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Googleshng - August 22 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Lately my appreciation of arthropods is falling sharply. If they aren't sucking my blood, they're injecting me with potent toxins. Sometimes both at once. On that vague note, let's hit the letters.

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Stuff about me part 1

OMG, you are one of my fav. articles to read on the internet. I am from Orange, Conneticut. I just think its kool that were both from the same places. heres my question:

1: Have you ever played Suikoden 1-2? Tell me what yah think

I'm an article now? Neat! I've only played the first one, and, well, the numbers bother me. You pick up 108 characters by the end of the game, but you can only use your main character and 5 others, only a handful of the characters are interesting enough to bother with, and the game is like... 20 hours long.

2: Have You heard of any RPGs for ps2 worth getting soon? (not FF10-11... i got darkcloud.) Uhm?

As I define soon, no. As Blizzard used to define it though, there's a few. Although come to think of it, none of them are officially confirmed for a US release yet.

3: What town you live in? =)

No stalking.

4: Are you into any Anime's At all? which ones if any.

i'm out.

I'd think the fact that I tend to print at least one anime related question every day should stand as an answer to that. 8)

Stuff about me part 2

Remember me?
I know you don't.
I mailed you last spring about BoF 4 and Europe thingies, with a different name.
U know, Ice Seraphim was quest hosting...
Remember now?

Well, anyway, BoF 4 is now out in Europe, and I'm gonna get it Friday!
I'm just so overly exited!

So, on with the questions

1: How was your vacation?

Well, considering I took 2 weeks off to hang out with someone and that time period somehow became 15 minutes, I'd say it sucked. Luckily though, I DIDN'T take that time off because I needed a break from doing this, so, it's good to be back!

2: Have you played BoF 4, and if you have, is it good?

I rented the first two once each, didn't really hook me, so, in light of Capcom's policy to crank out sequels that steadily build on eachother, I haven't bothered with the newest one.

3: Do you think that Capcom will be making BoF 5?

Yes. Sequels are Capcom's lifeblood.

4: If the answer was yes, then to what console will it be?

I would guess PSX2 and/or Gamecube.

5: Have you been in sauna now?
No, the sauna in Rivercity Ransom didn't count last time!

That's all again.
I think I'll be mailing you again somtime in the future.
Until then...

I'd make the usual joke about this room being a sauna, but I have air conditioning now.

Stuff about me part 3

Goog -

Isn't memory fascinating? This mysterious time machine that can instantly transport us to a certain time and place. You see, I used to be a regular Q&A reader here since the day's of Thor. Ya remember him? Whatever happened to him? And remember Brad Lohr? He was great. Hey, how about Veronica Henry and her imfamous blue THWAP!!? I tell ya, memories can be really intersting. I bet you remembered your first day as a Q&A columnist. I think you've been here the longest. Right? People still kind figure how to pronounce your name. Hey, did anyone ever figure out your gender yet? Haha, those were the days. Still giving out tildes? I never got one. Oh wells. I still remember those quickies of obscure Norse jokes. Those were priceless. Chesire Catalyst and his funny pictures were great.

I got some memories of my own. I remember my first letter posted here. It was about FM3 and the secret wanzer. Man, I was excited when I found it. You never did like that wanzer. I don't think you posted my other letters.

Ahh... Memories... Can anything be more valuble? With out memory, life would be nearly pointless. Hmm... No letter is complete without a list! So let's get cracking!

1. What was your most memorable moment as a Q&A Columnist?

Hmm... tough one. I'll just cop out and say the first time I ever wrote a column.

II. What was your most memorable moment from a video game?

Also a tough one. Way too tough. I'll say the first time I ever saw Super Mario Bros. That was pretty darn mindblowing for the time... and it just struck me that at least 75% of the people reading this wouldn't remember that. Disturbing thought.

- What's your idea of memories? Is it just information stored in brain cells? Or something else?

Well, the song "Fragments of Memories" is over. And I must end this letter. Untill next time.
Secret Asian Man

No slipping me philosophy! This SMB thing still has me creeped out bigtime.

A welcome change of pace.

