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Googleshng - September 12 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

As I'm sure you know, yesterday morning there was an extremely tragic act of terrorism which has people all over quite shaken. I would say something more about the incident, but consoling people has never been my forté. So instead, I'll just treat today like any other and get on with the letters.

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On the subject of stats

Hello Googleshng,
to complet and correct what you said about the stats in FFVI, here are some informations: vigor states for strengh, influencing the damage you make when attacking with a weapon, stamina doesn't influence HP progression that much but mainly defense, magic power the damage made by spells, and speed how fast the action gauge goes. Some espers give you stats bonus at level up, and are far more interesting than the ones giving HP or MP bonuses (at level 99, you're about at 9600 HP, why bother for more?); for exemple, Tina with 128 in magic power (the max unmodified score in a stat) makes 9999 damage almost everytime she casts a spell.
Well, I think that covers almost everything...


I had a feeling someone would have an answer here. Thanks.

Still a while to go...

Hey Google-

Yesterday I rented Ephemeral Fantasia for the PS2 and let me tell you. It sucked worse than Shadow Madness for the PSX. I barely got 30 minutes into the game when I realized how boring it was. These days when we play RPGs you're usually thrown into some exciting mission first, but with this... well i don't know. It's just boring. And I think the story so far was kind of dull. Get this... you're a traveling musician/thief that has a soft spot for beautiful women (don't we all) and its kind of obvious to how the rest of the story goes. Anyway I had to get out that pent up anger out for wasting that $5.29 I spent to rent that game for 5 days. But on to my questions...

Yes, with most systems, there aren't any RPGs at all released within the first year. Where there are, they have a tendancy to seriously suck.

1. Do you know if Final Fantasy X will be a good game?

That's what people keep telling me, meanwhile I'm being a jaded old fogey and waiting to play it before forming an opinion.

2. Do you know of any great RPGs coming to the PS2?

I am personally looking forward to Shadow Hearts, WA3, and Xenosaga.

3. Is Dark Cloud worth buying or should I rent it first?

I'm told it's a 60 hour clone of the recent Zelda games, with a badly implimented "world building" system lifted from Soul Blazer. So, rent if anything.

4. And while I'm talking about Dark Cloud... what kind of battle system does it have?

See above.

5. Whats in your playstation now?

Alright thats it. I'll see you on the other side.

Oddly enough, Kartia.


Hey there, googleshng,

I've a question or three and a comment or two if you have time:

1. I'm playing Dragon Warrior III on my GBA, and while I am thoroughly enjoying the game, something seems amiss. What I mean is, the game seems much easier than I remember it being on the NES. I think someone told me they had made the GBC rereleases easier, but I never heard any details. Do you have any?

Prices are lowered, monsters give more EXP and GP, and monsters' stats are lowered in all the GBC DW remakes. Also, the menus are white. All the other changes are good though.

2. I agree 206.19% with the guy who said the GBA screen smudges much too easily. Any suggestions on cleaning procedures?

Uh, a wet paper towel should work just fine. It's just a plastic cover over an LCD.

3. Yep, you can get the characters in FF6 to 9999. Actually, like you said, if you always use the Bahamut esper, you can get them to 9999 around the early 70s levels.

That's what I said.

4. My last question is about FF6. Have you ever beaten Mr. Chupon in the colliseum? Back when that was the only game I owned, I played it more than is even healthy, and I actually did beat that bugger a few times. He didn't give me the prize he'd promised me, however. (elixer or some such nonsense) Anyway, my friend told me that it's impossible to beat him, and it was merely a glitch. You, of course, know the truth.

In theory it's possible if you do it in one round, but personally I didn't mess with the arena much.

5. Your quote is from Moo Cow Goes to Work, a tale of a grocery-bagging bovine in three acts.

-jaraph "the SNES is the best system ever"

Uh, no.

Lights and tastes

Hi Gramblebang,

For the guy asking about a light for his Gameboy Advance; try the Interact Gameboy Advance Glowguard Light. It's 8 bucks and is a pretty nice light for the GBA. Also has a pass through for the game link. You can probably find one pretty easily at a Electronics Boutique at the mall. Oh yeah, while you're there, make sure you chew out the guy behind the counter over the freakin "X-box bundle" preorder crap. And let them know how you will buy your X-box, Gamecube, or any other systems at Target or Best Buy, because they don't make you buy anything more than what you WANT to buy. >8)

Hmm, a question is in order I guess...Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest series or Final Fantasy series? I like Dragon Warrior games better myself.


PS: "Saiyuki: Journey to the West" rocks. Everybody go buy it.

Again, don't you people have exposed light bulbs? As for the question of FF vs. DQ, I'm not touching that issue. I have played every FF game, but only half the DQs. While FF peaked in the middle, DQ I gather has yet to peak. You also left out the Phantasy Star series, which has been around just as long/longer than those two,and has half as many games. Out of what I've played... DQ: 1/3 cool, 2/3 suck. FF: 1/3 cool, 2/9 cool, 1/3 OK, 4/9 suck. PS: 1/2 cool, 1/2 OK. Ratios of what I played put PS on top, followed by FF, but I haven't played most DQs.

Odd letter here.

hey googlshung,

i am stuck in zenogeers. i am at the last boss and i cant beet him. should i fight the bosses before him and wut order shuld i fite them? thx

This letter here is from someone I've known a while who is making intentional typoes as an odd joke. I shall now counter that by pointing out that his name is Jude Gore, thus embarassing him in front of any friends reading this. Now then. The last boss in Xenogears has 4 little buddies orbitting around it, and a party switch point. The general rule of thumb to use is that you should kill as many of the buddies as you can without using the 3 characters you want to win with. If for some reason you can't take them all out, at least try for the really annoying ones (healing, fuel sucker). Also, if you equip your gears with either Anti-Angel Systems or Angel Armor +3, the main boss' best attack will do 0 damage to you, making things MUCH MUCH easier on you.

The Last Laugh:

There's the column, hopefully it will help take people's minds off things, if not, I'll have to do some really really weird stuff later tonight, like update my page or something.

Googleshng "This is the most morbid inbox ever."
Oh, and for the morbidly curious, no, nobody at RPGamer lost any loved ones yesterday, not even those staffers in New York.

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