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Googleshng - August 21 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Wow. I leave for a couple weeks and everything really falls apart. The title quote has only changed once, the poll hasn't been changed at all, a decent number of mistakes popped up in this here column and all the other sections fell behind on updates. Well, it's nice to feel needed. Not a very heavy letter load today I see, which I suppose is just as well. The myrad people who spend their summers in this area are starting to clear out, and they always throw huge parties on their way out. There's nothing like being kept up until 7 AM by your neighbors blaring 18 year old music to give you a headache... except maybe if it was 8 year old music country or something.

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Openning Multiparter

Ah, hello Googleshng.

First off, do you pronounce your name GOO-GLEE-SHA-NEG? That's bugged me for a bit.

Personally, I'm never in a situation where I have to pronounce my own name. If I did though, that wouldn't be how. There's a good number of accepted intonations, but they're all 3 sylables.

2nd off, any idea what Tactical RPG I should rent for the PSX?

Well, Saiyuki just came out, and I hear it's good, so that would probably be a good bet.

3rd off, Sorry if there are any speling errors, TRC chopped my arm off. Owowow.

4th off, I have a warning. DO NOT EAT THE CRACKERS FROM ARMY SURPLUS RATIONS!!! (Sorry, I need to spread the word.)

5th off, If you've played Vigilante 8, Did you get the Civilization reference?

Never played it, don't intend to, but I have a good eye for Civ references.

6th off, If you like Strategy games, try to find an old copy of Civilization. I used to be VERY GOOD at it.

"Well, gotta get some sleep for school...."

Well, my copy of Civilization is right there, but I haven't touched it since I got Civ 2, which is right there, and I haven't touched since getting Alpha Centauri which is right here. I should get the expansion some time.

Some random blatherings

Hey (monks sing) GOOG-LE-SH-NG
Horray, you're back. I got an extatic Merle to do the work I'd do. Merle:(screaming) "GOOG-SAMA" Also, who in the world goes off on a month vacation when you don't do much anyway? What have you done in the last month, did you find your libido since that seems to be a lost artifact? When will you put a new rant up. Also, in that time I got, played, and beaten Skies of Arcadia. It is really good as you said even though I predicted every plot development since it probobly has almost every known RPG cliche in the book. Except the fact that the main character has both parents alive. Why don't most of the RPG heroes cut to the chase and beat up the nearest silver-haired prettyboy since that's the final boss in many instances.
Imperial Mog

I wouldn't say Skies of Arcadia is cliché ridden at all. It does throw in a lot of things that look like standard RPG cliches, for example, the cliché of getting an unbelievably cool airship and having it get destroyed almost immediately, or the cliché of the main character having two girls that like him, one being a childhood friend and the other being a magic princess, then the one he likes more dies halfway through. However, then it puts a fresh spin on them and does something really unexpected. Come to think of it, that's also the main reason I like Farscape.

As for your question about killing the nearest guy with silver hair, well, there's a very simple reason for that. You need to character build a ton first! Those guys have an unnatural tendancy to be able to kill people in one hit, even at high levels. You need to go get some friends and equipment and destroy the universe spells first. A better question though is why nobody who wants to rule or destroy the world just goes to the most backwater town on the map and/or imperial capital and kill every 20 something guy with spikey hair. Better yet, go to every town and kill everyone who looks cooler than the average town person. If they aren't a plucky adventurer, they're at least a wise old sage with information that can be used against you. You know?

I wish people wouldn't count on me reading their subject lines.
Atlus Shrugged

Hi there, I was wondering if knew of any up-to-date info/website that has info on this game. Im really excited about it, and it looks pretty good. Also, are they planning to send it to the u.s.? Also, whats happening to/with Hoshigami?

Axem 5

Well, if you want a website that will tell you all the information available on Tactics Ogre Gaiden, you're reading it right now. RPGamer has very good connections with Atlus, but the thing is, they really don't have much of anything to say most of the time. TOG is plodding along, and Hoshigami is plodding along, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if the only things Atlus hands out before they hit the shelves are release date adjustments and review copies.

Console Questions

Dear Google,

A few questions for ye.

