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Googleshng - October 16 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Going stir-crazy is annoying. This weekend, after my neighbors ceased their wailings of doom and gloom, I shockingly had nothing to do. All my myriad side projects are running smoothly, I didn't have any columns to write, and nobody bugged me to do a thing. This would have sent me into my masochistic-productivity mode had I not had all of Nadessco here to occupy me. Meanwhile this weekend Chesh seems to have been sick, and most people I know just mysteriously vanished. However, the dull weekend now gives way to the more peppy week, so on with the show!

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Hey, the other day I was strollin' through Game Gallery and they had Suikoden for like 10 dollars, so I bought it. It was a really good game, and I was wondering if Suikoden 2 was as good? Or does it pull a Final Fantasy and have no relation to the previous game whatsoever? And also, is it true that Final Fantasy Anthology doesn't work on PS2?

Suikoden 2 is set 3 years after the original, with many returning characters. It also has an option to import some data from your Suik 1 game. As for FFA not working on the PS2, I've never heard anything like that.

Hidden stuff

Hello, slimething,

After reading that interview with Sakaguchi I was wondering if there were any screenshots of those Easter eggs he mentioned? The movie doesn't show any more in theatres and I don't have a VCD or DVD to look through so I can't verify those eggs...

So if you know where we can find those screens I'd be much appreciative if the info was shared around!


You don't have a VCR? Strange. Anyway, while I'm sure someone somewhere has grabbed screens of those little extras, I don't have access to them at the moment.

Nintendo Fun

Hey O',
Are you as excited as I am about Skies of Arcadia for GameCube? I can barely find this game for the Dreamcast. I think I just found another reason (I guess I'll add it to the long list) to get a GameCube, well that and the Soul Calibur 2 exclusive. ^_^
I would definitely love to see Secret of Mana for GBA (can you imagine the 3-player simultaneous play using three GBAs?), although I'm not really that interested in FFIV-VI for the GBA, and Chrono Trigger would be a maybe.


I'm not THAT excited about SoA hopping over to the Gamecube, but only because I already own it. Speculating about theoretical GBA ports is always fun too, but I notice people always focus on 16-bit games. Considering that the GBA is a 32-bit system with a preference for 2D, and Sega's dropping out of the hardware game, they could port over the dozens of Saturn games which allegedly rule although most people have never heard of them.


MoogleSlime! Whazzap!? A few Q's, like always.

1. Aren't moogles cool?


2. Mr. T
The World


I think Mr. T and Mario shop at the same store.

3. Do you ever edit letters?

On the rare occasion when people swear yeah.

4. Ha, my teacher got chosen in an animals display at the school and almost got bit by a cobra!

My aunt has a boa that bites people. Someone should really explain to it why that isn't threatening.

5. Don't you wish Planet Busters were real sometimes?

Xuelian, "What goes up...Better doggone well stay up!"

Ah, Alpha Centauri. The game which has held my best friend hostage for the last several months. I never use Planet Busters. I always win before then.


Hey (Selfie talks) Googlshng-Booyaka
I wonder what were you most interested in from the stuff at the Tokyo Game Show? Doesn't it look like Kingdom Hearts is getting wierder by the day? Isn't it best decribed as a crossover-fanfic. Which things would you like to see mixed now? Have you had all of your things swiped like that when travelling? That's one reason why I just use a car while travelling.
Imperial Mog

Every weekend I end up cut off from all news, so I've really only heard 2 things from TGS (Shenmue 2 and SoA). I'll have to dig around today. As is though, I'm still rather annoyed that an evil business deal retroactively made me waste $50 a year ago. Not much point to owning Shenmue when you can't transfer stuff to the sequel.


Why won't they release the Suikoden card stories game for gameboy advance! Why! NOOO! I'm in pain. Please at least tell me that the Suikogaiden volumes will be included in Suikoden III ! What is this world comming to!

I'd like to, but that'd be lying.

Hi Google,

Are you going to the "Two Good Singers" concert tomorrow? It's tomorrow at high noon on the big hill at Kesling Park. Be there or be square.

Hmm... well, considering A- I'll still be asleep, B- I have no clue what state you're in, and C- I've never heard of them, no.

The Last Laugh:

I'ma tired!

Googleshng "ahhh... ravioli..."
Why is it that upon gaining voices, all our 8-bit friends are so high-pitched? Except for Solid Snake...

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