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Googleshng - September 18 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Today's title isn't entirely true, I'm dead tired, my left arm is in agony, and... I forgot the third thing. Maybe it was something about my memory. In any case though, play wouldn't help the situation, especially with the next new RPG out being a week away still. So let's get on with the work I enjoy!

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My little buddy needs to use the facilities.

Hey (monks sing) GOOG-LE-SH-NG
I just was wondering since someone brought this up. Don't you think the whole deal with RPG's and bathrooms are just funny. Just picture in a random encounter and one of the characters have to just take time off and jump in the bushes to do their buisness. Actually why do most RPG's have no bathrooms? Opps, I forgot my name but you could guess who it is.
Imperial Mog

True, most RPGs don't have bathrooms, but they also don't have food, and every in in the world just has one big room that happens to have one bed for each of your characters, that nobody else ever uses. Plus not only can you sleep in one of these inns a hundred times in a row without ever experiencing any noticable passage of time, you can also just go weeks without ever sleeping if you really want, and drink Tonic instead. Oh, and have you ever tasted that stuff? It's NASTY. RPGs are just unrealisistic that way.

Questions from The Castle Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhggg...

Oh hello.
I've got ye some nice little questions (although I think the answers will be a little long) and here they are.

1) What did you really think about Legend of Dragoon? Sure, I just bought it as a Greatest Hits title and from where I am I just have to say that it isn't that bad but it's not anything truly extravagant either. I don't know why people bicker and keep on complaining about why they hate the game. Do you really think it''s that bad?

Legend of Dragoon is the most generic RPG ever made, features an incredibly dated graphics engine, and has a simply WRETCHED translation, and yet there's a certain enjoyability to it. That says a lot for the enjoyability of the average RPG, now?

2) What do you loom for in an RPG?

It would be so much more fun to answer this taking your typo at face value, I'd say I look for fun. If I'm not allowed to say that, I'm going to have to say challenge. Not challenge on the sense of having to character build constantly mind you, challenge in the sense that you actually have to do more than attack and heal. I don't find too much of that though sadly. The same goes for a need to actually explore the world. Most modern RPGs don't even HAVE an overworld to explore.

3) The final question , my fifth one (three questions sir!) er... my third one.... what do you think SHOULD be in an RPG no matter what?


Uh, see above. Just for the sake of filling space though, here's something I want to see LESS of. A linear plot, spoonfed to you in long cutscenes. When RPGs first came about, the thing that I dug the most about them was that instead of going from one level to another, you had a whole world to explore at your own pace, and I can't think of a single time I've really seen that since FF7 was released.


Hey Googleshng,

What does "gaiden" mean? How is it pronounced?


"Guy-den", and it roughly translates as "side story"... although I'm sure 5 billion people are going to pounce on me for not giving you a long lesson in Japanese. 8)

The Last Laugh:

Short column tonight, that's mondays for ya. See you all tomorrow!

Googleshng "It sucks having broken glass in your fingers."
Time clock work: Where the better you work, the less you get paid, and vice versa.

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