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Googleshng - October 23 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

This weekend, I attempted to play through a game in one sitting. However I failed to take a rather important fact into account. The game in question is 80 hours long. So first of all, the weekend wasn't long enough for me to do this, and second of all, the task involved going roughly three days and nights without sleep. One such day is no problem. I'll go one day with no food or sleep at the drop of the hat, and be just fine after. Two days though and you have to start dealing with such nasty problems as blacking out and having that wonderful flaming-pins-stabbed-into-your-eyes feeling. So, why did I go through all this self-inflicted torture just for the sake of a game?


Hmm... You know, in retrospect, that was just plain stupid of me. I'll have to make sure never to do that again. Anyway though, on with the column!

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Greetings, o googled one.

Is it me, or has everyone but a small select few just simply let this game pass by? I think it's a rather nice change of pace, especially with the variety of mission goals. (Though you've mentioned that time and time again.) I highly recommend this game, it's great to pick up and just have fun with. In any case, on to my question.

Has anyone ever cleared up the whole Bannon/paper scrap incident from FF3? That one has been in the back of my head for years now, and I don't recall any closure to the topic. (For those of you that don't remember, in the early parts of FF3, where Locke, Terra, Edgar and Sabin visit the Returner hideout there is a large table. If you direct one of your characters to the top of the table and press the "A" button, a little dialog popup opens saying "There is a scrap of paper here, Throw it away?" If you go on to chose "no" and continue with the game, Banon freaks out, and quickly throws the paper away during the returner meeting.) Now, I've seen this myself, in the SNES version, but not the PSX re-release. If you don't have an answer, maybe someone else out there does? Rumors would be helpful too, I'm basically curious to see what people have found on the subject. (And yes, I've done my own digging around sites, but haven't really found anything on the subject.)

I know this is an obscure question, but I just haven't seen it covered anywhere, unless I'm not looking hard enough, which could very well be the case.

Thanks in advance


Yes, Saiyuki has been largely ignored by the masses. I blame the lack of publicity. Let me just fix that a little. Hey people! If you like FFT, chances are you'll like Saiyuki too! Go get it! There.

As for your FF6 question, well, as hard as it is to accept, RPGs occasionally contain minor little optional conversations that don't open up secret stuff down the road. If I sound sarcastic there, believe me I'm not. Heck, yesterday I spent something like 3 hours in a game trying to find out what I got for sitting through a long convoluted chain of talking to various people. Turned out it was just some interesting optional plot and the thing I was looking for was in a different part of the world entirely. Doh.

Camelot! Camelot! Camelot! (It's only a model!)

Hey google aren't you a little worried that the people that created Golden Sun, are the exact same people that made the first Playstation RPG Beyond the Beyond? That game was horrible. I don't remember seeing any more games from Camelot gracing the playstation, our any other system for that matter. I just didn't want you to get your hopes up.

Not really no. While Camelot DID make Golden Sun, they also made the Shining games, which to my recollection were all pretty darn spiffy (although I missed one or two). You can't condemn people for making a single bad game, particularly when they made a bunch of good ones before and after it. Want an example? Look at Konami. Dropping a game full of nasty problems at a conceptual level into a good series and then going back to goodness is pretty much their M.O.


Here's a question for you, oh slimey one. Why is it that so many people (including you, it seems) have violently negative reactions to Massively Multiplayer Online RPGs? From what I've heard, a major problem is that online worlds tend to be populated with losers and l337 H4X0Rs (did I get that right?) with names like PLAYURKILLR and A**HOLE69 or whatever, whose sole purpose in life is to annoy other players. Well, fair enough... I won't deny they exist, for they most certainly do. But there are so many other players who put time and creativity into their characters, who roleplay and behave in character. In my humble opinion, this is one of the cool things about MMORPGs; you can behave the way you want to, not the way the script wants you. Best of all, the other characters aren't static NPCs who reply to everything you say with a scripted speech ("Where's the nearest bar?" "Please save us!" "No, I want alcohol, where can I get it?" "Please save us!" "Tell me, or I ram this battleaxe right up your left nostril!!!" "Please save us!"), but rather player-controlled, DYNAMIC people who really respond. Sure, you might have to wade through some player killers, but don't forget the good players out there; find them, and you'll be rewarded with awesome character interaction and freedom of plot.

