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Googleshng - July 27 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Not many letters came in tonight. Shame, I was planning to go out with a bang before my vacation. In any case, here's Falcon.

Falcon: Hello there. I'm Falcon; a 20-year old junior chemical engineering major at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. When I'm not desperately cramming for tests and the like, I play console RPG's, which I just got into a year ago after years upon years of PC RPGing. Now that that's out of the way, let's get to the questions. ^_^

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Final Ys 6

Muahaha, I'm back. That evil laugh will probably get me not printed.

Anyways, I figure I'll start off with something that's been on my mind. I'm currently on Disc 3 of Final Fantasy 9, and I've loved the entire game so far, with the singular exception of the ATEs, which are just flat out annoying to go and bother selecting. Not to mention that the strategy guide sucks... "For more info, check out!" How about you shut up and tell me? Most people have the guide next to them (if they use one)... NOT their bloody computer! For the first time ever, I actually USED the "Notes" page at the end of the book. Of course, since I chose to use it, it has been reduced from the 2-3 pages it used to be to merely one.

One guy I go to school with, the first to buy FFIX aside from myself, also bought the strat guide. He regrets it to this day. Whatever you may think about the game, I think it's pretty clear that Square's treatment of the strategy guide was the worst mistake they made regarding FFIX.

Yes, while it is nice that Square did the whole free online FAQ, that guide there is the sort of thing that creates class action suits.

Alright, I DO have a question, though. I'd really like to see if you can get this one...

I just hooked up my old SNES and found my Ys III: Wanderers from Ys cart in there. So I started playing. Kinda like a VERY simplistic Castlevania: SotN... great music, too. Anyways, within a few hours, I had hit level 12, and had gold bursting from my pockets, so I went and bought all the items I could, including the Fairy Necklace for a large sum of 50,000 gold. My question is........... What is this item for? What does it do? Why is it worth 50,000 gold!?

Good luck finding the answer... I couldn't.


I've only played through the first two Ys games, and the third didn't hold my interest long enough to get that much money. Sorry. ^_^;

I only played through the first myself, making me that much less helpful. Sorry.

Tactical Goodness

Hi Google. I'm not trying to contradict you or anything, but I think part of the reason people have been saying that Hoshigami isn't made by the team that made FFT might have something to do with something said in RPGamer news.
"Rumors ran rampant earlier that the team is comprised of members of the team that was responsible for Square's Final Fantasy Tactics, leaving fans in a state of near-bliss, but this is not the case. Nevertheless, Yu Namba, project leader for the game, has created a spiritual successor to Square's cult favorite, promising many hours of tactical RPG hijinks."
I'm more willing to take the word of the mighty Q&A host, and on that note, questions! First of all, when is Hoshigami being released? I had thought it was supposed to be early August. Has that changed?

Last I heard was mumblings pointing toward October.

Heh. I dug out the story you mentioned there, found the person who wrote it, and asked him "Do you know something I don't or do I smack you?" shortly after which he was smacked. New staffer, that was one of his first stories, and he hadn't learned which sources are reliable and which are prone to making things up, so he threw an erroneous ad-lib in his story. Now then, as far as the date for Hoshigami, the official word at this point is "4th Quarter". I think that's the first time I've ever seen a date get pushed back from a specific day to a 3 month block like that.

Next, are you excited about the TRPG Saiyuki: Journey West thats due out soon? It looks pretty good, but I haven't heard anything about it except one snippet of news from RPGamer.

I haven't heard much about it either, but it'll have to edge above FFX, Xenosaga and Hoshigami on my "Games I Must Buy" list, and that would take quite a bit.

Actually, the release date for Saiyuki was just pushed back two weeks because the publishers realized that the media hadn't picked up on it yet. In the spirit of fixing that, right now the boss is playing through a review copy, and he just muttered something about it more special side tasks and interactive environments than any TRPG since Vandal Hearts. I for one am interested now.

Lastly, where is the Programmers room in FFIV? I have FFChronicles and am really enjoying FFIV, and i don't want to miss that. The translation on the remake of FFIV is amazing, by the way. It reads very smoothly, even compared to the good translations we usually get nowadays. But was it worth getting the really shabby Chrono Trigger Remake? Especially since my cartridge version still works perfectly?
Oh well...

Okay. In the Dwarven Castle, go between the armor and weapon shops to reach the tavern. There's a secret passage in the lower right area of the room. Oh, and the worth of the package is up to you; if you're satisfied, it's worth it.


My carts of both work just fine. I'm surprised to hear that about FF4 though. Maybe that WAS just a dummy-script at E3...

Goin' up!

Okay Gogogogogoooogooglelshnghghishy type person,
So we have Lunar The Silver Star Story, named after the moon (the Silver Star) which is its setting. That's fine and great. But, I must ask, did we ever find out in either game how the people got on the moon? Or is it just a plot point that we have to deal with.

Your imitation of a random player disturbs me. To answer your question, yes, it's a plot point you have to deal with. In case you don't want to be spoiled, I won't say anything more.

I believe he meant to say plot hole. Anyway though, there IS a big scene in Lunar 2 adressing why everyone's living on the moon.

Oh, and what question have you been asked the most?


That would have to be "How ya doin'?"

See that little FAQ link up top? That covers most of them.


