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Googleshng - October 4 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I said that I would embarass myself today, and I will. First though, a little reminder. I STILL haven't heard any word on whether Zach got his copy of Xenogears. I need to know that sort of thing for the games-for-guesting chain to proceed, so, speak up you two! That said, I will now slink into the shadows and let this hideous monstrousity amuse you for a column.

Ohayo! Otaku-Google is here to answer ALL your about anime! ^_^ Don't worry if your question isn't about anime though, because I have a secret weapon ready to handle the rest! Now let's get going! FIGHTO! FIGHTO! FIGHTO!

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1. Cowboy Bebop: Better dubbed or subbed? (I prefer the dub myself...=P)

Most people say Bebop is MUCH better dubbed! I don't like Bebop though, and I've only seen it subbed, and what I CAN say is that I certainly wouldn't have casted Megumi Hayashibara for that voice! >_<

2. Action or Comedy animé?

Comedy! Comedy always beats the alternative! ^_^

3. Thought Provoking (Eva, Bebop) or Easy-to-swallow (Ranma, Love Hina, Slayers)?

I prefer a thought provoking story in a setting that would otherwise be silly, like Gunbuster or Giant Robo! ^_^

4. Epic Save-the-world quests (Eva) or Down-to-earth problems (Initial D)

I like shows where the characters don't really have any lofty goals and just keep stumbling into trouble. In fact, I can only name 3 series off the top of my head where that isn't the case...

5. Fantasy or Sci-Fi?


~Raistlin X

Weird Escaflowne style mixes!

What next?

Hey there,
Alrighty, here's the deal. I'm the type of person that chooses an Anime and devours it before moving on to the next series. The last series I consumed would be Trigun, subbed dvds, and now I'm faced with a problem. I can't decide what series to take next. I've narrowed it down to Cowboy Bepop, and Escaflowne I bought the first dvd of Escaflowne, and it looks good, and I've seen the first two eps of Cowboy Bepop on CN. To make this a little easier, I'll let you know that, I LOVED Trigun. Superb story, beautiful setting, the whole shizbang was the single greatest television/movie experience of my life. So, I'm interested in deep stories, and not so much the zaniness of some anime. Not that zaniness is bad, I just don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on it. The lack of nudity is also a plus (so, I hear that rules out Neon Genises Evangalion. By the way, i liked that scary pick of Gendo the Stampede a ways back. I used it as my desktop). Well, enough Rambling, I'm gone.

Escaflowne all the way! Things get rolling extremely fast, and it gets into some strange concepts later. Bebop meanwhile is episodic and if it does eventually grow a thought-provoking plot, it doesn't do it until a while after I got bored and wandered off, which was roughly halfway through. Your other criteria balance out, to my knowledge there isn't a bit of nudity or wackiness in either series. They have the same composer, so music's an even match, and Escaflowne has an edge in production value. Besides, if you want to watch Bebop, you can do it for free on CN!


Today I received a rather frantic call from a friend, telling me that, "THE NEW VAMPIRE HUNTER D MOVIE IS IN THEATERS! WE HAVE TO SEE IT FRIDAY! LOL:ROFL!
Now, maybe it's just me, but haven't heard anything about it. He claims that there was a trailer for it on the Vampire Hunter D DVD, and that it feature's a different artist and some sort of female vampire hunter. Google, is my friend full of SMURF, or does this movie actually exist?

PS: Where can I pick up a nice box set of Ranma tapes? There too expensive to get one at a time.

Uh, yes that IS just you! Every single anime fan I know has been drooling over the new Vampire Hunter D movie for YEARS, ever since they announced it'd be coming to US theaters eventually! Now I have to go run out and find a list of theaters showing it! Anyone have one? Anyway, it has a very spiffy drawing style that follows Amano's original art much more closely, which REALLY shows in D's hat, the production values are fantastic, and it isn't a remake, it's a based off a different volume of the original manga- ACK!


Ahem. You seem to have tricked me into shouting the word that activates my transformation sequence. Yes, I KNOW my skirt is supposed to get shorter, but it never does. I think it's defective. Moving along, I don't think it's possible to get every episode of Ranma in one collection. There's simply too much. Honestly, I would have to recommend you instead collect the manga of Ranma. Not only is it an order of magnitude cheaper that way, but when they converted it to a TV series, they made a few really unpleasant changes, like obsessing over Kuno and Shampoo, and they never even got around to animating the last major storyline.

The book was better... as it almost always is.

Hola Googleshng! ņComo estą? Good thing for you I always have tons of anime questions. =P

1. I have never seen Akira, but I was thinking about renting it. How is it, content-wise? I'm not getting another "X", am I? I mean, I'm not going to be offended or have to psychologically recover, right? (As long as it's cool it can still be /kinda/ violent though; I LOVED Princess Mononoke.)

2. Speaking of mononoke, I was wondering, was it edited at all for its American theatrical release? I know that the great bastion of evil, Disney, was responsible for the domestic release, so i thought it might be...

"All that you fashion, all that you make,
All that you build, and all that you break..." (--U2)
-Bill, the Mecha Master

Is Akira another X? Well, if by that you mean, "Is Akira a movie based on a big long manga that cuts out all the plot and context and just has a bunch of random fight scenes and screaming of names?" then the answer is yes. Ghost in the Shell is another one. It seems to happen a lot. As for Mononoke though, judging from the fact that they didn't edit out people being decapitated with arrows, and the fact that that even happens is freakish for a Miyazaki film, I'm reasonably certain that it was not editted in any way. There was a little more to this letter, but it involved me downloading large files, so snip it went.

Hway Hway!

Hi Google the slime-half.... er, slime-whole.

