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Googleshng - September 6 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Two days with practically nothing to print, then foom, my mail box is bursting. Judging by the content of a few of these, it seems it was indeed a server bug. Glad to see it fixed itself. Now let's get rolling!

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Lufia 2fia

WOW, you know someone who beat the Ancient Cave in Lufia 2? I've been trying that thing for years and can hardly ever get halfway there...How long did it take him? Seems like it would take all day since it takes me hours to get to like level 40... I'm just surprised there's someone in the world with enough time for that thing. Is there anything special for beating it? If there is don't tell me what it is...


Well, my cousin didn't have the game until a week or so ago, so evidently he hit the bottom on one of his first few tries. Generally that takes around 2 or 3 hours, and as for what's at the bottom, well, let's just say it's the sort of thing I would put in a game. Oh, and don't forget everyone, Lufia:tLR is out in just a couple more weeks.

Coming up next...

Heya Google,
This is another of those long time reader first time writter things. I have a few questions to ask while I am waiting for new RPGs to come out.

First of which, in my favorite game of all time Final Fantasy Tactics, my friend keeps telling me that there is a way to make Ramza a Holy Knight without using a Gameshark, or any other form of game altering things, do you know a way of doing this?

Secondly, I know of the "bigger" RPGs that are coming our soon (I hope) such as Hoshigami, Tales of Destiny, Baldur's Gate, ect..., but are there going to be any other Playstation or Playstation2 RPGs that look good that are coming out in the next 2 months?

Third, know of any major online RPGs that wont be pay per month? I hate having to pay an extra 5 to 10 bucks a month on a game I already payed $50 for.

Thanks Google,

Balefireman ~ Loyal member of the WoT online game community

Regarding FFT, your friend is dead wrong. Now, as for upcoming games, the only biggies on those systems that aren't on your list that I can think of are Arc The Lad Trilogy (3 and a half TRPGs for almost the price of one), and Dragon Warrior 7, which looks darn cool. Oh, and keep in mind when I say that that I've never really liked the series much until now. Makes me wonder how 5 and 6 were... I'll have to check out the remakes. Finally, Massively Multiplayer Online RPGs simply don't exist. There's always PSO and Diablo 2 though.

Legend of Dragoon?!?

Hiya Googie

I'm just starting to play Legend Of Dragoon, and i might say, PRETTY DARN COOL.

My question is this, who did the music for it? It's different from the usual rpg music I'm use to. I'm to lazy to go look in the book that it came with, and, seeing your looking for questions to be submitted.....i thought i'd ask. :-)

Also, is there anyway i can carry more than just 32 items around with me, or, is there any moment in the game where that may extend to a larger amount of items, like a extra pouch or something. Like in Resident Evil 2...or 3 (i can't remember which) where you get that extra backpack thingy.

Thanks, and......see ya around.


There's a game I haven't seen questions on in a long time. Everything you'd want to know and more about LoD's composer can be found in our extensive interview with him a while back. The music doesn't sound like typical RPG fare since he didn't have any background in RPGs prior to LoD. As far as the inventory goes though, I'm afraid you're stuck with the rediculously restrictive 32 item limit for the whole game. I don't think there's a single other game where I ever spent more time chucking useless items than that. Oh, and the inventory upgrade is in both RE2, and RE3.

Those pesky memory cards...

"Geez, I'm gone one day and the place falls apart." ~unknown

Salutations Goog.

I have a question. It is also a problem that irks me so. As I have said before, I am playing FF 7. Great game, but I'm getting screwed by something. See, I play it on my cousin's PS2. I save at different points in the game. On 3 occassions now, I have tried to open one of the files (the most recent save I made) and after a few seconds of trying to read the file, the game says "File is ruined." What the fudge??? Why, why, w-w-w-why does this keep happening? Is it the fact that I'm playing on a PS2, or the memory card I use that is a generic brand? A cd glitch? Has this crap happened to anyone else? You can imagine the frustration of having your most recent game ruined, so that you have to redo hours of gameplay to get back to where you were in the game. Hours! As you wished, a question to be answered.

Hikaru "Maybe there is no land of freedom."

Well, from what I'm told, the PS2 has the bothersome habit of recognizing only Sony brand cards. So, you'll just have to use your original PSX to copy all the files onto a Sony brand card before you can play it on a PS2. There's a lot of strange proprietary issues when it comes to the PS2 actually. Some games even require you to use a Sony brand controller.

Strange thing to ask...

I just bought Final Fantasy Anthology and Chronicles with my collection of 7,8,9 what final fantasy games do i not own (in the japanese numbers)? Do you know why there wasn't a music disk similar to the one in anthology in chronicles, that would have so reeked of awesomeness!
Is squaresoft going to rerelease some of the super nes titles such aa secret of mana and secret of evermore, its just so time comsuming switching systems in and out to play just a few old games when they could make some serious money rereleasing them.

Note: I found that Kay Bee Toys is a great place to find hard to find games, I found Anthology and the original Vandal Hearts last week at the same store. Got both For $60


Well, if you have FF Chronicles, which contains FF4, FF Anthology, which contains FF5 and 6, and you have 7 8 and 9, that just leaves FF 1 2 and 3. If you meant to ask what they are by the US numbers, FF1 is FF1, and the other two were never released here.

The music CD in FFA was a half-hearted appology for cutting FF4 from the US release. Since they stuck it in with Chrono Trigger (after a LONG delay), no such bonuses were really necessary.

There isn't even a remote chance of Square rereleasing Secret of Evermore, as it is considered by most to be the worst game they ever released, except for those who dedicate all their hatred towards Mystic Quest. Secret of Mana isn't too likely either considering the lukewarm reception LoM got.

Finally, as for Kay Bee, I've always had an unusual degree of luck with their used game bins myself.

Suikoden, the ever popular

Hi Goog.

I know you haven't played through the first Suikoden game (or have you?) yet, but I figured you would know who has among the staff and pass on the question for me. I just finished #1, and I'm wanting to know if I have to do anything to be able to load that game into Suiko 2. Is there not a "Clear game" sort of thing, or do I have to have all 108 stars? Help is appreciated.


All you need to do is have a game saved at the very last save point in Gregminster Castle, which if you just finished, you probably do.


why did they name a search engine after you?

Because they like me? It really bugs me that they grabbed that url before I could, it'd probably cost a fortune to get it from them now.

Or there's always that third reason.. people are back in school and don't have time to write?

I could have sworn I listed that one...

Surely you jest! Where out thou quickies?!

All around you.

I'm curious to know if Brad is coming back. Do you know what's happening with him?


"Brad coming back" as in doing Q&A again? Uh, no, that won't be happening. Maybe a guest host spot way down the road or something, but he's quite gone. Besides which, I'm not going anywhere, and CC gets back from his vacation in about a week, so there isn't exactly an open chair.

The Last Laugh:

There you go! Nice big column, complete with quickies. Now, tomorrow "Zach" will be guest hosting, looking for questions on the Suikodens, Lunars, and Rhapsody. If you want his seat, it'll cost you a copy of Valkyrie Profile, Xenogears, or a GBA.

On a totally unrelated note, it just occured to me that I know absolutely everything I'm going to do for the next year, down to the hour. That's not generally a good thing.

Googleshng "'Head towards the light', pssh, too far!"
OK, I'll admit, 2 PM Friday, around the end of November, when I say "Smurf all my responsabilities! I'm going to play Pikmin all day!", that part I look forward to.

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