Hey, googs... long time reader, one time contributer... anyway, im not sure if you have heard about it, and im not sure exactly where i heard about it (but it was a reliable source, of that much i know), but there is a Project: Ego game supposedly in works for the X-Box in which you control everything, including what clothes you wear et cetera. Obviously this could turn out to be a crap game (and would probably be better on a computer anyway). As for a question? Let's go with the time honored "What shall i play next?"

Well, regardless of any potential Ego might have, Peter Molyneux doesn't make console exclusive games, so you won't have to buy an X-Box to play it. By the same logic, Tetris has never been responsable for any console sales.

I currently have Suikoden 2 (do not ask me why i haven't started it yet), and Vagrant Story siting untouched... mostly... I have a game of FF VII up to collecting the Huge Materia from the rocket... or maybe i did that? Anyway, I'm trying to pull out of my slump, what does the godly slime suggest?

Hmm... I'd finish up FF7 first, since you're most of the way through it, unless of course you don't take a weird sort of pride in putting games in the finished pile like everyone I know does.

Quickie: Is there any ending for CC that gives a twist to the end of the game, or do they all just dissapoint?

Some are funny, but that's about it.

For the readers and Goog: I am playing through CT again, but playing on the PS-X remake to get the special stuff... currently I am going down the the Ocean Palace and am at 8 or so hours, this was surprisingly fast for me, so i was wondering if anyone else knows about how long it took for them to get to this point (non new game +, obviously)... and...


PauL, the lonely soldier
we could, if you wanted to, we could, but would you really want to?

and tell me... when will you, because i can't wait much longer

CT is honestly a really short game. Once you've gone through an obscene number of plus games, plowing all the way through in 5 hours is more than feasable. First time through, you can probably finish in 15 if you try hard enough. If you speed through, you could probably get some disgustingly low time.


Hey Goog,

I recently purchased all three Sakura Taisen games for DC(even though I don't know a bit of Japanese). I was able to get a hold of ST3 first so I started playing that one.ŹNow I'm about midway through Episode 2 and I just got the other 2 games. Do you think it would be best to go back now and play 1 & 2(as I hear that 3 can use the previous games' save data somehow) or finish 3 and then go back? I seem to be hooked :) BTW: Was that an Inuyasha reference I saw in today's column?


You know, I can't name a series of games where it's more important to know Japanese (or at least have a really good translation) than those. Anyway though, while I don't know of any data that carries over between games, they all have the same characters, so plot wise you should REALLY play'em in order. Oh, and yes, that was an Inu-Yasha reference.

FF7 and such.

Welcome back Googleshng, we missed you.. well actually i've been so busy i didn't have time to check the column much and so I really didn't even know you were gone... BUT, If I had, I would have missed you. Anywayy...

My first PSX rpg was Final Fantasy 7 and... did I just miss something? What's this about gay+rpg=ff7? I didn't see that anywhere in the game.. could you maybe just clue me in?

Also, there are SOME notable PS2 rpgs out. Dark Cloud has amazing graphics, good gameplay... even though ti does lack in story. But it's not supposed to be that kind of epic Xenogears game.. it's fun none the less. Of course, there's some games coming out soon for PS2 that are must haves (in my opinion) like FFX, Wild Arms 3, Xenosaga, and Metal Gear Solid 2 (not an rpg.. but who couldn't drool over this game? I sure can *drool drool drool*)

Are there ANY games you're looking forward to for the ps2, just out of curiosity.

I think that's all... so until next time, this is speedy signing out. *static*

A whole bunch of people mailed me in saying they had no clue what I was talking about regarding FF7 yesterday. To all these people I must ask, did you just block out Wall Market or what?

Dark Cloud is notable relative to everything else on the PSX2 at this point, but when everything I hear about a game is an not too favorable comparison to a game that's 5-10 years old, it doesn't exactly send me rushing out the door. As for upcoming PSX2 games I'm actually interested in, replace FFX with Shadow Hearts and you just rattled it off.

The Last Laugh:

Hey Google, wanna play PSO?
No, column.
Hey Google, could you proofread this?
No, column.
Hey Google, want to play Diablo 2?
No, column!
Hey Google, can you proofread this yet?

That about sums up my day. It's amazing how much everyone I know is clamouring for my attention, it's like that haven't seen me for weeks... oh, right.

Googleshng "No, column!"
You know, it took me forever to remember how to spell Molyneux. The eux is tricky enough, but then there's that y too!

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