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Googleshng - August 24 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Before I say anything else, let me lay the list on you. Reasons why you shouldn't be upset about the new Zelda:

  • This here is the only example I've ever seen of Cel shaded polys actually looking as good as real animation.
  • Moblins haven't been in Zelda in forever, and it's about $@#%ing time that was remedied.
  • If you ignore the graphics, this looks like it's really getting back to the roots of the series, or at least the roots of the 3rd game which is almost everyone's favorite's.
  • Zelda has never really been a dark serious series of games with strong ongoing storyline. Your memory is just fuzzy. Go play the SNES one right now and push a guard off a cliff if you don't believe me.
  • Everyone's favorite moments in the series include getting turned into a pink rabit.
  • Shiggy is god. Do not question his ways.

Kahgani: Hello again fellow Q&Aers, it's Kahgani again. I am guest hosting for another week. Tough questions this week, but still no Ultima Online questions! It's a good evolving RPG that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. But if you do have any questions about it, check the bottom of the page for my e-mail address, but read the column first, it's good. :)

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Always with the multiparters.

Hey Goog and Kahgani

To Goog:Are there any good RPGs for GBC? I need to pass the time,and I'm alittle short on cash,but I have enough for one or two GBC games.

GBC? hehe, thought you meant the GBA, had to delete the first line I wrote. Well, pick any Dragon Warrior game and you have got a winner. Dragon Warrior III I thought was wonderful, and the Dragon Warrior Monster games are fun if you want a diversion from Pokemania. Oh, wait, this was to Goog wasn't it? Ah well, I am not erasing it all again.

You know, the hard thing to remember about Pokémon is that the actual game itself, and the sequel are nice solid games that last you a good while. Aside from that though, there's the two new Zelda games, and uh... some other stuff. I've been out of the handheld scene too long and I'm too broke to hop back in yet.

To Goog and Kahgani:Heard any news on Lunar 3? I really want to see it.

Well, I can't find that much current info on it, just information quite a few months back. I am not much of Lunar fan so I don't really keep up on news of that game.

Between our healthy relationship with Working Designs and overall enjoyment of the Lunar games, we'll post every scrap of info on Lunar 3 that pops up, as soon as they start flowing in.

To Kahgani:How are you today?

Well,that's about it.

The Masked Mystere
"Evil will always triumph because good is dumb"

Pretty good, thanks for asking, hehe. Tough questions today though, *sniff*, Chim wasn't as hard on me. hehe, just kidding Goog.

Fine, don't ask how I am! See if I... no, wait, that doesn't really bother me at all.

Warning: Math

Here is some interesting facts:

1.Phantasy Star 1's size is 6.4X as big as Dragon Warrior 1, Twice as big as Dragon Warrior 2 and the same size as Dragon Warrior 3.

Ahhh, the wonders of technology, have to love it don't ya? Who knows, in 10 years I will be playing PSone games on my PSX handheld, hehe. Interesting fact though, most would think with more advance games and technology, more would be put into games and thus would increase the size.

I always found it odd that Phantasy Star 2 was only 1.5 times the size of the original, considering it was on the Genesis instead of the SMS, but not as surprising as the fact that the original has better graphics, music, and while the words are the same size, PS2 doesn't have as many of them. This just demonstrates though that the original Phantasy Star was insanely ambitious for a game on a system most people have never even heard of.

2. Also, what puzzels me is that the SNES Chrono Trigger is only 4 megabytes, psx's main ram is 2 mb, so HALF of the whole game could be put in PSX's memory, yet there are slowdowns? Does't make sense..

No it doesn't make sense, but with ports from system to system there are bound to be bugs and slowdowns. Even if it's more advanced hardware, it's the same hardware that the game was originally made for. For example, take rubbing PSone games on the PS2. Some games won't even play because it's not the original hardware the game was made for.

While sloppy porting is probably a major factor, the real problem is that you need a pretty fast processor to emulate another system, no matter how much RAM you have. This seems like a pretty ironic problem though when you consider that the PSX2 has an insanely fast processor, but not enough memory to put nice textures on the plethora of polys it cranks out.