I gots a few questions for yas. Yessir. First of all, do you want the tomato? Do you want it? Well you can't have it, it's mine!

Ahem, next, what significance do you think Miki's stopwatch has in Utena? Or is it just another random thing thrown in there along with the squid in the closet and the cowbell?

Moving on, was it just me, or did other people get excited when they saw a Citan look-alike in the Xenosaga movie?

And finally, have you seen Fist of the North Star, and what do you think of it? Someone is recommending it to me.



Ah, back to normal! Whee! ^_^ The creator of Utena, when asked in an interview what the deal was with Miki's stopwatch once said "I have no idea," but there IS some signifigance to the cowbell! Citan narates the Xenosaga trailer, and for all I know the intro and ending of all 6 games might be him sitting around telling a kid the history of the world. Sounds good to me! Finally, Fist of the North Star is about some guy who runs around punching people whose heads then explode! Not my cup of tee! *_*

Eep. That was one emoticon too many it seems, so now I'm being shoved back into the closet and the real Googleshng is going to wrap things up. ;_;

Weird Wild Stuff.

O Googly goo,
I was looking at the games list and noticed that all the games in the Wild Arms series have the "Arms" part spelled "ARMs." I didn't find this wierd because spelling Arms A-R-M-s seems to be a pretty trendy thing. But Wild Arms 3 uses the A-r-m-s spelling. Is this the way it's supposed to be? How is it supposed to be in any of the games?
Many spanks,

The ARMs in Wild ARMs stands for Ancient Relic Machines, which is the official term for one character's weapons. Therefore, it is not arbitrary weird capitalization, and I with my mild obsessive-compulsive disorder I am now going to have to go back and fix that on every WA3 page. Doh. By the way, in addition to ARMs, WA2 also includes the acronym ARMS, refering to your party, which makes things confusing. Now watch and see if WA3 allows you to equip a different weapon in each hand. "Each member of ARMS arms different ARMs on each of their arms."

Bad! Definately very bad! Yeah!

Hey Mr. Goog!

Can you tell me what's the deal with Sewers in RPGs? Every RPG I have ever played inolved me running around some very huge and labyrinth-like sewer. Don't people realize what sewers are actually like? If it were real sewers, the group would surely pass out (or at least gag) from the fumes or get horribly mutated from the many toxins in the water. Can you name even one or two RPGs that don't have sewers in it?? Cause if there is, I'd probably really like that game!



Uh, I can only name a small handful of RPGs where you DO end up in a sewer at some point. 6 to be exact, maybe 7, and 2 or 3 of those are dried up. It really isn't very common at all. It isn't the most mainstream of lists either, so you must have a strange system for chosing your RPGs. As for the tollerability of a sewer, well, it's not like you're ever swimming through the water. You're always just walking along against the walls. That's something regular people do every day, it shouldn't bother stout sturdy adventurers.

Little more on anime


A)  Is Dragon Half not the coolest one-tape anime in existance (excluding movie-length features)?  TAMAGO!

It certainly is. Not much competition though. Just a few OAVs...

B)  Planning on going to Anime Central next year?  What is your opinion on cosplaying?  [My sister and I were Lucia and Lemina from Lunar 2 at ACEN this year.]

I remember those costumes, and the fact that people were asking you what they were while I was sitting next to you during the contest. Now I'm sure your brain is struggling to remember what the random person next to you looked like, mwahaha. Anyway though, as stated in my latest rant, this year, I can't really rationalize making the trip to ACen, so I hope to instead start my own anime convention elsewhere in the year, and charge less admission for people who stay in costume the whole time.

C)  What is your opinion on anime and movies based on video games?  Does it add anything to the original concept or do you think it only serves to make more money off of a product that has a preexisting fan following?  Do you think the Star Ocean EX anime that is currently airing in Japan will make it over to the US?  I've also heard rumors of another Final Fantasy anime.

~ ChaosElf ~  <((^_^))>v

Those aren't rumors, look at our recent news stories. As far as my opinion though, strangely enough, every RPG based on an anime series that I've seen was pretty darn cool. The reverse I've only seen once, and it wasn't very pretty. I think that was the exception and not the rule though.


Just like practically everyone else I know you called Lufia 2, Lunar 2 when talking about the Ancient Cave. Man, that is very dumb of you. Also "Stop calling me stupid!" is from the beginning of Lunar:The Legend Returns in a discussion between Wain and Seena.

Here's your tilde. Of course you realize you just made the same mistake yourself. Another one I'm notorious with is Shadowgate and Shadowrun. I seem to have no problem with all the various Hearts games though.

Hey (Dilandau cackles) GOOG-AHAHAHAHAHA
I wonder, what would happen if we sent you to some cursed springs? Also how did you end up associated with slimes? Also, I demand power without really trying. Which bizzare granter of power should I deal with and what are possible side effects? Also what would you do with the Akane's undies that you won from a fight?
Imperial Mog

I came to be associated with slimes by way of people not noticing I existed until I started drawing a cheesy comic strip about them. As for how to get The Power, well, any all powerful demonic being will give that out willy-nilly. The catch is the main character will generally kill you within 5 minutes, so it isn't really worth it most of the time.

The Last Laugh:

At the tone, the time will be 6:36 AM. Remind me not to hand columns off to hyperactive freaks and then go talk to Thor in Sharkey's channel all night ever again. Anyway though, this ends today's excursion into madness. I hope you enjoyed it. Tomorrow will most likely be a fairly normal day, in which I will post this letter about Okage and hopefully answer questions about Saiyuki and the Zeldas.

Googleshng "Each member of ARMS arms different ARMs on each of their arms."
Deflection: "Target targetted target targets target target."

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