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Googleshng - August 31 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Now that I've had a chance to look at Tsugunai stuff, I just have one thing to say. They made an RPG out of Quantum Leap!?!

Kahgani: Things to do today: 1. Work. 2. Guest host the Q&A column with Google. 3. Write "Return to Sender" on that package from the new Q&A guest host so I can guest host another week. Oh wait, was I thinking out loud? hehe. Yes it is my last week as a guest host, unless Suikogaiden doesn't arrive, but I have been wanting this game for so long that I am checking my mail the second I get home. Anyways, on to the questions.

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This is just like last week...

Hello Goog and guest host Kahgani,who's name is a great challenge to spell,I have a few questions for you.

1.)System of a Down. Your opinion(s)?

Err, never really heard of it, hehe.

Me either. That's a band that's less than 12 years old, right?

2.)I got Dragon Warrior 3 for GBC,and I'm loving it! That game has some of the weirdest accecories. What did you think of it?

I don't have any of the DW's for the GB yet, I am dying to get them though. Just another opinion which is pushing me to go get some.

I haven't gotten any of the GBC DW remakes for a number of reasons, including not having a GBC at the time, being broke, and having a major qualm with them watering down the difficulty so much. Taking the prices down is one thing, but making the monsters easier to kill removes the attrition that gave DW1 all it's challenge... and let's face it, challenge is all it had going for it. DW3 I liked the first time though, and I hear they did some really nice stuff with the remake, but I'm still holding off for now.

3.)I got to miss school,but at a price of food poisoning. Double-edged swords both suck and rule.

I was sick with the stomach flu a couple weeks ago. I would have rather have rather have gone to work than get sick. That even caused me to miss my first guest hosting spot.

That's where the expression comes from. Although an actual double bladed sword isn't going to cut the guy swinging it, so really it's a pretty stupid expression.

4.)How are you,Kahgani,and how about you Goog(I didn't forget this time)?

I am pretty good, tired from work, but who isn't huh?

I've been finishing all of this week's columns around 7 AM, then I get woken up at noon. Need to catch up on sleep this weekend.

5.)What ever happened to Thor? He hasn't updated his page since July. I'm worried.

Ya, I noticed the same thing about his site, so I really don't know either. Maybe Good, being the regular staff member, will know.

People type Good instead of Goog all the time... since your finger doesn't need to leave the G it must be psychological. Anyway though, to quote Thor himself "Libraries have restricted read access from the A: drive. Meaning I can't update THoR much anymore." "In between updates, I'll write grumblettes on LiveJournal." So there you have it. For the record, he's currently taking a break from the LiveJournal updating to write a short story. Presumably, he'll take a break from that to write a single e-mail to someone, thus ending the chain, and will update everything in Last In First Out order. In other words, it'll probably be a while until he touches the page again, and I still have the rules to M:tG memorized after all these years.

6.)What's both of your favourite bands?
Well,I won't bother you further with my questions.

The Masked Mystere
"Blank space a quote does not make"

Everclear, their music is so diverse and never fails to put a smile on my face.

Favorite band? So... it can't be a single person. Good, that makes it easy. They Might Be Giants. I don't think a single runner up still exists as an interesting side note.

Neko wa kowaii!

Hiya Goog,

Any idea where I could find the hilarious pinnacle of man's creations, the Chu-Chu Rocket commercial?


I searched and searched, and the only site that seems to have it, is the GIA. Unfortunately, they are MIA at the moment. So until they are back up, I don't see a fair chance of finding it, maybe Goog will have better luck.

I have kept a copy of the Chuchu Rocket commercial
ever since it first surfaced. I know I've linked to it in past columns, and a rant, and never plan to yank it down. Although I did just notice that the rant link broke along with the rpguru->ask symlink when we moved to this server. I'd better fix that.

On that note...

Hello Google and Kahgani! (Never forget the guest host is my motto!)

First of all, a little note to Google: all the pictures in the Fan Googles aren't working because they all lead to . You need to replace the old rpguru by ask... I hope this will get fixed soon :-)

Now, I have a few Qs that deserves some As... :-)

1- I'm asking myself what would be the best move to buy my next RPG. Unlike others, I do have some specifics titles in mind. In fact, I'm hesitating between trying to find and buy Xenogears, or keeping my money for the two versions of Dragon Warrior Monsters 2... What would be your recommendation?

ah, your my favorite letter of the week, you remembered me. :) Xenogears! Get Xenogears! With Xenosaga in the works, Xenogears will become the next Final Fantasy Tactics: $80 on eBay. It is a really great game though. Very long and a very involving story which I thought was wonderful.

