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Googleshng - September 20 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Last night, I got about 4 hours of sleep, but the reason was that I was awakened by the delivery of a package I've been waiting a while for. So on the one hand, yay, fun thing from mail, on the other hand, rar, splitting headache.

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Hay, first time writer, long time reader, was wondering something's.

1. Is there anything that I can do to help out my situation on FFT. I have to save Rafa on the Roof of Riovanes Castle, it's not even funny, she just gets killed before you even get to move?

You should ALWAYS keep a save outside of Riovanes in case you need to character build more. The two nastiest fights in the game are in there. Anyway though, the fight ends as soon as you get ANYONE down on one knee, so just use fast classes and good movement abilities, like ignore height, fly, and teleport, get in there, and concentrate on one target.

2. What do you think about Kingdom Hearts, worth looking at, or mega corporation crap?

I'm dealing with this in a later letter.

3. Who did the neat little E-mail link for you? It look's nice.

Susan "Silkenray" Emplitt, who later went on to make that nice red dragon way up there in the corner, and help me out with the graphics for my pipe dream page. She also worked here for a while in various positions.

4. Have you heard some of FFX's soundtrack? I think that the Heavy Metal is going to be a not so welcome change for a lot of people, but I have no problem with far.

any off to have fun watching Rafa die again, and again, and again.


I have a certain critical mass of media exposure for any given game. Once I hit that, I tune out everything until the game is actually out, so no.

Makes you wish there was a stethoscope item, no?

Hi Google dude/babe/thingy

I've been playing L.O.D. alot lately, and I've made it to the ghost ship. I found the combination to that chest thats at the beginning of that area. I used the numbers on it and finally opened it up and got out whatever it was that was there, (i can't remember what it was at this moment).

After i got out that item, i noticed it shut and locked itself again, and i've tried opening it back up with different combo's, but to no avail. And by the way....if you count down to your last try and don't have to fight a battle....which i did twice before i gave up trying to re-open it.

My question is, can you re-open it? And if you it empty or is another item there?

Also, on a lighter note, have you noticed that most of Rose's dragoon spells contain a graphic of something shooting or dropping out her butt? WHUT UP WIT DAT? Too many burrito's perhaps? lol

Anyway, you can pass these questions by if you want to....i just really wanted to say hi.


There are actually several more items in the safe, and you get one less chance to guess each time. For the last one, 2 guesses. It's an accessory that puts your attacks on auto-pilot. Really helps learn some of the nastier ones. Oh, and as for Rose's spells resembling various unpleasant bodily functions, well, that right there is pretty much the worst thing about LoD. They take the character with THE best spells early on, and make them rather unpleasant to watch... at least after someone has pointed that out.


Hey Goog,

I don't know if you're the one I'm supposed to send this too, but I'll send it to you anyway. If you don't mind, could you redirect me to the right person?

The quote on the title page, "I thought all men that were prettier than women were cold," is from Wild Arms 2. Lilka Eleniak says it to Irving Vold Valeria.


Ah, finally a quote guess, and correct at that! ~ By the way, I really like how WA2 allows you to rename most NPCs. Nothing like having a whiny little kid named Squee running around, and calling the ditsy elf mage Celcia. By the way, for the curious, last week's quote was from Phantasy Star 2, whenever Shir steals something, and before that, someone evilly snuck in a quote from Dragon Warrior 7.

Old old stuff

Hey ya Googleshng

Hope you're feelin' better. By the way, this is my second time writing to RPGamer just to let you know. I don't want to be mean but here i go anyway...I was having a debate with my friend that whether you're male or female. I told my female friend that you're male, but she does not believe me because your cartoon image is feminine like.

Anyway... on with my question.
A few days ago, I look through the prounciation section and I think it was great. I was wondering if you'l be adding more voices to the list. Thanks.

Nathen, not Nathan

Hmm. Making assumptions about someone's gender based on a picture drawn by a complete stranger is a rather odd thing to do... especially when you can't quite make the bishonen/girl call on the picture itself. I'm surprised that's still an issue though. Anyway though, as far as the page of Paws pronouncing various RPG pronouns, the answer to "Will you ever add more?" is invariably "Maybe, if I get a new microphone."

Tactical fun

With all the commotion that passed with FF tactics, I figure i should ask why vandal hearts doesnt get any credit. Now I know its not as good as Tactics in any fashion, but I think without Vandal Hearts there would be no tactics. They just took the flaws of VH and improved them. Reguardless, I found VH very entertaining, especially for being one of psx's first rpg's o rite a question. Is there a different ending in Vandal hearts if you beat it with the ultimate class. the regular ending kinda well,,, stunk. do u know anything about front mission 3? or a game i can relate it to.
anddd in ff VII, what materia do you find hidden in the snow,,, me and my friend cant agree on what u find

thanks, Wart

"not as good as FFT in any fashion"? Well, aside from party size, difficulty, and level design no. In any case though, any RPG by Squaresoft will always get more recognition than one from someone else, especially if it has FF in the name. Want some more proof? Look how many people own Mystic Quest. Moving on, yes, Vandal Hearts does indeed have a different ending if you become a Vandalier, but it isn't very different. FM3 is surprisingly good for a TRPG with a party size of only 4, and your FF7 question is a bit too vague for me to answer.


Hey (monks sing) GOOG-LE-SH-NG
I'm surprised you didn't post any letters about the more insanity Kingdom Hearts is now. It now sounds like a deranged crossover fanfic. It makes me wonder what you think? What two things would you like crossovered for insanity now? I'm now half-expecting Sephiroth say to Pinocchio "you are a puppet". What are you going to get with your cash?
Imperial Mog

The very premise of Kingdom Hearts is just so UTTERLY INSANE that I can't help but follow it closely. I think a better question than "What are they going to do next?" though would have to be "What is their target audience?" Square fans and Disney fans don't really overlap much. The only people who seem really interested seem to be following the game just for the sheer novelty value, and they aren't all that likely to buy it. As for how I plan to spend my first paycheck, Saiyuki, Zelda, Zelda... and Advance Wars so a dozen people will get off my back.

The Last Laugh:

This week, and particularly tonight, I've been getting a disturbingly large number of letters that have 4 things in common:

  1. A single, jumbled, incoherent paragraph.
  2. Constant, blatant, and often intentional typos.
  3. Random insults and maniacal laughter, and self-appointed titles.
  4. No question or notable comment.

Just to clear up any confusion on the matter, those 4 things all drasticly REDUCE the odds of my printing the letter in question, with the 4th being the real key.

Now then, tomorrow, Zach will be guest hosting for a 3rd and final time. If you can beat an offer of a copy of Xenogears in dubious condition with a mint XG or VP, then you too get to have the fun of guest hosting this column and getting a free game from another reader. Good deal, yes? In any case, ask some questions, ideally about Suikoden, Rhapsody, or Lunar, and answers shall appear.

Googleshng "Day off!"
"Gung-ho Guns no. 67! Sharkey the Evergreen!" Aren't random name generators fun?

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