3.Is there a way to see all the FMVs like there was in Final Fantasy Anthology in FFC Chrono Trigger without playing the game? I figure I would just grab a dexdrive save off the net to see the FMVs and just play my SNES version instead...

Well, there were many sites out there which had all the FMV's downloadable for viewing. But many went the way of the Dodo due to the cost of bandwidth. That's a great idea to get a dexdrive and download the data. One site I would recomment for the is Have lots of dexdrive data to get.

Am I to infer that you bought FFC and don't intend to actually play the games? Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose?

4.Does FF4 in Final Fantasy Chronicles have those cool tranistion screen, like the battle and the pixelated ones? I loved those!

I wouldn't know, hehe, that is one of the games I am wanting to trade for the guest host position.

I believe so yes.

5.I'm kinda stuck in Vagrant Story, I think I need to make some new weapons, because I do extremely low damage with all my weapons against the first knights you have to fight, but how exactly do you do that, and could you give me some tips?

Jason Swanson

I played the game for 30 minutes before I hit the power button. It was not that fun for me. But from what I read, you need to collect different "blades" and combine them into stronger ones. I recall the interface to the game pretty clear-cut, so you shouldn't have a problem with this.

Nothing about Vagrant Story is clear cut, and you almost definately don't need to make any new weapons. To generally summarize though, whenever you attack with a weapon, it gets better against whatever you're fighting, and worse against something else. So generally speaking, if you just carry around 6 weapons, one for every type of monster, you will do a decent amount of damage most of the time.

Why so many FF4 questions to two people who don't have FFC?

I am playing FFIV off Final Fantasy Chronicles for the first time. I am at the point where you have to go into the magnetic cave, face the dark elf, and return the crystal to Troia. When the dark elf changes into a dragon, he massacres me. Any tips or strategies? Personally I think I need to level up, playonline showed a screenshot with the characters having much more hp than I have right now, I know its pretty early in the game, but do you know any good hunting grounds?

I have read that being around level 30 is high enough to defeat him. I have not played the game in forever so I don't know of any good hunting grounds. I remember fighting underground a lot, so I suggest trying there. I also read that having Tellah casting Weak will cause the dragon to die in one hit, but I have not tried this out for myself. But if that doesn't work, have Tellah heal while the rest of the group attacks.

You can also reequip your metal stuff right before the boss, which I highly recommend.

Last thing, is buying the pass in the Troia pub worthless?

Not the the Torians, they just got your gold, hehe.

You get to see a spiffy dance as I recall.

"This guide is useless. It says one god is all seeing and one is all knowing, but it doesn't say which is which!"

Hello again oh benevolent one. (Or is it malevolent one?...)

It's me, Hikaru again. I just want to agree with that person who wrote in yesterday that memories are precious. That guy and I are cut from the same cloth. I'm a senior in high school now and I want to treasure every last moment with the friends I have made. Exactly how long has RPGamer been around anyway? I don't remember how I found out about this website, but I used to check fanart daily. I started browsing around the rest of the site and learned there were these daily Q & A articles with a slew of people sporting a higher iq type sense of humor and (to me) and endless bit of knowledge regarding the videogame world, especially RPGs. How do all you hosts know so much about every freaking RPG too? Uh...geez I went off on a tangent and forgot my original question. Oh right, my title reminded me. How is Conkers Bad Fur Day? Is it really irreverant? Is there actually cussing like the F word? What else is rude about it? I don't know why it became such a big deal.

Hikaru "Gome. Gomenasai"

I agree with the high school thing, I wish I did that same thing, as I don't talk to anyone from high school anymore. Well, RPGamer has been around for errr, a long time? I honestly don't know and I bet Goog has a better idea. Though I have visited the site even before it became RPGamer. I have no where near the knowledge that these fine people do, but I bet that is expressed in my answers, hehe. Conkers Bad Fur Day, *shivers*. I have read that there is some profanity, use of bodily fluids as weapons, and drunkenness. But it was such a turn around for Nintendo that it caused a big fanfare, since Nintendo tends to focus on games for the kiddies.

