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Googleshng - October 18 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Ever have one of those days when you can't think of a decent column title or intro? I'll bet you have plenty, but since it has no effect on your life, you don't notice.

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Hello Google,
Of course this isn't just a courtesy mail, I do have a few questions I would like you to answer if you could. I don't know if have ever play the game but, in Front Mission 3 what is the max Ace Level. The damn book doesn't tell me and Squaresoft told me to buy the strategy guide or call some 800 number. Also, in Final Fantasy Tactics how do you use the mimic class. It took me god knows how long to get it and it doesn't appear to do anything. Again Square wanted me to give them more of my money. Finally, does Xenosaga look any good I don't have broad band and I'm too damn lazy to wait for the trailer to load. Xenogears was my favorite RPG of all time and it would really suck if the prequel was crap.
-Richard Graf ,"Tactician Extraordinaire"

FM3: It goes from A to F, plus S as I recall.
FFT: On their own turn, they can move and attack. Whenever someone else of yours does something, they do it right after. More or less useless if you're using, say, Mages, but if you're using three dancers and two mimics, that's effectively 9 dancers, and 2 sucky fighters. Also works with bards and calcs.
Xenosaga: That huge movie really doesn't show anything that isn't well documented in screens.


I've experienced a few problems with FFV on PS2, but nothing major. Over 50% of the time when you go to save, the save screen gets all corrupted-looking, but it doesn't affect anything. Cancelling and going back in usually fixes it, or you just have to remember how many movements you need to save on your memory card/file. Also, when we'd die and get game over, we'd have to reset to be able to play again. Just little annoying things.
I bought Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger on Ebay. Played Chrono Trigger for 5 and a half hours last night. Magus gets a lot harder when you run out of Mid Tonics, but I have yet to see the game over ending!

Where did all of the challenge go? Are games getting easier because we, as players, know what we're doing better? Or are the companies making them easier to grab a wider audience? Maybe everyone should try to dig up an old RPG that they used to think was hard, and try again.


OK, NOW I have officially heard of a problem with FFA on the PS2. So ends this issue. Now then, as for challenge in games, do something for me. Take any random NES game. Ideally one by Capcom. Play it. You will now notice that not only has the average difficulty of games dropped SEVERELY over the years, but your skill level has most likely attrophied to the point where you can't even get past the third level of Contra or Fantasy Zone anymore.


Hey google,

I have a few questions for ya.

1 ) Giving the the present information on FF11... will you play it? And what do you think the chances are for having a Final Fantasy Online game for the computer i.e. FF11.

Will I play FF11? No. As I have stated many times, I have no interest whatsoever in MMORPGs. As for the chances of it getting a PC port, I'd have to say roughly... 100%, seeing as Sakaguchi specifically said they would in our recent interview.

2 ) I took a look at your 'Releases' page and it doesn't mention when Breath of Fire is coming out for GBA. I knew the date once but I forgot! When is it being released?

I'll have to flay someone over that. Anyway though, stores say November 14th or 16th, but Capcom says December. Take your pick.

3 ) Are you excited for Hoshigami?

Well, I am eagerly anticipating Hoshigami, and I know I'll love it once I have my hands on it, but I can't bring myself to drool over it at this point. I've had enough hands-on experience to know what I'm waiting for, so all my saliva is defaulting to WarCraft 3 and Pikmin.

4 ) Are you looking to get into the gaming industry sometime after school? I know I am!

Uh, I already did that several years ago.

5 ) Do you like the dilbert comics?


Lyle J. A. Smith II

Haven't read enough to really say.


I was wondering if you knew whether or not the creators of dbz and saiyuki had something in common that would explain them both have a character named goku who grows into a giant monkey and rides on a cloud? Is goku a well known mythological character in china and/or japan perhaps? Thanks for mentioning you played/are playing the game as there haven't been many good rpgs released lately, and I heard nothing of this games release. To bad there isn't more advertising for 'older' games just making it over from japan, well I mean besides this site. Thanks again, great game.
striding cloud

Dragon Ball and Saiyuki are both loosely based on the same Chinese legend. So are a plethora of other games and anime series. I'm very tempted to go look for a translation of it at this point.

An awful lot of questions about me

hi g,

A few questions to peer into the enigma that is Googleshng (and, no, they're not about your gender):

1. At various times I have heard vague mentions of the things you do around RPGamer. (besides Q&A, of course) So what exactly is/are your official position/duties?
Are you like Mikel's right-hand man?

Technically, I just have roughly five very time consuming jobs around here, but taken all together, yeah that pretty much sums it up. The more notable ones officially are running Q&A, running the poll, and whipping everyone who isn't in News or Media when they slack off.

2. Would it be at all possible to give your age, or at least a reasonably small range into which your age falls? (yes, I know it's possible...the question is, will you do it.)

I believe I'm 20 or 21 at the moment. Probably the former since people don't try and pressure me into drinking too often.

3. Do you keep a list of the games (RP or otherwise) that you have beaten? It would be awesome to see which games exactly the great one has gone through. I suppose it would be hard to keep such a list when you go through as many games as you do...

Oddly enough I do. It's a Clarisworks database with about a gross of entries though, so I'm not posting it here.

4. Speaking of beating games, do you generally play through RPGs without using hints/guides/cheats? I would expect someone of your caliber usually isn't in need of such apparati; I was just wondering.

Thanks again for your time, g. I'll see you around.

-jaraph "i'm a reasonable man; get off my case"

My general policy used to be, win a game solo, then poke around and find out what secret things I missed, then go back looking for them. These days I only have time for the one play through, but still don't use guides. Takes a lot of the fun out of games I think.


ahaha! This letter is coated with anthrax! Have a nice day!

-John Dill

Ah, but does it have a grail-shaped lantern?

What looks better for the the GBA. Golden Sun, or Breath of Fire?

I'd say Golden Sun. A totally new game by a development team I like trumps a rerelease of a game that was lukewarm the first time.

i need to find a free guide to chrono cross for my buddy....where can i find one?

Here. Just pop into the Games section, find Chrono Cross, and click the Info link.

The Last Laugh:

Tomorrow, Lin will be guest hosting again, so send in those letters. Oh, and I have a good number of DW7 letters piling up here, which I plan to answer en masse as soon as I get a chance to check the game out first hand, which should be any day now.

Googleshng "Now I'm hungry!"
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