In these situations, you should always go with the older game. It'll be harder to get later.

2- Gaming wise (not only RPG), what's the best idea: buying many GB / GBC / GBA games, or getting the GameCube with one or two games?

Game Boy Advance games all the way. The GBA is basically hosting Nintendo's greatest hits. Games like Street Fighter 2, Mario Kart, Mario Advance(plus the second Mario Advance, which is Super Mario World for the SNES), Castlevania, F-Zero, etc. You just can't beat that type of lineup, even for it's initial release, it's only going to get better from there.

Really it depends on what games you want and how bad you want'em. Assuming that doesn't leave a clear victor though, considering you must have at least $300 and a GBA if those are your options. I'd say buy the cube, one game for it, and one GBA game. Then you have one game that's portable, and one game that doesn't suck batteries. Plus since GBAs can hook up to GCs, there might be a built in virtual gameboy deal... that reminds me, I need to go look at Spaceworld coverage.

3- Google, what's your gender? Will we ever know? The world needs it! ;-)

Have a nice day!

- Dr. Cossack

Can you believe I am the guest host and Google never even told me? There goes my plan to blackmail Google into letting me guesthost more.

The world needs my gender? It can have it I suppose. Not like I'm doing much with it. I can't imagine what it would need it FOR though...


Hi there, google I have some assorted questions. (I like to save up my questions until I have a few completely unrelated ones and then ask.) 1. I finally beat Xenogears. Hooray. One thing: it seems like my characters (other than Fei) can't learn the last two deathblows (or whatever you call those buggers). I've got Wizardry Rings on I just need to be more patient?

Yah, multiple questions, I like these. Well, Fei has a three button combo(including the X) for the last two of his combo's, the rest of the characters have a four button combo. Other than giving you the button combinations, that's about all I can think of.

Your problem is that you have to be less patient. Only Fei gets every possible Death Blow combination. Everyone else has only 2-4 of the 7 AP ones. General rule of thumb, if the next one doesn't appear before you master the one you're on, it's time to give up on it.

2. Now an older question (maybe that's why I haven't been able to find the answer): What in the world is the difference between Earthbound for NES and Earthbound Zero for NES?

Well, except for the fact that Zero was released on the NES, and Earthbound was release on the SNES(better graphics aside) not too much is different. Here is what I learned: Magicant is prominent in Zero, but in the US version it is not. Also in Zero, only three party members are allowed instead of four members. One boss, I think Gigyas, is defeated by praying in the US version. In Zero, he(named Giegue in Zero) is defeated by singing.

I have absolutely no idea what Kahgani is talking about there. Here's how the Earthbound series goes: In Japan, a game called Mother came out on the Famicom, which was never released in the US.
Mother 2, on the Super Famicom, was released in the US as Earthbound.

People in the US often refer to the original Mother as Earthbound 0, since it's easier than saying "The game that Earthbound was the sequel to that we never got."

In any case, I'm reasonably certain that the two games are connected in the Final Fantasy sense. No real plot connection, but the general theme, list of monsters, and so on are the same. In any case, there was never an NES Earthbound.

3. You mentioned that the only hard RPG you've played since the 16-bit days was Saga Frontier II. This statement produced two questions in my mind. First, have you played through the first Saga Frontier? If you have and you didn't find it hard, then my hat is tipped in infinite humbleness...Second, if you have time, could you tell us the names of a couple of the older games you thought were hard? I used to get annoyed at 7th Saga, and Lord of the Rings seems like the most foolish thing I've ever seen. I'm not really even sure it's an RPG. Don't even get me started on the difficulty of some NES games...

I never really played much of Saga Frontier II, never had the chance to pick it up and was never really interested in it. I thought Final Fantasy was hard for me, though I enjoyed it more than almost any other RPG I have played. And any of the Dragon Warrior games I thought were tough as well. hehe, just about all games on the NES seemed super hard, but I am sure if played them now I would be much better at them.

