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   Lufia! Why hast thou forsaken me?!?  
Googleshng - September 25 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Ah, at long last a sequel to Lufia 2 comes out. At last, another RPG filled with logic puzzles to engage my mind (I mean, ASIDE from the WA series). Ooh, and it has a funky set of game mechanics based around having 9 characters at once, neat!

Then came the reality.

Every dungeon in the game is randomly generated. That wouldn't even be too bad on it's own, but the generator used has surprisingly few random factors. Every dungeon has a set number of floors, usually 10. Every single one of these floors is just a 3x3 grid of rooms connected by hallways, with some rooms and hallways randomly removed on each floor. In these rooms are a couple of monsters, and a couple of treasure chests, containing healing items, and the occassional scroll that grants a new special move. This gets VERY DULL VERY FAST. It also doesn't even make sense half the time. I just got through a 10 floor FOREST. Not even the faintest hint of logic to this either. No underground, no canopy of branches, just 10 grassy tree filled areas connected by staircases.

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Console Wars

Dear Googlesomethin,

I have a couple of questions for you.

1. I have almost every game you can imagine for the playstation I've been a long time fan of the playstation but alas I have not had enough time to play the majority of games (mostly rpg's which take a while) and I was wondering if you have any suggestions for me? I have completed all the Final Fantasy's and Xenogears among others.

2. I'm thinking of getting a Playstation 2 but hearing all the good things about the gamecube is making me change my mind. Should I wait until the price drop for the PS2 or should I go out and get a Gamecube?

Thanks Supersayajin Sabin

As far as game recomendations are concerned, I'm just going to point out that I personally nitpick every staff review on the site to make sure nothing gets left out, so going by those is close enough to going by me. Now, as for what console to get, for me, there are more games I'm looking forward to on the Gamecube than the PSX2, and a lot of those good games are coming out THIS year, as opposed to next year or later, with emphasis on the later. However, the PSX2 DOES have enough good upcoming games to push it past my Buy threshold, so personally, I'm getting both. If money is a concern though, the PSX2's price is bound to drop between now and when the worthwhile games come out for it, and the Cube is STARTING cheap, so either go with the big N, or wait a year before buying a new system.


Good Day Kind Slime:

Considering the lists bounding forth in Aegis' column; I figured I should write with questions less list-of-games-I-will-buy-ish than the others you may receive today (not a slam on Aegis, I enjoy what the various Q&A hosts bring to the column - the only slam I have is that darn "(monks sing)" salutation overused by Imperial Mog... It reminds me of Chu Chu: cuteness quickly fermenting into annoyance).

But to end my self-important comments and get on to the Q requesting an A: What upcoming games do you think show interesting innovation? This can include small changes like interesting setting and an emphasis on exploration as seen in Skies of Arcadia? In short, what new stuff excites you about upcoming RPGs?



Hmm... honestly speaking, every upcoming game I have my eye on save Pikmin is a sequel. That doesn't happen too often. Still, as far as potential goes, Tsugunai might be interesting, with it's Quantum Leap plot. If the developers are creative enough, that could yield some really clever puzzles and such. Rumor has it that FF10 is bending over backwards to deal with all the gripes I've had about the series lately, so I might actually like it... if not for the character designs. Shadow Hearts let's the main character turn into a huge demon, which is always cool, and promises to be a refinement of the REALLY bizarre mix of gameplay styles that is Koudelka... and trust me, they NEED remixing. The things I'm most looking forward to right now though (aside from Pikmin... what can I say? I love fast-paced-querky-puzzle-action) are both just refinements of FFT. Hoshigami has the meat of the game, and looks JUST like it at a glance, and Dragon Warrior 7 has a very detailed job system, which you really can't go wrong with. Granted being innovative is the best way to please me, but refining ideas over a game or two is also nice.

Death of a Salesman Console


I've been reading Q&A for quite a while and noticed that there are a few Suikoden fans running around. I was wondering if you knew any info about the Genso Suikoden Vol 1 that's been mentioned a while ago. Is it coming out for PS1 or 2? And when?

