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Googleshng - October 11 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

As I am prone to do when I notice it's possible, I converted the date from a binary number to title today's column. 101101. It's also a palandrome. I could probably go on about the date for quite a while longer, but I fear I may lapse into unconciousness any second now, so I'd better just get on with the letters.

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Things that come in 3s

Hey Google,
I know you've been asked this a million times, but do you cast Chrono Cross first then the sequence or the sequence then Chrono Cross? What is the sequence anyway?
What do you think there going to do with Chrono 3? They traveled time and dimensions so far, and what's left? Bill and Ted couldn't overcome that, and Wyld Stallions rule.
Final Fantasy X will be sweet I'm sure, but Suikoden 3 is what's getting the blood pumping. The only thing I'm worried about is if they follow the Pokemon/Suikoden three year later sequal rule is that Viktor and Flik will be getting up there. I'd hate to see the Blue Lightning become the Blue Blob. I thought of another RPG norm. The villain walking threw fire which Sephroth, Kuja, and Ramiez added to the long list.

The Great Cornholio
Almost beat every RGP of the Great Rush with Valkerie Profile in the cross hairs

There's plenty of ground a third Chrono game could cover. It could REALLY have travel between universes, not just do, or it could do that and time travel at the same time. Now, as far as the whole "good ending" sequence, well, it's repeated several times during the game, I believe the last boss even casts them all for you if you just sit around, and you use Chrono Cross last.


Hi Googleshng:

Iocane powder, eh? Nothing like a reference from The Princess Bride; that was a great movie.

1. At what point will you buy a PS2? You've said you're waiting for a price drop but how much of one are you waiting for? And does it depend one when the some game you must-play comes out on PS2? (maybe Xenosaga, maybe something else before that)

Well, I WAS planning to pick one as soon as the price came down a bit, but situations have this annoying tendancy to change, particularly the financial variety, and now I have no clue when I'll end up shilling out the dough. Price drops and game releases will both have an effect though I'm sure.

2. Do you think Lunar: SSSC is very good to replay? I beat it by renting it a few times when it came to PSX a couple of summers ago. Now, I've seen it for sale second-hand and I'm tempted to buy it. I was interested in the PC version but that is either not-happening soon or just not-happening.

Being in the position I am, replaying games is not an option I can ever really pursue. If it was though, Lunar would probably get another run through from me. It's a game worth owningif nothing else.

3. Is Lufia: TLR very difficult? Does it become a problem if you avoid enemy encounters and rarely have enough money to buy all the best gear or would you say level-building and "saving up" required from time to time?

--Maikeru []

Particularly considering you can get the best weapon in the game in about 15 minutes, Lufia: TLR doesn't offer forth very much challenge, even if you get sloppy and start rushing through every dungeon.


The current quote is from Breath of Fire, early in the game in one of two twin towns (names forgotten), one populated by humans, the other by fox-like people. The chief is in the human town. Any master of martial arts would know that!

PS: I've already got a tilde, what else can you give me?

Another tilde for the other side. ~ Plus three of those mysterious points mentioned yesterday.


Well that's weird. I haven't checked rpgamer in two years and I swear I'm still seeing the name "Googleshng". Am I seeing things, or are you some different incarnation of the Google I once saw two years ago?

-firedonut "What cave have I been in? Why, that one, over there."

I'm not comfortable with your premise that I'm either a halucination or a reincarnation of myself. The former would indicate I don't really exist, which would make it hard for me to get a ride to the movies, and the second quite frankly just seems like an AWFUL lot of effort to go through just to get back where you started. In any case, I've been doing doing this column for just a month short of two years now. That's honestly pretty darn impressive when you consider the fact that this column has only existed for about 3 and a half years, and it REALLY seems impressive when you consider how many people did it before me and burnt out. Actually, to look at that another way, if you don't count weekends, I'm personally responsable for more columns than everyone else put together. Of course, the only reason not to count weekends is that it makes the math easier. At a guess, I think I've only written 1/3 of every column.


when i tried playing, it said failed to intialise direct 3d, is there a driver problem? can u help me.

Usually I get at least 1 question a day which falls a bit outside my realm of expertise, which doesn't mention the game in question anywhere either. This letter really raises the bar there.

Hey Google! That points thing is no fair, Imperial Mog is sure to win!

- Dr. Cossack

I honestly wasn't planning for it to be fair, but the fact that I'm printing this and didn't print a Mog letter today kinda poles a hole in your logic, no?

Damn your number of letters printed contest. I just wasted 10 minutes trying to think of something to write, and this is all I came up with!


I'm really surprised at how many people actively want me to use their favorite characters in a scary pic.

The Last Laugh:

That's all for today kiddies. Tomorrow Lin will be guest hosting, as Zach finally recieved his game. If you want a turn in the Games-for-guest throne, it will cost you Skies of Arcadia, Earthbound, or Final Fantasy Chronicles. As for tomorrow though, if you have any questions on the Suikodens, Front Mission 3, Valkyrie Profile, or the Chrono games, toss them along.

Googleshng "And that's it. I'm going back to bed."
You know, I'm FRIGHTENINGLY perky and on the ball for going 34 hours with no sleep.

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