RPGamer has been RPGamer for over 4 years now. Of course before that there was the odd proto-RPGamer that covered only Square games for a year or two. As for how Q&A hosts know stuff about every RPG, well, it varies from person to person. Some just make it look like they're answering questions by going on odd tangents, some ask around for answers, I for one just do nothing but play RPGs all day long so I can answer from experience. Then of course there's the fact that we have the luxury of getting so many letters we don't have to print anything we can't answer. Finally, as for CBFD, well, I knew going in that it was an action game with a really warped sense of humor, but to my delightful surprise it also has a good number of bizarre logic puzzles, which when combined with a few things that kill you instantly until you find a way past by trial and error, is a lot like what I wanted Shadowgate 64 to be.


I was just reminiscing my childhood days when I remembered this really fun RPG/Adventure game for the Famicom. It wasn't published in the US (I don't think). The game is really cool. You start off with a girl and a guy. The Guy punched while the girl kicked. Anyway, you pick stages to go to and save characters from other Famicom games such as Simon Belmont from Castlevania, the kid from The Goonies, Donkey Kong, etc.. and then you can use them later too! What was the name of the game and do you know where I can get a copy for my old Famicom from Japan.


Now I see why I could never get the Q&A job here at RPGamer, I could never find the hard ones. I tried to find any info I could about this, but I know almost nothing on the Famicom, and what I did find didn't cover any of this. Just the wide varity of characters from different games and movies that came from different compainies is so broad, I am surprised each company agreed to a game with all of their stars in them. I am stumped, go figure.

Funny thing. Someone was just telling me about this game a week ago. It's called Konami World, is a Mega Man style game not an RPG, and contains such varied characters as Simon Belmont, that loser from The Goonies, and a moai head!

Zelda and SO2

Hey Goog,

Okay this one isn't really all that much for a question, but mostly a statement. I for one don't find the changes all THAT bad... They're drastic from the earlier approach, but so long as the game is as great as most of 'em (and is quite a bit longer than the last, or at least a lil longer) I think it could still be fun. I mean, c'mon! We don't need more perfectly rendered CG, let's have FUN with these games, even if they aren't all that realistic! I mean, here's the secret to those of you scraching your heads: Games aren't supposed to be terribly real, that's why they can be fun, we don't worry about everyone involved the same way as we *should* if such situations were realistic.

Well, my opinion on the Zelda's is this. The first was great, and it just goes down hill from there. The SNES version was wonderful, but the others are average. I bought the N64 for Zelda, and was very disapointed. I won't make that same mistake again, and from I can tell, I know I am making a good call on this. I don't think this will be a serious game, it seems cartoonish and geared for the kiddies. I might be wrong, but I will be taking a pass on it.

Wow. A bit jaded there aren't you Kahgani? Anyway, there is a very strong misconception, particularly in this country, that realism, angsty drama, and gory violence are synonimous with good and fun, while humor, bright colors, and a cartoony look are signs that a game is geared at 5 year olds and has no depth or difficulty whatsoever. What's even worse is that this goes both ways. If someone of this mindset thinks back on a game they really love, they remember it as being very dark and serious, which more often than not isn't the case. Take for example, the SNES Zelda. Not only does Link get turned into a cute pink bunny at one point, but if you shove a guard off a cliff he looks down and wiggles his legs before falling. Oh, and if you want a list of games with cute cartoony graphics that are clearly not geared at little kids, why don't you take a look at Fantasy Zone, Skies of Arcadia, SaGa Frontier 2, and I might as well throw in Conker's Bad Fur Day here. Bright colors and cartoony styles don't make something wimpy, they just make you that much more likely to smile and laugh, which you should be doing if you're enjoying a game in the first place.

Okay, as for a question: Wut's the best path to take through SO2? The guy's or the girl's? Also: who are the best extra characters to get on the team? I usually get the magicial and the twin-dragon dude... tho that's mostly cuz I dunno how to get ne1 else, go figure, hehe.

Take Claude's all the way, I found it a lot more interesting. Though Rena's is fun, I just had a better time with his. The group I always stuck with was Claude, Rena, Celine and Ashton(twin-dragon dude). Good solid party with two fighters and two magicians that can heal and boost defense. Plus Celine's flirting and Ashton's dragon duo are just too funny to pass up.

