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Googleshng - September 13 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Today's title is meaningless. Today's letters are largely comments. Today's intro is short.

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Hey Goog,

I need to ask you to do something for me. You see I can't afford a PS2, and I wasn't totally interested in getting one until recently. What with MGS2 and FF10 (Or Point Break 2 as I call it) coming out and all. I'm sure you have some enemies in your hometown, and I'm sure at least one of them oewns a PS2. I want you to smack them around with a baseball bat for a few minutes, and then take their PS2 and any games they have, and send them to me. Thank you, that is all.

Selfish Bastard

If such a person existed, I'd keep that PSX2 for myself!


Heya Goog,
Your Chupon comment yesterday wasn't quite accurate. I beat Chupon over the course of about 10 you ask? Luck. I bet a crap item by accident and got into the Chupon fight. I got lucky and got a premative attack (How you could do that in an arena fight, I dunno, but it is possible in FFVI) and by sheer luck Terra cast berserk and it stuck. By doing this it was just a matter of killing him, I was quite proud of myself for accomplishing this RPG feat through sheer luck.

One of a number of methods pointed out to me today.


Yo, Goog.

I feel kinda bad about this question, considering all that has happened recently, but then life must go on. I have a limited amount of cash at the moment (maybe $50) and I was wondering what game I should buy. I have an N64, and a PS2. If it helps, I like tactical RPGs and FF style RPGs the best. So... any suggestions?

P.S.: anyone who knows where my name comes from gets a present... or not.

Get Saiyuki. It's either that or wait for Hoshigami and Arc. As for your name, FM3. AUStralian SPENDers website. Now what do I win?

Console buying

In response to the guy the other day who said to chew out the guy at the local game store because the store offers a bundle for preorder and suggested purchasing from department stores. Let me say this. Game stores need to offer bundles and group purchases as a way to stay in business. They are not huge stores that sell any iotem anyone wants, like Target or Wal-Mart, they are a specialized and thus earn less money than these large stores because of a decreased customer number. But these game stores offer better service and knowledge of ganes while dep't stores know little to nothing and only have games as a side thought. So support your game stores and not dep't like Wal-Mart who would have us all playing Barney 'cause no one gets hurt. Now a questio, what's the best way I could get a hold of a Sega Master System and a copy of PS 1?

While I do prefer going to game stores to, say, Toys'R'Us to buy my games, you still aren't giving an excuse for places that only offer system bundles. It's one thing if you have a special deal where buying a console, second controller, and one of 3 games gets you a discount, but when it costs just as much to buy that bundle at your store as it does to buy them seperately at the store 20 feet away, all you're doing is depriving yourself of the customers who don't want any of those 3 games, and/or a spare controller.

As for Phantasy Star and an SMS, quite frankly, your only hope is eBay.


Is it true that the GBA Tactics Ogre game is not slated, nor will it ever be slated, for release in the U.S.? I'm sure Breath of Fire will be a quality GBA RPG, since I haven't played it in nearly a decade, but an original RPG would be nice at some point. (Yes, I'm aware that Tactics Ogre is not a traditional RPG anyway). Sam

Uh... no. I don't see any reason for Atlus not to release the latest game in their flagship series in the US, and I'm almost positive they don't either. As for a REALLY original game on the GBA, check out Golden Sun.

"I'M the best!"

Hey (monks sing) GOOG-LE-SH-NG
I was wondering this. I couldn't find Tales of Destiny II in the store but I thought it was released last weekend. Did it get delayed and if so, when will it come out? Also just a thought on your scores of ratios for FF is horrible math. It adds up to a total of 4/3. Also isn't it wierd to see things in RPG's that you've seen in others. Aren't there many cast cliches like I've noticed that in most RPG's there one foul-tempered female. Especilly applies to redheads. Actually my friend noticed that the cast of Slayers is a renagade RPG cast.
Imperial Mog

According to my sources, ToD2 was supposed to hit the shelves today, although recent events will most likely delay it for a few days, at least in some places.


hey there. do you know what's the official pronounciation of "epoch" from chrono trigger?


The Last Laugh:

Hmm... no multiparters tonight, and no essay questions either. That explains why I finished in record time. Anyway, tomorrow, Zach will be guest hosting. Try to send in some Suikoden Lunar and Rhapsody Qs for him if you can. Or other questions, all your call.

Googleshng "Leech Mint"
Kartia: The only TRPG where you get to leave giant smouldering craters.

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