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Googleshng - September 19 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Strange proliferance of Wild ARMs letters tonight. Hence the title. Hmm... for some reason I'm not in an intro-writing mood. So let's just get started.

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Use the Underwater Materia!

WA Spoiler ho!

Morning, Google.

'Cause I'm lame I made a Wild ARMs character selector. Who you got?
Maybe, I 'cause I made it I'm not supposed to take it, but I got Calamity Jane. Wohooo!

Anyways I think I had a question...
Oh yeah...
Can you ressurrect Elmina? Someone told me he had read it in walktrough, and being lazy as I am, I just can't check that walktrough.


Unlike the dead girls in a few other RPGs, you can indeed bring Elmina back from the dead. Oh, and since I just did it a week ago, I even remember how! First, you need to polish off Adelhyde's restoration, which of course means you need to be at the end of the game. Then you go to the bar and talk to the new guy, he gives you an item, take that to the circle of stones north of Baskar, and use it on all of them in the correct order (NW, SW, SE, NE, W, S, E, N), and then you get the Chrono Rune and Elmina back to life. Wow... that sounds even less legit than the Aeris bit... Might need to talk to the Baskar Chief's dog in there too.

And the sequel...


I was wondering if you have played Wild Arms 2, and if so, is it worth playing. All I have is the Japanese copy of the game, and while I can translate alright, it will take me quite a bit longer. If the game is good, let me know, and I will make sure to play it now. I might add that Wild Arms had one of the best sound tracks of any game I have played, but how does the second one compare?


Did I even mention that I just won WA and started WA2? The timing of these letters is creeping me out. Anyway, a quick comparison of the two. WA2 goes polygonal, lacks the spiffy bleak setting, has a WRETCHED translation, picks up a nasty amount of FF flavor (easy, longish battle animations, blue magic, esper system), and has 6 characters instead of 3. Oh, and they also removed MP, and replaced it with needing your force bar to be at a certain height to cast spells... which makes Dual Cast REALLY suck. In any case though, if you're translating it yourself, you'll probably enjoy it more than me. Heads really must roll for changing "Radar" to "Booty Call". As for the music, it's not AS good, but still decent.

Cheesy Doodles

Hey Googmeister,

ok, i'll do a new comic, but who the heck is working at RPGamer now? I honestly just don't visit the other sections that often, paws and chim are there, and so is nightshadow, and i have there ego's. other people who seem to have done q&a recently and more then just a one time gig are Alanna and Aegis, but i dunno what to do for there alter egos just yet, so ask em i suppose since you probably run into plenty on IRC. Now I just need an idea for a comic.


Aegis=shield, should be easy enough. Alanna=Little one, although it's an ironic nickname, kinda like Little John from Robinhood. Oh, and Chiapet hosted Q&A a couple times while CC was away, that should really be easy enough for ya.

Time, time, time...

CT Spoiler ho!

Hey Goog,

1)First, a seems that you and your fellow RPG players are always complaining about sleep, or a lack guys always say you are "dead tired" and that you always go to sleep between 4 and 6am, right when the sun is coming up.....and when the rest of the civilized world is just waking up to get ready for work. Well, why dont you just go to bed at a reasonable time, say between 11 pm and 1 am to ensure you get your essential 8 hours of shuteye!!! =) I mean I love RPG's just as much as anyone, but I don't like walking around as a zombie the next day, if ya know what I mean!
2) Question 2 is about the PSX Chrono Trigger the anime cutscene where Lavos kills Crono, you see a short scene of a young Janus with his cute lil' kitty kat....and it says something like "One among you, will shortly perish".....well what I want to know is why they show a young Magus in the scene? What significance does that have? Why not show a young Crono, because he is the one that died. So that logic confuses me time for glorious sleep!!!!!!! Thanks!!

Why do I stay up until 4 or 5 AM (pushing 6 tonight)? It's simple. The main surge in Q&A letters comes somewhere between 10 PM and midnight. After that, I have to sort the mail, find what's printable, and actually write the column. The whole process, accounting for distractions, takes about 4 hours. So I sit up all night with nobody around to answer all your questions, like this one. It's either that or do it in the morning when I'm groggy and there's 20 people vying for my attention. I get 8 hours of sleep most nights though, and my skin turns deathly pale to boot! Now, as for Chrono Trigger, that would be a flashback to when you see Janus in Zeal, and he gives a cryptic warning about Crono being vaporized in the near future.

The Last Laugh:

work-column-sleep-work-column-YouAreHere-sleep-work-column-sleep-PAY DAY!-column-...

Googleshng "Cleanup on aisle 6"
As soon as I get paid, I am BLOWING EVERY CENT ON GAMES.

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