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Googleshng - October 24 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

That's right. I've finally hit such a thick wall regarding column titles that I have to yank'em off books. If I end up doing this for a while, I'll have to make sure I keep using cool books nobody ever read.

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Hitting close to home

No time for an intro, straight to the questions:

1. How about some Valkyrie Profile Q's? What characters did you use for the final battles? Are any of the endings other than the best one worth seeing? How pathetic is the fact that I owned the game for nine months before playing it?

I've only seen the B ending, which isn't too impressive. As for who I used, my three best mages with Ether Scepters. 2 rounds. Well, 3, had to recover CP.

2. Any idea where I could find an English cast list for VP? I recognize most of the actors, but a few of the voices I just can't place.

Well, there's the credits. Aside from that I don't know where to find one no.

3. Ever see Lost Universe? It's from the creators of Slayers and features a hero more concerned with the condition of his cape than the enemy fire heading straight for his ship. Funny stuff

I haven't, but it's on my list.

4. What anime would you suggest for a person who's seen Trigun, Slayers, Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Lain, Utena, Sailor Moon, Escaflowne, Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, and Dragon Half? I was thinking Fushigi Yugi, but would accept another method to use up some of my sudden windfall of cash.

That is DISTURBINGLY similar to the list of things I've seen. If you want to make it that much closer, I would definitely suggest Those Who Hunt Elves. FY isn't that bad either.

5. Today is my birthday (Oct. 24), which I conveniently share with the United Nations (yay...). Can I have a random Utena quote? And why do my favorite characters always end up not actually existing?

"Tamago! Tamago! Watashi no tamago!" and it could be worse. My favorite characters often end up dead.

It took a year for a game to come out for the PS2 that I played for more than four hours. On the other hand, I plan on spending most of the week of Nov. 18 playing some very fun-looking GameCube games. Why is this?

Mental note: all uses of the i before e rule will be inverted in a sleep deprived state.

The Crusader
"I thought nothing could make less sense than the series. The movie proved me wrong."

There are a number of factors. There's the fact that the PS2 is a royal pain to develop for, and the GameCube is NOT. There's the fact that Nintendo makes games themselves and thus has had the last couple of years to start on some launch games. I could go on, but won't for totally arbitrary reasons.

Delayed Tactics

a month or so ago I pre-ordered Arc the Lad collection and Hoshigami from the EB website. Arc the Lad was supposed to come out on October 23, which is today, so I looked on the website to look and see if it was ship, only to find that it was pushed back a month...and then I found out that Hoshigami was too. is this true? how can this happen? I can't hold out much longer without a new fun game to play! bah! help me!

Yes, those two keep getting bumped around. If you really need a tactical fix though, Saiyuki is a darn good game.

Random stuff

g, (nod)

Sounds like you had a rough weekend. Games'll do that to a guy, i guess. Anyway, here are some questions for your knowledgeable person.

1. In general, are RPGs the genre of choice among Japanese gamers? If not, what is?

RPGs are by far the most popular genre in Japan, and have been for as long as they've existed.

2. What's your favorite game that most people think is junk? I'd have to go with Mystic Quest. (try Drakhen, people; it makes Mystic Quest look like FFVI.)

That's a tough one. Mystic Quest is a big one, but I hear a lot of unfair slams on Vandal Hearts and Kartia too.

3. Do you think the face of the industry, at least as relates to RPGs, would have been drastically changed if the Final Fantasy movie had done really well? It seems things have changed at least a bit due to it's poor showing.

Square's short-term plans might be different, but overall I don't think it would have had any noteworthy impact.

Thanks once again for your time, g. Oh, one other thing: do you get paid (money or other compensation)for your work on RPGamer? I've heard other staff don't, but you seem to go above and beyond what would be required of a non-pay staff member.

-jaraph "Terranigma needs to be on the GBA"

I'll have to take that as a compliment. Financially speaking, it's a really bleak time to work for a large popular website. While RPGamer isn't so far in the hole that we have to beg for donations like most large sites lately, not a one of us ever sees a dime.


Hey Google.

1. First off, is either Mitsuda or Uematsu your favorite game music composer? What do you think of Sakimoto and Iwata? They're the duo responsible for music in FFT, Tactics Ogre, and (I think) Vagrant Story).

Concerning music, my favorite game is Tactics Ogre. Although, the music in PSX version is simply ported from the SNES and is therefore midi-quality, I still find that the music in TO was the best in the way it reflected the mood of various scenes in the game. The game was full of excellent pieces that created a exciting war-like feel which fit perfectly in Tactics Ogre.

Now, for most people (who have an opinion on this subject) their favorite composers are usually Mitsuda or Uematsu and the game which had the greatest music (to them) was either Chrono Trigger or FF6. Both of those games have great music but, at the same time, I think that most people put the music of those games up onto a pedistal due to the nostalgia felt for those games. There's nothing wrong with liking Mitsuda or Uematsu, they've composed for lots of games and always do good (and often great) work.

2. Comments on that?

Thanks for reading and hopefully answering.


I'm a big fan of Mitsuda. Huge variety of styles, consistently high quality work, and he's a major workaholic. Look at how many games currently in the works have music by him. Almost all of them. Hoshigami, Xenosaga, Shadow Hearts, Tsugunai I believe... and I know I'm forgetting at least one more... Whoever did the music for the PS series is also great, but I don't know his name off hand.

Moshi moshi?

Hey (Kefka laughs) Googleshng (laughs excessively)
Ok I want you to fully explain the cel phone thing since I'm only vaguely aware of it. Also games are more expensive in Japan and everywhere else outside of North America. On average about $10-$20 USD more than here. Also have you had this story happen. At parties in High School the people were so passed out. They dressed in their girlfriends Catholic school uniforms complete with undergarments. Also they were so out of it they accidentally panty flashed everyone and these guys were the ones you really DON'T want dressing like that. It horribly scarred me and explains for one reason why I don't like social things. I'm really worried that I won't be able to finally start college since the papers are getting really delayed in the mail which makes me very stressed. Also I'm seeing things about Hoshigami might be delayed until next year, got info on that one along with the Arc collection still on for this year?
Imperial Mog

A couple people wanted an explanation on the phone thing, so here it is. Lately, cel phones have been getting more and more high-tech features in Japan. you can trade Pokémon through them, read web pages, and you can even play simple video games on them. For some bizarre reason, they're getting so popular that people are starting to devote perfectly good console money to new phone toys.


Just thought I'd pass this news article along... It amused me and made me more sure that I won't be buying an X-Box

On another note, I watched the GameCube display at Toys 'R' Us... definitly some cool games.


Heh. I'm told they don't have very good cooling systems. Seems strange though. I mean, with a system THAT BIG you'd think they could fit a mini-fridge inside...

The Last Laugh:

I've been doing something all week that's totally sucked out my capacity for witty banter. So I think I'll just get back to that now.

Googleshng "Baaah"
It's mean of me to recommend the first book in a 5 part serial like that...

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