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Googleshng - October 25 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Yesterday I have no real ideas for a column title, so I randomly take one from a book. Next time I do that, remind me to pick a book that people don't want to talk about. We really need a new game released here I think. Just one week more...

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yesterday you got a letter talking about the x-box demoes malfunctioning. well, listen to this, im a GAMESTOP employee, and we just recieved our x-box demo, after many months of waiting in anticipation. it played once, then quit. not only that, but the demo they gave us was munch's oddysee, not madden or DOA3. we needed a demo that actually interested customers. anyway, that is all, good day to you.


PS. again, i say, why do we have semicolons; no one uses them anyway.

SOME people are interested in Oddworld. Not me since they went insane and threw their mission statement completely out the window, but some. Aside from demo stations dropping dead though, I have yet to see a single commercial for the thing. So where's this fabled ad money going? Will there be one every commercial break next month, or are they buttering up magazines with it?

Oh, and as for semicolons, we have them for programmers. Programmers need all the weird characters they can get.

G.....Cs, DVDs!

Dear Googleshng,
Recently my friend and I were discussing the launch of Nintendo's Gamecube and we got on the subject of a DVD peripheral or gamecube. I was wondering if this rumor is a fact because that would definitely sway my decision to buy a gamecube over a PS2. There are so many good games coming out on Gamecube but I need a DVD player for all those good anime's out there.
Thanks, Super Sayajin Sabin

That isn't QUITE right. If you buy a Gamecube at launch, you can't play DVDs on it. They are however making variant models which CAN play DVDs, but cost cost a bit more. I can't remember offhand when those are due out, but I seem to recall it wasn't TOO long of a wait.



1. Just wondering, have you heard of the anime series Inuyasha? It's still playing in Japan and right now there are about 43 subbed episodes. It's similar to Kenshin in some ways, but its an awesome series in and of itself. The "SIT!!" gag never seems to get old and the plot is great, though it doesn't really pick up till episode 20 or so.Just wondering what the almighty slime was thinking about this one.

2. I'm confused about the Shenmue DVD - will it contain all the cinematics from the game minus the gameplay, or will we all be sitting there watching someone else play through the game?


My cousin's been taping Inu-Yasha and sent me a huge wad for my birthday. Nice to see something by Rumiko Takahashi made into a series with decent production values. Anyway though, the Shenmue movie, as I understand it, really is basically a recording of someoneplaying through the game, but I assume the bare minimum of time is spent hunting people down, playing arcade games, and collecting capsule toys.


Hey (I sing) Googleshng
I wonder are fangirls as scary as advertised? Also do you think the Arc Collection will be released this year? I need to know since I'll be in different places then. Also my parents still don't remember my birthday a couple of weeks ago. I'm trying to get a PS2 off of them by guilt since I want a DVD player and the system soon. Also when I want an anime collection, I'd need something to play them on first. I can't get a job since I'd be gone in 2 months and nobody is hiring and I couldn't get there since my annoying teenybopper sister is now home unexpectedly. Also I should get something for looking after my brother's dog. I might get tickets to the Rams game this Sunday if people know any better. Also when's the next rant coming up and I wanted to see people make some scary pics. Are you ever going to put a list up of what people think you are?
Imperial Mog

I actually do think Arc might make it out this year. WD seems to have been keeping right on track with it. As far as my next update, well, I've had one pretty much good to go for like a week. Just haven't had time to upload it. This weekend I'd better though.


Well, in reference to your title & intro yesterday I wouldn't say nobody ever read Zalazny's Amber novels, merely almost nobody. Heh, those books are great, I need to buy the bigass compilation of them in one big 1300 page softback that came out a couple years ago and re-read them. I was wondering, what else by Zelazny is good, I haven't read anything else by him?

Just about everything by Zelazny is good. Oh, and the big book of the entire Amber series in one volume is actually a bit less than 1300 pages. Let that be a lesson to all the various authors who can't keep an entire series under 10,000.


i herd that Earthbound is going to be released on the GBA, is that true?

I haven't heard anything about that.


Uh, hi.

Free Willy and the Munsters

Who imprisoned the Munsters?

The Last Laugh:

Tomorrow was supposed to have a new guest host, but I got a last minute word that he won't be around, so it'll just be me it seems.

Googleshng "Boing!"
Yes, I know there are ten Amber books, but the 5th doesn't have a cliff-hanger at the end.

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