Also, do we know when games will stop being made for the PS1?



Genso Suikoden is the Japanese title of the original Suikoden. So, it came out on the PSX many years ago. 8) As for the future prognosis, well, while I'm sure games will keep coming out for the PSX over the next year or two, they will fall under the category of "dying cough" games. In other words, they will suck bigtime and nobody will buy them. Remember the 200 or so side scrollers released around the time the Genesis and SNES were giving up the ghost? No? Well there you go. What's in development right now is pretty much going to be the last of the PSX's playable library, but it all looks very very nice.

Best sellers

Hey Googleshng,

In the article on Dragon Warrior 7's release by Robert Parry-Cruwys, he reports "(T)he title has sold over four million units making it the best-selling PSX game as well as the third best-selling video game of all time in Japan." What are the best and second best selling videogames in Japan? Are they the same ones as the U.S.?


Pokémon. Best selling game ever to my knowledge. Aside from that though, the Dragon Quest series has always been an rediculously huge seller in Japan.

FFT problem

I'm not sure if a lot of people have e-mailed you asking about this or not, and I'm sorry if this is the ump-teenth time you've had to answer it, but...well, I want to know if they fixed the problems with the FFT Greatest Hits discs? I read on RPGamer that there was some sort of mess up whith the compilation of the discs, so they won't play, and I NEED to get FFT, but I'm not going to spend the money if it's not going to work properly. So, I'd greatly appreciate an answer to my question.

Thank you

Uh, they fixed that like 2 weeks after the bad run. So, go grab a copy, and if by some fluke it doesn't work, take it back for one that does.

Anime and Arc

Howdy, been a while since I wrote in. I was looking at my collection of anime and was wondering if you could point out a good series or two. I own and love all three Slayers Series, the first 2 Macross Collections, Escaflowne, and Record of Lodoss War if that gives you insights into what genre I like. It's the standard hilarious sword and sorcery, giant robot battle stuff. Also, what is the deal with the Slayers novels? Is there anywhere you can get them translated?
Finally, here is an rpg question (kinda). What goodies are Working Designs throwing in with The Arc the Lad Collection? When will they finally release it? I love working designs to death, but they couldn't release a game on time if their life depended on it.


Hmm... based on those titles, I would be very shocked if you didn't like Those Who Hunt Elves. The 3rd tape in particular is absolutely hilarious. As far as Arc goes though, well, there's the THREE AND A HALF GAMES, which should really be enough, a making of CD and a music CD as I recall, and they might throw some other stuff in too that they haven't announced, or they announced when I wasn't looking. I DO know that at E3 Vic gave me a spiffy Arc watch...


Dear Googlesheng Shmooglesheng,
So, is Golden Sun due out on October the 1st, or sometime in November? Because I've gotten alot of conflicting reports.
Thank You for Your Cooperation and Support,
Illegal Allen
Department of the Inferior

Googleshing Shmoogleshng? Remind me never to try to play "the name game". Anyway, Golden Sun doesn't seem to have a set release date, so it DEFINATELY won't be out 10/1.


Nobody talk about Kessen but it seems to be an interesting game... what can you say about it?

Mister Art

Well, it's not an RPG, and it's on a system I don't own, so, not much. 8)

I just saw Perfect Blue.

Hiding under the bed seems like a pretty good idea

Ah, Perfect Blue, the only movie that gets MORE confusing the second time you watch it!

The Last Laugh:

OK, what's the deal with spiders? I don't mean in general. I know the roll they play in the ecosystem and everything. I'm just talking about the spiders in my room. I've seen, like, 12 different species this month, ranging in size from the head of a pin to the size of a grape. Some web spinning, some not, and I have NEVER seen a single insect in here. Is there just some sort of ancient evil spider demon dwelling under my house or what?

Googleshng "At least I'm not arachnophobic"
Hmm... should I set up a paypal account to fund an anime convention?

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