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Googleshng - September 7 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

All work and no play may Google not win Wild ARMs today, although from your perspective that'd be yesterday and I'm playing it right this second. Writing columns in the middle of the night leads to odd temporal terminology, no?

Zach: Amigos! Welcome to the column. I'm Zach, long time reader, first time guest hoster. My last name? Between you and me, it is... irrelevant. I'm of driving age and then some, but unable to do so legally due to years of intensive racing mini-games that left me sorely unprepared for the unplugged world. I watch anime (mostly of the Trigun and Slayers variety), pillage the Spanish Main, and casts the spells that makes the people go boom. That's me in a nutshell. Question #1!

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Gotta keep'em all!

I've been playing through Suikoden 2 for a while now, and I'm very curious about one thing: I got Gilbert in the army battle near the beginning of the game, however, during that battle, he died... Thus rendering him unusable for any further Army battles as a Commander, and also greying him out on the list of Stars I've gathered.

My question is: will his death in that battle prevent me from getting the special ending of the game when you get all 108 stars?

Thanks very much in advance for an answer.

Best Regards,
Dan Calderman
Former RPGamer New Media Director ;-)

Yep, 'fraid so. At least if you go through that part of the game again, you can use it as a chance to try and shave off some spare time for using toward Clive's mini-quest.

I'm not a big fan of timed subquests in games where you can miss doing stuff.

Saiyuki... not a lot of jokes to make on this name.


Saiyuki: The Journey West
I have been playing this game, and damn it is addicting! I love the plot, the characters are cool, and it brings a few new twists to what is my favorite subgenre of RPG. Yet, I know no one who is playing it. Are you guys out there? What do you think of it?

Gah! I haven't had a chance to play it yet, but it looks quite swell. I'll pick it up when I have the chance, but until then I'll just recall the wacky antics of the Hinata Sou crew when they acted out the story that the game was based on (Loosly, from my understanding). Su-chan, you so crazy.

It seems like that legend is ALWAYS interpretted loosely. Anyway, our official review of Saiyuki should be up soon, to get the word out a bit, and I myself will be picking it up with my first paycheck.

He's just stunned!

Is Nobuo Uematsu dead??

Well, he's... he's, ah...probably pining for the fjords. Seriously though, the last time I saw him, he was looking fine.

I don't see where you would get the impression that he WAS dead, unless you just saw that news story from a few months ago where someone confused Uematsu with someone else...


Dear Zach,

Finally, someone out there who has played the bizarre, charming, and utterly challenge-less TRPG known as Rhapsody! Aside from the two people at GameFAQs who've actually written on it, that is. Google and Chiapet were mean, and never answered this question, but now I can target it to you!! Yay! I picked up an item called an "Energy Guide" in the optional dungeon, and it has no apparent function. You can't use, equip, or sell it, and it's not a story item (unless there's a super-hidden sidequest somewhere). What's up with it? Can anyone help me?

-Nate Railsback


Rhapsody is truly the most overlooked game of any time, with the possible exception of Skull Monkeys. Us fans of musical adventures have to stick together, perhaps share laughter and tears through all of the years or somesuch sign of unity.

I'm sorry that I can't help you with your Energy Guide woes. It's possible that it's a junk item or something cut out of the game in the final stages, but with a cool name like Energy Guide, something is not right here.

Remember, You're not alone, so just hang on, you must try to be stronger. You can overcome life's ups and downs, You can turn your life around, That's the meaning of true courage, So please remember... Don't you ever give up trying, Be courageous, keep on striving; Fly to the stars! You can have hope for tomorrow. So let's hold hands with one-another, We can both take one step further. Dreams can come true. Find the hope that's deep inside, Find the strength that keeps your dreams alive.

(Note: Rhapsody is full of musical numbers like the above.) I myself never played Rhapsody because, as you said, it's an extremely easy TRPG. Ew. As for not printing this letter earlier in the week, well, as I said yesterday, the mail server's been a tad screwy lately. I didn't see this letter before this column, although I seem to have 2 copies tonight.


So you've finished Wild Arms. Your opinions on it? I found it to be rather good, imo. Understandable battle system with interesting character, as well as the added usage of tools in battle. And another good thing: The characters weren't carbon copies of each other ability-wise. Another thing I liked were some of the hidden bosses. I tried one once. He squished me. But even then, they seemed challenging without the extreme difficulty of the Weapons from FFVII. ;) But, yes, curious as to your opinions on the game, plot, battle system and all.


There's another game that I have yet to play. Google?

I think Wild ARMs is one of the most underrated games out there. If it had come out on the SNES it would probably have gotten a warmer reception (since that's about where the graphics stand and all). Anyway though, WA has just about everything I like in an RPG. A unique plot and setting, a surprising number of logic puzzles, highly unique characters, a decent level of challenge, and a world that constantly expands as you proceed, and which you have to have to actually go out and explore. Cool music too.