Hey Goog

Here's a question that's been bugging me for awhile now. Since FFX and Xenosaga have voice acting on a grander scale that most other RPGs we've seen, and since it's on a DVD, do you think we'll have the option when they translate it to have the japanese voices subbed? Or do you think we'll just be stuck with the most probably crappy dubbed voices they'll make?


According to everything I've heard about FFX, there will be no option but the English track for both the European and American release. However, I have faith in Square to have decent voice acting; their performance in choosing VA's for TSW was above par, in my book, especially next to most anime that's been brought over here in dub form. For Xenosaga, which I believe is on 2 DVDs, they *might* have enough space for both. Don't get your hopes up, though.

Actually, Square is still pondering whether they'll leave the Japanese voices in FF10 or not. In theory, they might cram in two language tracks and give players the option. Xenosaga has even better odds of a sub I'd say though. They've done it before in recent memory.

I don't think we're in kansas anymore.

Hello Googleshng, Q#1: How do I defeat that [expletive] Ozma in FF9? I can't attack him and I'm usually wiped out in the first few turns. Any help would be apreciated.

Wiped out in the first two turns? You're lucky. I watched the guy next door fight Ozma five times, and in three of them, he was out in one Meteor. Anyway, to unlock the "Attack" command (not that you'll be using it), you have to appease all of the friendly monsters you run into. Remember running into a monster that asks for Ore, Peridots, etc? Find all of them, and beware the fake, called a "Gimme Cat"; it asks for a Diamond. This unlocks "Attack" against Ozma, and also removes his absorption of dark elemental. Translation? He takes damage from Doomsday, whether he uses it or whether you use it.
As for actually defeating Ozma, use all the 9999 damage attacks you can. If you have Thievery up that high, use it. If not, try to have Zidane near Trance when you go in. If you have Vivi, Doomsday and four people who absorb Dark, cast Doomsday; otherwise, leave Vivi at home. Freya's Dragon Crest can be built up to do 9999. Steiner's Shock will do 9999. Using those three will pretty much take care of your damage problem, so I'd suggest taking whichever healer is stronger as your fourth.

If you need to do some character building beforehand, I strongly recomend fighting those dragons on the cliff above the moogle family.

Q#2: What's the correlation between RPG players and anime? I noticed that quite a few players like anime. I wasn't very interested in it until I started playing RPGs. Now I love anime. A friend of mine also enjoyed watching. That is until he stopped playing the games. Is it just a coincedence?

I've got an answer for the person asking about Din's Fire. The game is Ocarina of Time. You have to bomb a rock that's in a dead end in the area between the market and Hyrule Castle. The rest is easy to figure out.

Well that's it.

{*} the Wise

"I give you these fifteen-*crash*-...ten, ten comandments."

Interesting question. In my experience, the people who are weird enough to hole themselves up and play RPGs also like holing themselves up and watching anime. The reverse is not necessarily true. I happen to be an anime fan, and I started with games; your mileage may vary.

There does seem to be some corelation between RPGs and anime. Specifically sci-fi and fantasy anime. My guess is that it comes from similarities in plot and style, coupled with the fact that fans of both tend to drift between subjects constantly. Talk to me for a few hours and I can pretty much guarrentee you will need a decent grounding in RPGs, anime, and obscure 80s pop culture. Now, as for your comment on Mr. Vaguery, the problem there is that there's several other games he could have been refering to. That and he could find the answer in an FAQ in a lot less time than it takes to wait for a reply from me. Anyway, on that note...

This letter had no subject line.

how do you push rocks where do yo get the item

Well, if you go one screen left from the castle bridge (don't fall in the moat!), and stand just north of the big rock in the middle of the screen, you can push the rock down a bit and get the dagger in the hole. Be careful to not stand on the south side of the rock, 'cause it'll roll back on you and crush you. (Kudos to anyone who recognizes the game this is from.)

Draken? Just off the top of my head, I can think of over a dozen games this could be refering to, including just about every Zelda. That's record setting obtuseness.

Hway! Hway!

"I am a...Slime-half!!!" *echoing*

Dur. "Dragon Half", the funniest anime ever made.

--Blackjack Gabbiani

I'd be inclined to agree. Dragon Half's been the only anime so far that I've been able to sit through three times and enjoy it thoroughly every time. It's tragic that there wasn't more produced.

Ah, good old Dragon Half. In a really round-about fashion I wouldn't be hereif not for those precious two episodes.

The Last Laugh:

Falcon: Well now, that took a bit more time than I thought it would; helping out with this gives one a lot more respect for what website people do every day, especially when they don't get paid. If you're interested in tackling it and you're wanting to get rid of Lunar 2 PSX, Valkyrie Profile, or Suikoden II, drop me a line.

Aaron "Falcon" Bolner

Google: Well, that's that. After throwing it all together, this wasn't such a short column after all. Anyway, now I'm off to say hi to my family and get dragged around. Hope you have a good time with the parade of people filling in for me and CC, which will be kicked off by Aegis, who you may remember from such Q&A columns as last monday's. Oh, and if you want to offer up a game for Falcon here, drop a line to

Googleshng "I won't answer any letters from you, or your children, or your children's children! For 2 weeks!"
I might update my page though, who knows, it's a crazy world.

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