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Googleshng - September 14 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Just now, I finally got around to finishing Kartia as Lacryma. This leaves only four games in the "won, but haven't gotten every ending" pile. Woo.

Zach: Hello everybody. Things over in Zachland are in a bit of a jumble right now, so I may not be giving your letter the attention it deserves. I apologize in advance for this.

If you have any HP or GP to spare, share it with those who need it. Thanks.

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Suikoden 3

Hi Goog and Zach,

What do you guys think of this Suikoden III information? Me, I'm just glad to have a PS2.

As for the characters announced, it was mentioned that one is from the Grasslands and the other is from the Zeksen Federation. What are these places?


I'm most hyped about it, and every new rumor or tidbit that I hear has me wishing harder for a time travelling device of some sort. I've waited before though, so I suppose I can do so again.

The Zeksen Federation (spelled "Zexen" in Suikoden II) is the homeland of several of the stranger characters in the series - Bolgan, Lebrante, Gilbert, and Hans. My guess is that it is a European-styled land, to the west of the Grasslands.

Where are the Grasslands? I'm not really sure. West, of the known world? Ellie, Rina, Camus, Bob, and Badeaux may know, as they all hail from there originally.

OK, let me just double check. I'm not the only one who finds it odd that THREE groups of 108 people would have to get together to save the world within a short period of time, right? Even if they DO share people.

Cubic fun

Hola, Goog y Zach (Those Xenosaga mp3's are great!) I know this isn't rpg related, but I'd just like to know your response. What do you think of Resident Evil becoming Gamecube exclusive? If I remember correctly, you enjoyed Code Veronica on DC, and Capcom has a GCN remake along with exclusive remakes of RE 1-3. Also RE 0, and RE 4 will be exclusive. Of course ports to Xbox and PS2 are very possible, but this is a good way for Nintendo to woo more adult oriented games to the GCN.

I played Resident Evil 2 once. Never again. I played for three hours, and then I was killed by a zombie. Anything that lets more people kill them stinkin' undead is good by me though. If there's anything that I hate, it's the undead. Nintendo trying to breath a little diversity into their line-up is also good. People hate zombies, people love Nintendo. It can't fail!

You know, it can either be exclusive, or ported to other systems. Not both. In any case though, woo, REs on the system with the cheapest discs. Yay.

Ok, ok an rpg question. What do you think are the chances of Square releasing Final Fantasy 11 on Gamecube? Especially since FF 11 will be online. Or even the the possibilty of the PS2 remakes of FF7-9 being ported to GCN or even Xbox?

Thanks for your time,


For this question, I shall channel the spirit of FF8's Squall - "Whatever..."

FF11 I can see flying all over the place. Remakes of 7-9, well, if one system is clearly on top a couple years hence, it might get them, but don't hold your breath.

More Suikology

Heya Google and Zach In response to my comment yesterday I wrote it in kind of a rush and it wasn't exactly great, but I am biased, I worked in a game store for a while and we offered bundles but did not require them, so not all of these stores do that. And there is a much better chance of getting a new system there too because they get more.

Hi. It's all good.

This topic has been in discussion for entirely too long I think.

Now the question: Is there any extra benefit to completing the Clive quest in Suikoden II, to offset the loss of many characters?


The satisfaction of helping a lone gunman on his quest for the elusive mayfly known as love - You don't get any secret items, potch, or material rewards, but finally learning the secret of the man behind the cloak is worth it. Extra story depth, if you will.

The peanut, is neither a pea, nor a nut.
Oh wait, it is a nut.

A good question

Heya, Google and Zach,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for keeping this whole Q&A thing going. Keeping a sense of normalcy makes it easier to get by in trying times such as these. Anyway, some questions.
1. The English voice of Tidus is James Arnold Taylor, who apparently played a character named Walla on Futurama. As a die-hard fan of Futurama, I must ask: who the hell is Walla?

Hey there Conor,

That's a good question. He's billed before Billy West and John di Maggio on the IMDB, but the name just doesn't ring a bell. It's a great mystery.

I asked the same question when I read that.

Oh my Goddess(es?)

Possible Spoiler:
Exactly what relation to Althena is Lucia? Lucia is the only other person who can harness Althena's power to it's full extent (even when you fought Zophar, he was using Lucia to use Althena's Power). Is she Althena's daughter? Althena's clone? what?

Lucia, the Priestess of the Blue Star... Be she avatar, splinter essence, or something beyond the scope of mortal man's mind? A combination of all three. She's definately the most concentrated source of Althena's power on Lunar.

It never REALLY specifies, daughter, younger sister, second in command, you can't really work out the geneology of a pantheon when you only know of two goddesses in it.


why do I want Tales of Destiny 2?

Zach: Why don't you want Tales of Destiny 2?
Google: Because you liked the original? Or you liked SO2?

Will there be a parasit eve movie?

Zach: Word has been bouncing back and forth for a while now, along with a lot of other video game based movies. I haven't heard anything recently. Google: In Japan, they made a movie based on the original book a while ago. Also a while ago, Madonna bought the US movie rights. Movies take eons to come out though, so I have a hard time tracking them past announcements.

The Last Laugh:

Zach: If I am reincarnated, I'd like to live somewhere where life is easier. Somewhere with nothing but peaceful days, someplace with no stealing, no killing - Eden.

If I may, I'd like to point out my small contribution to the pursuit of peace. A simple image, but one that captures my hopes while distracting me from my pain.

Google: On a much much much much lighter note, Chesh should be back sometime this weekend. In the meantime, Chimerasame will be hosting, so tomorrow's column will most likely be quite odd.

Googleshng "Kyaus rule."
You know, considering that Zach said he'd like to live in Eden right after I won Kartia...

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