It's a well noted fact that those who run Q&A columns are very smart and handsome!, <-- THERE's an introduction.

Time for random questions spewed out in an entertaining order! :

1. The Chu-chu commercial. Why does this both terrify me and then validate MY existence? What's more - did they really show that in Japan..? Seems a little violent and check the above feeling-y.

1. There are some pretty entertaining commercials in Japan, and I don't see any reason why they wouldn't air Pure Love in a commercial form. It's all good.

Before I start answering, let me just dispell 2 myths. Myth #1: Sucking up to the host in your greeting enhances your chances of getting printed. I generally skip right over them when choosing what to print. Myth #2: I prefer multiparters to single question letters. Don't get me wrong, if you have more than one question, send a multipart letter, but some people occassionally go out of their way to make sure there letter has a bunch of numbered questions when they only want to know one thing.

That said, I have a tape right here of random Japanese commercials. The CCR one is NOTHING compared to some of these.

2. Did you know wherever you go, there you are?

2. You're right, by gum! But what am I doing in the Wooden Tower of Sideways?

I'm going to go to the movies tomorrow, but I'm not there now...

3. For the PS2, my friend pesters my head off about how great Dark Cloud is. SO, will that things price ever drop to a level at which I don't feel I've been blindfolded and robbed by a colorful charlatan named Sony? And I still don't even know if they fixed that bug where the CD grinds the laser or some such.

3. PS2 prices should drop eventually, like all game systems. In time, we'll be dancin' in the streets again. Also, it helps if you don't look at it as being robbed by a flamboyant yet tasteful charlatan, but as helping feelings of goodwill around the world. You get to keep your head, as your friend stops his gum-flapping, Sony gets the money that they so love, Google possibly gets more questions to answer about games that sound great, and I get the satisfaction of sucessfully assisting a soul in search of answers.

Unless everyone in Sony's marketting department has recently been lobotomized, the PS2 should drop in price right around the time the GameCube launches. I'm guessing it'll only be to $250 though, which is still a bit steep if you ask me.

4. Have you seen the (I think gamespot..) preview of World of Warcraft? I'm drooling all over that one.

4. I have seen a very impressive trailer for World of Warcraft, and am quite impressed by it. Best. Skeletons. Ever.

I like Blizzard, and just about all their games, but unless they can do away with all the things I don't like about MMORPGs (which, if they have monthly fees, isn't happening), I'm not going to pay much attention. WC3 on the other hand really has me drooling.

5. What's your favorite Chrono Trigger OST song?

5. Favorite song? It'd be a rough tie between "Frog's Theme" and "Delightful Spekkio". The Brink of Time CD probably sticks out in my mind better though, as it reminds me of delicious eggs. I gotta get me somma them!

I like pretty much every track in CT equally.

6. Chu-Chu rocket.. *shiver**convulse**curl into a ball*

-When regular insanity just doesn't cut it.

6. Neko wa kowaii!

I can't imagine playing that on the GBA. You really need X and Y buttons.

Dulagon Waliaa 7

just was wondering if you know when dragon warrior vii is coming out i really need a good rpg fix , badly!

The official word is still Fall of this year, but that wouldn't really give it much time to be hyped and released... If you're hankerin' for some rpg action, replay some old favorites - It's amazing how much new stuff you can find in most any old game the second or third time through, even if it's only plot holes and dialogue errors that seemed perfectly OK at the time (Note to self: Self, reply Suikodens).

Well, judging by the fact that my man on the inside has finished localizing, and finished playing through the game looking for bugs, and is now just goofing off. Of course, review copies still haven't shipped out, so it will most likely hit the shelves some time next month.


Code Veronica = Good
RE3 = Bad
RE = Ugly

Zach: Quina good, fire BAD!!!
Google: 3 isn't THAT bad. Sure, there's too much ammo but there's a lot of high points too.


Zach: I'm sorry, but my heart belongs to another. She keeps it in a jar with the rest of her pirate booty. Google: Well, my knowledge of Britney Spears consists entirely of unflattering hearsay, so I'll have to say no.

The Last Laugh:

Zach: My work here is done. Perhaps I shall return in the future, to try my hand once more at being informative and entertaining. If not, that's the end of that chapter. Dudes, be excellent to each other

Google: Ah, wrapping up the column RIGHT when I planned to. Good, I CAN work on this schedule. Anyway, this weekend I actually managed to find out who's taking this weekend BEFORE posting the Friday column. Alanna, runner of our fanfic section, and hoster of my page, and wearer of a really cool perl shirt at E3.

Googleshng "Your opponent will be Satoshi, Devourer of Souls!"
Character in western setting has prosthetic arm made with lost technology. Was Trigun inspired by Wild ARMs?

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