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Googleshng - September 27 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Today I went down and blew my entire first paycheck on games at the mall. Before I left, I called ahead to have them hold copies of what I wanted, as I usually do. However, I forgot to leave a name, so when I got there, they wouldn't let me have them unless I could name every game in the stack. Of course, since I'd read off a long list to see what they had in, I didn't entirely remember it, so it was like some high pressure trivia situation. "OK, the GBC Zeldas, Saiyuki, and, uh... um... it's on the tip of my tongue... oh yeah! Advance Wars!" Except that the "uh... um..." bit lasted like 2 minutes. Everyone in the store seemed to get a kick out of it. Now then, on with the column!

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Who's doing what now?

Hiya, Google,

Do you happen to know what team is making FFX? I've heard it's the FF8 team, then again i've heard it was the Chrono Cross team. Is it a mix of all teams?

Thanks in advance.

Well, between yanking the CG people all over the place, scrapping all non-FF projects and roping in the best people who didn't leave to form their own companies, and then spreading the resulting mongrel mix around to work on 3 or 4 projects at once, Square's development teams have pretty much all been thrown into a blender and poured out at random. The big names that come to mind are the two credits shared by every FF (producer and music), the character designer from FF8, and the guy responsible for the Front Mission series is handling the combat.

Don't try this at home.

YES, there IS a way to play import PS2 games on your PS2. It's quite simple, really. It's called the 'cog and knife' method, where you pry open one of the panels by the DVD tray with a knife, spin a little white cog, and the tray pops open, allowing disk swap. And it doesn't even void the warranty.

Also, there are already several mod chips released, several more on the way, and several custom modification, like a 'pin' installation that lets you open the drive by removing a paperclip.

I'd go into further detail, but I release that piracy is bad and evil. ^_^, and therefore you wouldn't want to be spreading it. Or something.


You know, I think jamming a knife into the inner workings of ANY operating machine voids the warranty. Anyway though, I'll just be adding "PS2 import lockouts have been subverted." to my list of miscellaneous facts now.

Import correction #2

A question and an answer for you, oh slimey one:

Answer: In your response to the guy (girl?) who now lives in Japan and was asking about whether a Japanese GameCube will take American games, you responded that yes, it would, given Nintendo's track record. Unfortunately, this is not the case this time. I distinctly remember reading on IGN a while ago (read: a few months) that Nintendo announced it was taking steps to ensure that there would be very strict localization lockouts on games, in an effort to stop players for using Japanese games on American systems and vice versa. You could track down the article at IGN if you don't believe me (but I'm so loveable, you MUST believe me ^_^) I couldn't believe Nintendo would do a dirty on us like this, but apparently we importers are rather screwed.

Question: On a related note to this, WHY is it that video game companies (mostly Sony and Square, now Nintendo too) feel this insane urge to prevent people from playing foreign games on their system? I don't understand it at all; it doesn't seem to make any economic sense. For example, suppose I wanted to play the Japanese version of, say, Sakura Wars. Since the game is not slated to be released domestically, it's not as if anyone in America is losing money by me getting the import. And even if it WAS released domestically but I still went with the Japanese game, isn't all the money going to end up going to Sega of Japan ANYWAY? If anything, it seems to me that companies should encourage imports, since all the money ends up in the right hands anyway, and there are some hardcore gamers that will even blow money on both import and domestic release. Do you know the reason behind their pigheaded obstinance?

Thanks, Google!

Usagi Vindaloo, lover of silver haired, leather clad bishonen.

P.S. What do you think of Sephiroth? ^_^

You know, it's funny, if I'm not sure about something, and just guess, I'm almost always right. When I actually take the time to check though, I'm usually wrong. The moral of the story? Stop checking facts! Er, find a more reliable place to check facts that is. Shouldn't be too hard. I usually just verify things with whoever's awake, which, at the hours I do Q&A, tends to be 1 half of 1 person. Anyway though, to that person in Japan, oops, I was wrong, pick a country quick! Or just wait a week for pirates to make a modchip. Personally, I really would like to know the logic behind import lockouts. I mean, if you're paying for a game, you're paying for a game! Why should the company care if you can read the text?

... and the Gullibility Award goes to...

My friend, or so called friend, insists he ordered the first 9 FF games on PSX, and then using a card he got, ordered a limited edition FF chronicles (the one with CT) which had 28 more Chrono Trigger Endings. Is that real?

