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Googleshng - October 3 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Hmm... judging by comments made over the weekend, and the contents of my inbox, there isn't a terrible amount of questions on everyone's mind lately. While I could just stoke the fires a little bit by pointing out that I spent today sampling enough of Saiyuki and the Gameboy Zeldas to answer questions about them, instead, being in a somewhat silly mood, I am going to do something incredibly embarassing and goofy for tomorrow's column. Today's will just be straight and short though.

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A multiparter

Hi Google!

I have questions about RPG's, and as you are the resident RPG expert, I come to you.
1) The release of "Okage: the Shadow King," kind of snuck up on me. What kind of game is it? Does it look good? Is it worth buying? I know I'll just get an opinion, but I've liked just about all the RPG's you've recommended. Heh, I bought a Dreamcast and Skies of Arcadia just on your recommendation.

Hmm... I know the following about Okage. There was a time when everyone in the world had a different name for it, which were all basically "Devil and I", but with various other terms for Devil. Made alphabetic searching a pain. It's a new RPG for the PS2. The main character has a demonic shadow, which is most likely your best character. The graphical style is... interesting. The PR people are very very silly. None of that info really helps you I realize, but I haven't talked to anyone whose played the game.

2) So are you as disappointed with the new Lufia game as I am? I liked the idea of all randomly generated dungeons, but this is, quite frankly, a very pathetic excuse for that, especially after Lufia II.

Probably. I could live with them going from puzzle filled dungeons to randomly generated ones, if they had actually made a decent random dungeon generator. The really perplexing part though is that Lunar 2 HAD a decent random dungeon generator for the Ancient Cave...

3) This isn't an RPG question, but oh well. I remember you saying you bought advance wars. Is that fun? If you didn't say that, well, oops. I'm too lazy to check.

Advance Wars is quite spiffy. You do less damage when hurt like in Kartia, it has a lot of complex unit relations, every commander in the game has their own special rules and power, and it's the only turn based game I ever played that has Fog of War, which REALLY mixes things up.

4) Any word on Skies of Arcadia 2?

Hmmm, I didn't ask any questions about getting through a game... But neither do most people...


If any word on SoA2 surfaced, you wouldn't have to ask me to point it out. Also, you realize don't you that these are the kind of questions I prefer to get, since actual gameplay advice can be found in RPGamer's many FAQs without the 24 hour lag?

Been there, done that.

I can't believe you didn't enjoy playing FF9. What do you want in a RPG? I find it disheartening that people often ask you for guidance in buying RPGs when you seem to have quite a unique style. I am not saying your opinion is wrong but I just don't think it'll hold true with the rest of the RPG playing community.

I didn't say I didn't enjoy playing FF9. What I said was, "it's a safe bet that I'd enjoy [FF10] more than I enjoyed FF9". I say this because FF10 evidently includes a lot of experimental ideas, some of which seem specifically geared towards solving complaints I've made. FF9 WAS a fun to play, but when I think back to games I enjoyed, it sinks right to the bottom of the barrel since every enjoyable moment in FF9 was a rehash of something an older FF did better. That's the problem with a nostalgia-fest. You really can't be nostalgic about it.

3 quick questions.

Why is it that so many MCs of RPGs have weird hair? Is this some kind of message that they are so hard-working that they don't have time to comb their hair?
BTW, why does nobody seem to like Secret of Evermore? I thought it had the best music! I don't really care how linear my RPGs are, because if they aren't linear enough I tend to get lost and lose my focus.
Oh, what's your fav SNES/GameBoy RPGs?
-BoltDragon AKA Benjamin Dellheim the GameGuy

RPG main character's have spikey hair because RPG character designers played Dragon Warrior, and Akira Toriyama did the art for that. Nobody liked Secret of Evermore because A- it wasn't SD3, and B- well, it sucked. I can't really give a concrete example of how it sucked even now, but it's true. Finally, SNES: FF6. Gameboy: Pokémon. I have a hard time naming any other GB RPGs though, since I never count Action/RPGs in such answers.

Quick game

Hey goog,

What's a good short RPG to play? Usually, I prefer long ones, but with all the work I have to do, I'm looking for a good short game to go through.

Also, you should go to this site: . Slime volleyball is addicting and sooooo much fun. It makes me think of you every time I play it.


First off, let me just say that that is the coolest random link I've been sent in a very long time. Anyway, good short games. Well, first of all, there's Lunar. Good luck finding a copy though. Then there's Parasite Eve, the definitive short RPG. Koudelka doesn't take too long either, yet it spans 4 discs since all the dialog is voice acted. That's all I can think of off the top of my head.


Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's Adventure, Lufia: the Legend Returns, or Zelda: Oracle of Seasons?

Zelda, definately. Unless you're REALLY in the mood for monster breeding.

We actually have two copies of it (Lunar: SSSC), in the store, brand new, factory sealed, still. And the warehouse just sent us another one last week! <Boggles> Don't ask me how that happened.

Odd. Well, if that person who wrote in yesterday happens to live in the same region of California as you, he'd better hurry to that... Babbage's was it? Oh, and to the curious, yes, I DO know the person who sent this in.

Which are better...Energizer e2 or Duracel AAs? I need some new batteries and I don't want to waste money because quite frankly I need every bit of money I have to buy more junk that I don't need E.g. thumbtacks.

-Sara, Aegis' eighth and Google's eleventh biggest fan

These generic AAs last 2 hours in my GBA. These Energizer Advanced Formula ones last 12. So I'd go with Energizer. Actually, I'm going with finding an AC adapter for $10 to be honest.

The Last Laugh:

Hmm. That wasn't nearly as short as it looked like when I was scanning my mailbox. Good for you. However, I stand by my word, so tomorrow, I will be answering any anime related questions you may have in a silly and embarrassing fashion! I'll answer any RPG related questions thrown in too of course, and probably give them priority, but overall it should be a silly day.

Googleshng "Yan-yayayan! Yan-yayayan! Ran-rararan! Ran-rararan!"
You can have the octopus I hate the way it looks!

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