That's the same party I would used if I could actually find Ashton. In any case, you're much better off playing as Claude, because the plot doesn't change really depending who you pick. If you play as Claude, you actually have places to go and things to do, but if you play as Rena, you really just kinda follow him around with no clear purpose, and you're still the one to get kidnapped towards the beginning. Not intended for your first trip through the game I don't think.

FF Too zoggin' many!

Hey, that was ME who Wrote those obscure Norse quickies! Hmm... A resurrection seems in order. Resurrect!


Wait a second... my horse's mother is WHO???



Ah, the good old days.

By the way, why don't you want FFX at all? Sure, there are certain things we know about it (spells & summons, character named Cid, basic story outline, etc.), but this one has so much that's new and different do you really think that stuff is going to be so bothersome? And as for the spell list deal, look around, almost every RPG with magic ever has the same basic spell list, so I hardly think that singling out the FF series for that is hardly credible.

Oh, and thanks for posting a fairly major SoA spoiler completely unmarked, jerk. I haven't played it and fully intend on doing so. That is, I did, I'm really not so sure at this point.

So long, and thanks for all the fish,
Paul le Fou

For once I have been good, I have only seen a few pics and one movie from FFX. So I know nothing about it, keeps the game a lot more exciting that way. I am still looking forward to it, looks gorgeous. Though the main character looks like Squall, that gets under my skin, but oh well. My thing with magic in a game is simple. Each list can be exactly the same, it's how it's implemented. Though my favorite system has to be Final Fantasy IV. You learn the skills at the required level, simple and direct.

The reason I'm not looking forward to FF10 is very simple. I have played NINE Final Fantasy games. One a year for the last few. That's more than enough of the same sort of thing. There's also the fact that the developers seem to have lost sight of some of the things that made older games in the series fun, such as, for example, giving every character a solid personality and backstory. Then of course there's the fact that I like my games to have a certain level of challenge that's been absent from the FF games since about the 5th one. Oh, and as far as posting a major Skies of Arcadia spoiler, trust me, I didn't. I believe I recently mentioned two girls liking the main character, which can be deduced from looking at the box for half a second, and I mentioned a few old clichés that it turns on ear, which could mean anything from it doing them very well to it doing the complete opposite of them. Any spoilers you get from that would just be from your own imagination.


You've been doing the column for a long time. I don't read it but once every few months, but you seem to be doing a good job with it. My congratulations.

-- Zac "arina"

former RPGamer columnist


We should play D2 sometime ;) USEast *SpiritusSancti

Kahgani: Goog does a wonderful job at Q&A, cool that I get to guest host once with the almighty Goog, hopefully that will continue, hehe.

I fancy myself a D2 fan, especially with the expansion, I am usually on USWest if anyone is ever curious, always under the name Kahgani with my druid, hehe.
Google: Wow. I think the last time I saw anything from Zac here it was him writing this column and me sending in letters. Thanks for the compliment, and I might take you up on that D2 offer if I ever get around to make a Bnet character.

The Last Laugh:

Kahgani: Hard column like I said, but it was very fun to do and I hope to be around next week. I really don't know if anyone was going to send me a game, since both me and Chim forgot to post my e-mail address last week. hehe, mistakes happen. Anyways, I want FF Chronicles, Skies of Arcadia, SuikoGaiden. And even though this isn't a game, it is game related, I will also take any rares from Ultima Online. Oh, and if you had Ultima Online questions or wanted to offer me a game, catch me at Have a good weekend and hope to see everyone next week.

Google: You know, it occurs to me that I've been doing this whole games for guesthosting bit for months now, and haven't explained the concept since I started. So here it is again:
You send the person currently guest hosting a game they've been looking for for years.
While they run off and play with it, you get to guest host for up to three weeks, listing off games you've been looking for for years.
Someone sends you a game, you run off and play with it, and the cycle continues.

So basically, it's a chance to trade a game you never touch for one you've been desperately searching for, with a chance to guest host a Q&A column read by thousands thrown in. Pretty nice deal I think. So again, if you have a copy of FF Chronicles, Skies of Arcadia, or SuikoGaiden lying around, drop me a line, and you might get yourself the comfy chair.

Googleshng "King of ALLLLLLLL the land."
I love Moblins. They're basically Orcs.

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