He also ordered FF10 to be delivered to him in Feb, and Earthbound Limited Edition to come at the same time. Both for PSX. Is he lying, because he swears its the truth.

I have heard some blatant game related lies in my time, but these are a cut above. Even the initial premises of both those statements are complete fabrications by your friend.

Why are multiparters getting so long lately?

hey there, goog! sup?

i've got a few questions for you... i think. at least, about opinions or something. i think. we'll find out, won't we? won't we?

1. deus ex and system shock: opinions? (hah! saw that second part coming!)

PC games. Outside my scope. No opinions.

2. what was YOUR answer to the poll?

Adventure I believe, which I'm shocked to see is in the lead.

3. heard the new tmbg yet?

No, NOR the one before it. Wah.

4. um... what exactly is your non-rpgamer job again?

I am a grocery store's slave. The official name for my job does not in any way pertain to my duties, which range from bagging groceries to disposing of rancid milk.

5. ever heard of ween?

As a verb, yes. As a noun, no.

6. is there ANY way to make playing parasite eve 2 less painfully resident evil-esque? i don't care if it's a gameshark code or what, but i can't stand that survival horror movement scheme...

Rip all the movies off the discs? They're the only things that aren't all stolen straight from RE2 and then dragged through manure.

7. played planescape: torment? thoughts?

Again, PC, outside my scope.

8. what's a taffer?

and on that delightfully even number of 8, i bid thee farewell. i think.

yeah. consider farewell bid.:)

-shramoon, live from arkham...

Hmm... someone who makes taffy?

Been there, done that.

Hey (Mr. T pitys) Googleshng-foo'
I wouldn't like the spiders in my room since I'm a little afraid of them. At least they aren't crawling all over you. Maybe there is a giant spider in a secret cave under the house where you go in RPG style. That mental image is just silly. Also, aren't there certain character types that occur in RPG's all of the time? Actually, have there been moments in any RPG that pokes fun of common cliche's and conventions.
Imperial Mog

A better question would be "Are there any RPG characters out there that don't fall into one of a few preestablished archetypes?" The answer is yes, but there really aren't enough of them. I mean 90% of all main characters are either the Whiney Powerhouse (like, say, the main character in most FF games), the Happy Little Kid (like, say, Alex from Lunar), or the Big Dumb Powerhouse (Toxa from Kartia, Wain from Lufia: TLR, Zidane at a stretch). Come to think of it, the Happy Little Kids tend to be powerhouses too. Precious few main characters are wimps. Specifically, 1 and a half, and the 1's from a TRPG. As for cliches being made fun of, Skies of Arcadia does a bit of that, and WA2 makes a crack or two about a Sephiroth looking guy...


I was under the impression that this game is no longer in production. However, I found a new copy at EB, and snatched it up right away. Am I just lucky, or is it back in production?

Xenogears was silently reprinted to cash in on Xenosaga hype, yes.


(Off-screen voice) Ready... Fight!

Happosai uses
Happo-fire burst!

Googleshng takes 176 damage!

Happsai 999/999 99/99
Googleshng 1824/2000 300/300


Googleshng called for help. Googleshng B appeared!

I can see it now.

*in big, green letters* GOOGLECON!

Nah, I don't have the ego to name things after myself. Slimecon maybe...

Its wierd that you only played DW1,2,and 3 and you decided to base your persona on a slime. You have to play DW4. It was the first RPG I ever played and it got me hooked, but if I were you I'd wait till it came out on PSX.

Since when did I ever base a persona off a slime? That's other people's mental image of me, not my own. Besides which, Dragon Half is MUCH more responsible for my creating a cheesy slime filled comic strip. That and my complete inability to draw vertebrates.

Do you know if there is any cheap way to update the PS2 drivers, specifically the DVD driver? I've gotten awfully annoyed that I can't get Escaflowne 5 and 6, Elf Princess Rane, and at least one CD to work. I guess that's what I get for getting a PS2 on launch date.

While a solution to your problem most likely exists, it is neither legal, nor known to me. Sorry.

The Last Laugh:

There would be a guest host tomorrow, but neither Zach, nor the person who sent him a copy of Xenogears have made a peep all week, so it looks like I'll be flying solo. In other news, Saiyuki has the most disgusting cover art I've seen in at least 15 years.

Googleshng "5 games/1 day=not enough time."
I do not like the color orange.

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