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Googleshng - September 5 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

You know how I said yesterday's batch of letters was sparse? Compared to today, that was a mountain of letters. This is most likely due to one of two things. 1- Mail server bugs. 2- None of you have any questions. If it's the former, I guess it'll clear up on it's own. If it's the latter, well, I suggest you all do what I'm doing now. Go over to the huge pile of games that came out last year, play whatever you didn't have time for then, and toss me some questions on'em. Or not. Your call. No unanswered questions means I'm doing a good job. 8)

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Old Issues
  • Wild ARMs- I just dusted it off, good game.
  • Lufia 2- My cousin just finished the Ancient Cave. Go him!
  • Phantasy Star- Someone I know just started playing it.
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New Issues
  • DW7- It sounds DARN cool.
  • Hoshigami- Hurry up, will ya?
  • Arc- Come take all my time away!

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