Oh right, the question... so what's the problem? By the way, I suppose other problems you might have with the genre are technical (e.g. lag) and financial (paying through the nose for membership). I'll give you those, although they're sort of technicalities (for example, aren't there RPGs that don't have monthly costs? Vampire: Redemption springs to mind...). Are there any deep reasons for your hatred of the genre?

Please inform me, I love to find out what the Googster's thoughts are.

Usagi Vindaloo
"I can't wait until Final Fantasy XI! ... or, at least, I wouldn't be able to if I wasn't getting a GameCube."

P.S. Any chance of the FF7-9 PS2 remakes being anything more than glorified anti-aliasing? Any chance of more FMVs featuring that handsome hunk of silver haired, black-trenchcoated bishonen goodness the world knows as Sephiroth?

I hear a good many people complaining about how almost every MMORPG out there having high level losers camped outside of towns with crossbows killing every newbie as they come out the door. This isn't on my list of complaints though. Logic would dictate that for every town with newbie sniper, there'd be a nice high level character willing to help the newbies out, perhaps by hunting the hunters, who would presumably be worth more experience than newbies, or large enough groups of newbies for safety. That's never been on my list of complaints.

My main complaint is that there's really nothing BUT the other players. There are basically two things people do in MMORPGs. Either they sit around talking to friends, or they get together with these friends at a spot where a large monster respawns every day to kill it. The latter is really just character building for no real reason, and the former could be just as easily accomplished in a public chat room. For that matter, both can be done in PSO without any monthly fees or player killers to concern yourself with.

When you have a paper RPG, or a console one, you have a world that revolves around your characters, and that's really needed if you want real reasons to go out on adventures. You will most likely never play an MMORPG where, say, everyone in town but you is turned into a horrible monster, or your character is framed for assassinating the king, or where your character finds out that his family has an ancient curse where everyone turns into a kobold for a week on their 21st birthday. So, I can pay $10 a month to sit around talking to people and character building in a laggy environment full of losers killing newbies and asking for cheat codes, or, for free, I can talk to people I know and get along with in a non-laggy environment, and play actual RPGs with them, complete with personalized adventures. For me, this isn't a hard choice.

Oh, and as for that FF question, last I checked Square abandoned the idea of remaking 7-9. At least any time soon at least. They've been known to flip-flop on that issue.

Gotta complain about SOMETHING!

hey there g,

Last night I had three realizations. Well, just the one realization, actually, that led to three throughts.
We, as gamers, complain most often about a set of three things:

a. A good Japanese game isn't being brought state-side.

b. If the game is brought here, it's usually quite a while after the game has been released in Japan.

c. Once the game finally does make it to our waiting hands, the translation job is often less-than-sparkling.

Based on this 3-part observation, my question is this: What in the world do Japanese gamers complain about?

-jaraph "Super Mario Bros. 3 is the best NES game"

They complain about stuff being expensive, and the game industry taking a financial beating at the hands of cel phones. That second one is a far greater problem than you'd ever imagine too.

BoF again

Hi there Goog. Got a few questions.
1. What's the deal with breath of fire for gameboy advance? What's the difference between it and the SNES version?
2. Turns out I only had one question.

Vic, AKA GDO from "The Morning After" by LordBrian (Q&A dated 08-27-01)

You can trade items with friends. Would you ever want to? No. As far as I can tell, it's just a half-hearted addition to get around Nintendo's policy about not rereleasing games without adding something to them.


Today is Wierd Al's birthday. Everybody polka!

A fine upstanding little fun fact that. Weird by the way. You know that whole "I before E" rule? Why do they even have that?

The Last Laugh:

Every once in a while, I will see a letter that contains the words "you won't print this" in it. Usually this is true, because people have an odd habit of sending such letters over weekends, when I'm not posting ANYTHING. On top of that, they tend not to actually contain a question. What really bugs me though is when someone sending such a letter goes on to list why they think I won't print it, and it's some other reason. I also have to wonder why it is people send me letters that they know I won't print, while complaining about the fact in the letter. I think I'll ask the person who tossed me such a letter this weekend.

Googleshng "Early to rise and late to bed, gives you more free time but leaves you half-dead."
Hey! I just realized that I went without sleep for about 60 hours, and not one of my friends took advantage of the chance to brainwash me! Those bums!

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