I have a Dreamcast. Dreamcast will no longer be making great rpgs. (I've had the pleasure of playing and completing Evolutions 2, Grandia 2, and Skies of Arcadia.) So, with a heavy heart, I look to buy a new system. Will Gamecube be worth it? I look forward to the next Zelda game but who knows when that treasure will be out. Metroid looks promising too. Other than that, Gamecube looks like it sucks rpg-wise, just like its predecesor system which I purchased as well. I fear the X-Box like a teenager fears sneaking his first peak at his father's nudie magazines. (First analogy I could come up with.) So logically, I should buy the PS2. When will its price drop? What good rpg's are already out for the system? What rpg's do I have to look forward to, besides FFX?

Hikaru "Goodbye, teacher."

Well, first off, the DC isn't dead yet. There's still Shemnue 2, PSOv2, and probably a few others I don't quite recall. After that though, it will indeed be new console time for you.

First of all, I must mention that the Gamecube does NOT look like it will suck RPG wise. Working Designs has an interest in it, all of Sega's top talent is interested in it, and they have some things in the works already, like a version of PSOv2 with a split screen option. There's rumors that Enix and Game Arts are interested in it too, and even if those names might not matter to you, where ever Enix goes, a dozen RPG developers follow. There's a decent enough chance that Square might come over and make some games, particularly considering it would get their foot in the door to make their GBA rereleases. Then there's a bunch of lesser known but talented development teams, including a Square offshoot or two, who are pretty much dedicated to Nintendo at the moment, so we should see stuff from them. In case you lost count, that covers, potentially, EVERYONE, and a good chunk of major talent is definately on board. Of course, you can count on at least a handful of developers to stay glued to the PSX2. So, unless the Gamecube somehow totally blows the PSX2 out of the water prompting everyone to port everything over to it, which I really don't see happening, it looks like we'll all be stuck having to buy both.

In any event though, I wouldn't buy any system until after the Gamecube hits the shelves. Whether you decide to get one or not, the price of the PSX2 will most likely drop by then, and at this point it's still devoid of any truly worthwhile games, so there isn't a rush.

You will notice I didn't even mention the X-Box here. The reason for this is that, quite frankly, in addition to their being absolutely no announced exclusive software worth batting an eye over, the media in general seems to be turning on it. No games+no hype=no draw. No draw=no developers attracted to it, thus no games in the future. Heck, at this point, if anyone who isn't paid to actually has a legitimate interest in the sucker, I'd like to hear your reasons very much.

Yes this was printed yesterday, but I wanna reply anyway!

Lots of RPGs have featured love stories... usually very childish and depthless love stories, but they are themes nontheless.

1. What is your favorite couple in RPGs?

Hmm... this is a tough one, but I think I will go with... Gongos and Teiris from Dragon Force. Teiris is a quite friendly petite little elf who likes some dorky human. Gongos is an 8 foot tall grungy beast man who has a crazy crush on her, and I seem to recall they actually get married at the end if you play as him. Hard to beat that for amusement value. I might have said SoA, but that wouldn't technically be legal, so I'll just mention that next question.

Lots of RPGs have featured love stories... usually very childish and depthless love stories, but they are themes nontheless.

2. Do you think the gaming industry will ever have love stories that break out of the "cute bumbling idiot hero (or sullen, introvert hero) dates perky, cheerful, and childish heorine prone to tantrums mold?

In Skies of Arcadia the main character is neither dorky, nor a loner, and he winds up with TWO girlfriends, neither of which are prone to tantrums and only one of which is perky. It also has Gilder and Clara, which are RIGHT behind Gongos and Teiris on the list of amusing "couples".

3. My best-friend is an RPG fanatic and gay. Why is there not one gay character in any RPG I have ever played?

Final Fantasy 7. Enough said. Of course, if you want gay characters portrayed in a positive light, all I can think of is the Suikoden games. That is of course unless you count the fact that for every single anime series in existance, there's a Saturn game by Banpresto that never came out in the US. Then there's a ton.


Are you evil?

That depends on your definition, but unless your definition is really really odd, the answer is probably no. I mean, I don't even have a billowing black cape! ... yet.

The Last Laugh:

Well, there's the column, and with it, a sign of stability in that you know where the next 3 are going to be coming from. Now off I hop.

Googleshng "I want to CHANGE the world... other inappropriate lyrics!"
Happy upbeat music and sunny meadows SERIOUSLY don't work as the into to a show where demons rip eachother to shreds every episode.

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