toatally killed in the fight so it's not really useful if you die and don't win. I'm giving my best weapons and armor to whatever unit I'm training so I can have a higher chance of winning, but so far I haven't done too well (well, I've only done that strategy so far, but I'll do it more and hope to win).
Is there any way at all I can buy items? I must have items if I'm going to win here in the short time that I have. Either that or I'll have to sacrafice at least one fighter to win (I did win once, but two of my fighters died and turned into ZOMBIES!!!!!! I hate zombies!!!! I will not accept victory if I have a Black Night turn into a zombie. It wouldn't be so bad if I had a choice of not turning them into zombies so then I could go to a witch or buy some items to revive them).
I would appericiate any help.


Any person who spends a lot of time on the Ogre Battle series will tell you that concentrating on just a few characters like that is basically the worst thing you could possibly do. There's fights like the one you're in where you just simply need more people out there. Your alignments are going to drop like stones. The series has that querky experience system where if you're on a higher level than your opponents, you get roughly squat, so you're just throwing experience away. As far as items go, you can just go to a town on the map you're on and shop there, but that's honestly not going to help you much in the long run. Oh, and you know there's only a CHANCE of turning into zombies if you're dead at the end of a map, right?

Various questions


A couple of questions for the slimed one:

1) Whatever happened to the pronunciations and "in the PSX" and all that jazz?

The former Paws got sick of doing, the latter turned into that Old Issues/New Issues deal. Works a lot better for seeding questions, and it's harder for me to run out of things to say when I'm not playing games much.

2) What's your take on Rune for the GCN and/or Okage for the PS2? At first glance I thought "AWESOME!!!" but then later, well...

Rune goes into the "might be really cool, might be awful" pile, which is getting rather large these days. Okage, well, it has a very nice visual style, but from what I hear, not a lot to back it up with.

3) What's the html sign we're supposed to put at the end of every line (assuming the letter gets printed, or course)?


4) Dude

Ah, the word of a thousand meanings!

5) Why is the Nintendo Gamecube abbreviated GCN? Or am I just smoking crack?

as far as I can tell, it's to insure it doesn't sound like another system. GC sounds like DC, and NGC sounds like NGP. Of course since both of those systems are dead enough that you wouldn't expect people to talk about them, and GCN sounds like a bad gaming news site, so I'm sticking with GC or Cubey personally.

6) I'm trying to design a web SITE for my class (sigh, the free time of high school) not unlike what RPGamer has going for itself. Hear me out, though, I don't even pretend to want anything on the level it has, but like even if all i wanted was something simple (but not as simple as say, text and links) how would I start, without learning complex HTML? And if I did have to learn it, what's the best way to? (I've got something with geocities, and I think you do, so I figured you'd be a guru to help me out.)

Well, that was longer than I thought.

"Never [something something] a Sicilian when death is on the line!"

I don't believe "complex html" really exists. When you do something complex, you generally switch over to something else. As for how to learn HTML though, the best way really is to just find a page with everything you want to learn, and view the source. Don't do it with RPGamer or my page of rantings though. The code's a mess. The page for the anime convention I'm hoping to start up should do nicely though. Not trying to plug that or anything, just the only page I can think of without nasty nested tables.

Random musings

hi g,

Sorry to hear about the guest host not showing up this really should let Imperial Mog guest host sometime. You could justify it with some "Most Qs Printed" award or something. Anyway, here are some questions for you:

1. I really like what I've seen of Xenosaga so far. Do you think they'll ever make the movie into a game?
(note: sarcasm)

No kidding. I have 140 megs of trailer sitting here, and not ONE SECOND of actual gameplay footage. This begins to instill disturbing thoughts.

2. Have you ever played any of the Ultima games? Any thoughts?

I've played most of the Ultima games. Generally speaking, I don't like them. Especially Ultima 3, the game where going up levels is a bad (and optional) thing.

3. I recall you mentioning something about a company that has made most of the anime-to-RPG games (Banpresto was it?). Does this company ever release games state-side? One would figure that in the golden age of RPGs, they would at least try a release or two.

As always, thanks for the time, g.

-jaraph "I play old games."

Never. It's really irksome too, because unlike most people who make licensed games, they do a pretty darn good job.

and the award for longest time before getting around to a game goes to...

im playing legend of zelda link from the past for snes.. i have all three pendants and the master sword,, i cant figure out what to do next ,, dont know how to get to the dark world.. ?? i can only stay on top of death mountain,, cant get off being in the dark world ,, if u could let me know how to do this ,, thx,,

Just go to the main gate of the castle.


Hey Google,

I've just started learning Japanese, and by the end of the year we're supposed to be somewhat fluent. We're learning Katakana and Hiragana, and the point I'm getting at is, if I want to import a certain game from Japan, are many of the characters Kenji? If this is the case, I wont bother importing.

Thanks for your time,


Kanji, and yes. They're pretty much everywhere. The occassional game you'll be able to manage though, and they tend to stay out of menus too.

The Last Laugh:

A couple people have been asking me if I've played various PS2 games lately. To all of these people, I must say: No. I am very very poor. If you'd like me to play a given PS2 game, you'll have to either wait QUITE a while, or send me $350 along with a note saying what game. I get the feeling most people are going to go with the former there. 8)

Googleshng "Off to see VHD2! I hope."
Hidden text? We don't need no steenkeen hidden text!

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