I haven't had a chance to play SaGa Frontier, despite several people saying they'd mail me their copies just to be rid of them. I did play every other SaGa game released in this country at least a little (they were called the Final Fantasy Legend series here by the way), and actually finished the third, which is in most people's opinions the most fun and least sadistic. Makes me wonder how the Romancing SaGas are. As for hard old RPGs, absolutely anything released on the NES or SMS, and Phantasy Star 2.

4. The new quote is also from Princess Bride, is it not? Of course, it's from a billion other things as well.

Thanks for your time.

-jaraph "I use parentheses."

I am bad at quotes, so if you are right, have a star *. But if you are wrong, well, don't have a star. Ok, I am not that good at giving net gifts huh?

I can't think of anything else it's from off hand...

Physical type stuff

Since I know RPGamer is full of gamers, who likes pen and paper RPGs on the staff?

And is anyone from the staff going to be at DragonCon in Atlanta this year. I'd like to shake hands and buy them a recreational beverage of their choice.


Well, I am a temporary staff member, hehe, so I wouldn't mind a lemonade. Though I am not going to the Con, since I am on the West Coast and have little money, hehe. Though I love Pen & Paper RPG's, I don't really have anyone to play with at the moment, but I snatch up the chance when I can.

Considering I once had over half the staff as players in an AD&D campaign I was DMing at one point, I can safely say most of us like paper RPGs. As for DragonCon, the only one of us crazy enough to fly to Atlanta in the summer is the head hancho, Mikel Tidwell. Unless sleep deprivation is messing with my memory, he goes there every year.

Piles of hardware

Dear Googleshng

I just recently bought a dreamcast and bought a new Playstation earlier this year. I'm planning on buying a PS2 sometime before FFX comes out. I'm guessing the price will have dropped once Gamecube and X-Box have been released. Any advice on how to avoid the Anti-Gamer parents wrath about owning (GASP!) THREE CONSOLES?

Also, I just fought the Executioner in Skies of Arcadia, do the bosses really get any harder?


Well, once I turned 18 my parents really didn't care much about the consoles I owned. But if you are under 18, the one thing that gave me unlimited play time and as many games/consoles as I wanted was good grades in school. I learned the hard way though that bad grades get it all taken away. But once I had my grades back up, I had a NES, SNES, PSX and Gameboy. hehe, so I hate to say it, but study! Or you could put away a console you use the least and just bring it out when you want to play it. Since parents don't know much about the consoles(PS and PS2 get confused easily), I suggest putting the PSX away, since the PS2 plays most PSX games anyways.

I don't quite have the right background to answer that question. My mom bought me an Atari when I was about a year or two old, and at the moment, I can see 7 consoles from this chair, and those are just the ones I have hooked up at the moment. There's 3 more behind me. I suppose you could point me out as an example. After all, I've been buying new consoles and playing games my entire life and I turned out just fine! It's not like I'm some creepy shut-in who just spends every waking moment playing and talking about ga- hmm. You know, on second thought, maybe you SHOULDN'T use me as an example. So I guess the best advice I can give you is this: Since the PSX2 is backwards compatable, you can sell your PSX, and then you'd still only have 2 consoles.

Now, as for SoA, the good news is, that was one of the hardest bosses in the game. The bad news is, a couple of the others are MUCH tougher. Just make sure you keep people learning silver and green spells, and getting those special moves, and you shouldn't break into TOO many sweats. 8)

Interesting foot note

Ya know, Google-sama, it is never wise to challenge someone to find something.  Here's the kiddy system you were looking for:
When I was baby-sitting my cousin a few years ago, I noticed that he had something along the lines of a Sesame Street computer.  It came with 12 cartridges, and each one starred a different puppet.  When my cousin was sleeping, I took it upon myself to play through these 12 games.  About 5 minutes later, I had pretty much exhausted its replay value.  Definitely nothing worth buying, but it does exist, so HA!
And by the way, I just got all 26 eps of the original Slayers (Japanese w/ subtitles) on DVD via eBay.  I've seen you make references to Slayers, so I was wondering what you thought of it.

BL Alien

Sesame Street games? Really? Now that you mention it, I don't think I have seen that many PC games for Sesame Street, but I am sure they are out there. I wonder what the games were about though, probably teaching games more than, well, real games. Never heard of Slayers though, not that much of a Anime fan, if in fact it is anime. Guess this is geared more towards Goog.

