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Googleshng - October 2 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Ever have someone give you something really hideous that you have to pretend you like out of gratitude, then have them decide to take it back? That just happened to me yesterday. Quite the odd experience.

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How low can you go?

Hey google how's the slime thing goin?

Anyway I have a few questions. Firstly, How much do you think the price will drop for the PS2 once XBOX and Gamecube are out? My guess is around $100. Speaking of PS2, is FFX suppose to be good? How do you think it will compare to the rest of the FF's? I saw a few trailers... I didn't give any of the plot away. Well that's it for now!

P.S. Where do I get the jerky in Chrono Trigger to give to that lady in 600AD? I TOTALLY forget:)

- Lyle Smith

Hmm... well, it's just plain stupid to go toe to toe with a piece of vastly superior hardware that just stole away one of your most popular series and blows you out of the water in terms of first party support with a HIGHER price tag, so if I were Sony, I'd probably drop all the way down to $150. Of course, since their production costs are nasty, it's much more likely that they'll just drop to $200. Then again, such companies tend to slowly stagger price drops, so they might even just drop to the still-rediculous $250. Overall, I'll say there's a 90% chance it'll land in the $200-$250 range before Christmas.

Now then, as for FF10, Square seems to be swinging a pendulum lately. FF8 tried new things, FF9 was conservative nostalgia, and now it's swinging back towards FF8's end. So, it's a save bet that I'd enjoy it more than I enjoyed FF9 (which isn't saying much really), but I can't speak for you.

Now then, in Chrono Trigger, jerky is sold at the Snail Stop in Porre, 1000 AD.


Hello, goog.
I have money, but have no idea what game I should buy.

What's your opinion (if any) on these?:

Lunar: SSSC (can you tell me wher I can find it, non-used)
Hoshigami: (It's likt FFT, right?)

FFX doesn't come out until january so I'm not worryed about it yet. Xenosaga too.

Anything else for PSX or PS2 you would recommend? I heard Dark Cloud is good but What about Ephemeral Fantasia? (Sorry if I asked about anything you don't know about) I have $63 with more on the way. PLEASE guide me, Oh slime of greatness.

Starsickle "Inindo was evil. Very...evil..(shudder)"

OK. Lunar is a very good game. As for where you can find a brand new copy, in your dreams. Every copy of the game was sold years ago. Hoshigami is by the same development team as FFT, and uses the same basic engine, with some cool new features, so you'll love it. According to my sources, the PS2 has yet to crank out a single RPG worth a second glance, however Ico is supposed to be good if you like Adventure games. In any case though, I'd keep saving your money for some of the excellent games coming out in the not-too-distant future.

Arco! Po- wait. Puns are bad.

Hey (Merle Glomps) GOOG-SA-MA
I was wondering when does the Arc collection come out. Will it come out this year or next since I'll need to know since I'll be in a different place at the start of next year. Also I did see the rant you posted, slime osmosis does explain why all slimes are identital. Also have you had to do any wierd things at or job like cleaning up someone's vomit?
Imperial Mog

To quote a recent news story, "The Arc the Lad Collection will be hitting stores sometime before next year in North America. The entire collection is set at a price of $74.99 US." Oh, and for those who don't pay attenton to such matters, that's a series of 3 games, and a spinoff, plus various WD goodies all in one package. Thus a steal, not a ripoff. As for my lousy job, the worst I ever had to deal with was broken glass and rancid milk. That nastiness is behind me now though.


Happosai runs away!


You get 0 gp!
You get .03 EXP!
Got Item!:
Akane's undies

Retuning to World map, please wait...



That's all I get? What a gip!

google the slime lord,
i herd that earthbound is coming to the GBA, is that true?
Potato Guy

Well, unless you heard it from a reliable source I haven't seen yet today, then no.

The Last Laugh:

Shortish column today. If you want more to read, I threw a rant up over the weekend.

Googleshng "Time to relax"
You know, I only pointed that rant out to 3 people and 4 said they dug the idea...

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