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Googleshng - September 28 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Thanks to a slight snag in the games-for-guest loop, tonight I'll be flying solo. Oh, and thanks to a few other things, I'll be flying at dangerously fast speeds too.

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Last correction of the week

Hi Google. In response to Jon asking about the PS2 DVD driver upgrade, when you buy the Sony-made DVD remote control(20 bucks) it comes with a CD that you install in your PS2 and comes with the version 2.2(whatever that means) of the DVD player. It's supposed to play most of the DVDs that don't work now.

I stand corrected. Glad to know this is the last day of Google Gets Stuff Wrong Week.

Flawed logic

If consoles didn't have region locks then companies like Working Designs wouldn't exist and nether would US divisions of Square, SEGA, Capcom etc. because they would be loosing money due to creating products that no one would buy (English versions of fighting games and platformers come to mind as being the primary looses). In short it's a necessary evil.

This statement is wrong on so many levels. You are assuming that the MAJORITY of the world wide gaming public A- Can fluently read Japanese, B- Would rather pay international shipment fees and do their own translating than wait a few extra months to buy a game in a store, and C- don't have $10 to spend on circumventing lockouts.

Here's the facts.

  • Anyone with the rabid devotion needed to import a game will have no trouble obtaining a mod chip.
  • Working Designs does such nice jobs with games that people in Japan frequently import their games.
  • People who import games often buy the U.S. versions of the games they import too.
  • Any possible problems that arise from people importing games would be problems for the publisher, not the console manufacturer.
  • There really aren't all that many importers out there.
  • The most successful videogame system ever created has no regional lockouts.

So, basically, regional lockouts honestly don't benefit anyone except for the people who sell ways to get around them, and simply iritate the group of people who spends the most money on videogames.


Hey (Squall mopes) Uh... Whatever Googleshng
Actually, slimecon sounds a little hentaish. But would it have Pocky since I haven't tried it yet and where would a place like that be located? Also, wouldn't a knife into a PS2 also could give you a shock. Also considering how frail they are, you'd break it into pieces. Also typical RPG characters include a magical girl, a princess, a foul tempered female. Also no guest host, you could just ask me sometimes if you need one since I am a regular.
Imperial Mog

I don't think SlimeCon sounds particularly echi, that would be TentaCon. In any case, were I to start up an anime convention, it would be held in CT every year, since the entire motivation is to get out of all that travelling, and of course there'd be Pocky. Oh, and as for sticking a knife into a PS2, there are so many ways in which that's an unsafe premise.

The Last Laugh:

Wow. That was a short column. Guess that's to be expected with all my mail concentrated on just a few topics. Oh, and if anyone wants to continue this importing discussion, do it in the Eds section please. It needs the submissions, and I honestly doubt Chesh is interested in the topic

Googleshng "Dekard? Uh, should you be like 250 years old by now?"
Need a scary pic... must find now.

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