I will always be amazed at the ability of the human brain to pull out such unbelievably obscure and useless facts as that just to rub in people's faces. Thanks! As for Slayers, well, I own all 81 translated episodes and the first movie, which means that aside from taking up a disturbing amount of shelf space, Slayers comprises over half the anime I actually own. So in other words, I like it quite a bit. 8)

These two letters make sure a great couple

Dear Googleshng,

please tell me why they decided to dub FFX instead of subbing it. So that it could be released in february 2002 instead of november 2001? Oh please tell me why I've to wait so long, I'm longing to play it...


Hmm, where did you hear that? I knew it was pushed back but I never knew why. Though I wouldn't mind for it to be dubbed instead of subbed. Plus it gives them more time to work on any minor niches in the game. I don't even own a PS2 yet, so I am in no hurry for it.

Hmm... I was somewhat hoping that FF10 would give an option. On the other hand, the english voices in The Bouncer seem to fit a lot better than the Japanese ones, and most people prefer the english singer for Xenogears' ending song, so if we're stuck with one or the other, we might be better off with the dub. Of course, this December another highly anticipated game is coming out which may be more to your liking...

Hey Goog,
I just read that Shen Mue 2 won't have english voice in it. THAT STINKS!! you know for once the japanese game companies think of us and decide to put english voices in it so we didn't have to read. I mean I have nothing against reading but if the overseas can have voices why can't we?? We buy as much games as they do! That just takes Shen Mue2 a step down from the 1st one already.
Thats my two cents,
The Angry Dude

Well, I don't care either way to be honest with you. Shen Mue was not one of my favorites, so I really changes made to the second are no big deal. I would rather have no voices in the game instead of screwed up voices in the game. Atleast that will give them time to focus on gameplay some more, and might allow for a earlier release date.

First off, let me just clear up the issue since it's muddled by wording here. Shenmue 1 was dubbed for the US release, Shenmue 2 is getting subtitled instead. On the one hand, it seems odd to make a switch like that during an episode break of a single story, but on the other hand, it WAS really creepy walking around an extremely realistic Japanese suburb with everyone speaking perfect english until they hit a pronoun, then switching to seriously overpronounced Japanese. Particularly with the little kids.

By the way, I'd like to take this oppertunity to salute Sacnoth for using all english dialog in Koudelka, with subtitles in the Japanese release. I always prefer to hear the language actually spoken in the setting of a game/movie/whatnot.

A couple parting thoughts before burying this issie. First, you two should really consider checking out eachother's games, just because of the odd coincidence I got both these letters within a minute of eachother. Second, a while ago RPGamer ran a poll on whether people prefered subtitles to dubbing, and subtitles won out by a pretty wide margin.


hey what is Cloud's full name?

Kahgani: hehe, I found this out of the strategy guide. And yes I do play the game first. His name is Cloud Strife. Though I don't even remember seeing it in the game...hmmm, maybe I just missed it.
Google: Characters in Square games ALWAYS have last names, and FF6 is the only game I can think of where they're actually written in the game for everyone.

is the gamecube cd's? or cartridges?

Kahgani: From what I have read, it won't be a standardize CD, but an optical disc 3 inches long with 1.5 Gigs on it. It's an improvement over the carts, but I would prefer just a standard CD myself. Nintendo just has to be different don't they? Hehe. Google: Min-CD sized DVDs technically as I recall. The important thing about them though is that the GC can rip data off them so fast that it's the first disc-based console ever that has absolutely no load times. It's a little creepy really.

The Last Laugh:

Kahgani: Well, that does it for me. It was a lot of fun doing this, and now I know what the regular Q&A's go through day in and day out. Would I like to do it 5 days a week? I doubt it, too busy. But weekends would be nice, *hint hint to RPGamer staff*. hehe, anyways, I still have a couple old games laying around that I don't play, so I may offer up another game and end up back here. Though next time I hope for some UO questions(I did see on the other day, I so wanted to answer that too.) Oh, and if you have any UO questions, or just want to chat, e-mail me at Good weekend folks!

Google: I'm so exhausted I can't even leave you with a funny closing. I'm not entirely sure who's hosting tomorrow, so just adress all your letters to Sue Donim and mail'em to me. That way whoever gets roped in has to deal with a terrible pun!

Googleshng "Z?"
Of all the random things to be written on a shirt, why "Z?" anyway?

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